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What do black Americans have to show for their support of Obama?

Not much.

Marco Rubio's unfortunate error

My husband caught this at 17:30 . . .

Did you?

The transcript has what he meant to say: "We chose more freedom instead of more government."

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Are YOU "Holocaust-obsessed"?

Jeffrey Goldberg will help you figure it out.

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A great review of OBAMA'S AMERICA - 2016: THE MOVIE

2016 – My Review
by Rick Moore

I went to see this movie with a little trepidation, not because I’m any sort of fan of Obama, but because I have no patience whatsoever for conspiracy theories. I want to see something based on more than tinfoil hat conjecturing.

Well, this is it. Dinesh D’Souza has done a remarkable job of explaining the motivations and mentors that shape Obama’s politics and worldview. If I say Obama is not one of us, don’t get offended. I’m not talking about his ethnicity or ancestry or the time he spent living abroad, I’m talking about a view of America that the vast majority of Americans would not recognize. To Obama America is not the “shining city on the hill” of Ronald Reagan’s world, it’s a power that has become rich by taking from the poor nations of the world, and Obama sees it as his duty to balance the scales once again.

To do that he must reduce America’s influence in the world, reduce her wealth, her military power, and her ability to operate independently from other nations. He wants America to be just another nation among nations, not a superpower where people like Mitt Romney can become wealthy by using the tools of capitalism and smart business. This attitude explains an awful lot of Obama’s policies and executive decisions, such as blocking the Keystone Pipeline and banning drilling in American waters while at the same time giving millions in taxpayer funds to support oil drilling by nations like Mexico, Columbia and Brazil.

The anti-colonial worldview of Barack Obama was heavily influenced by a false impression of who his father was (given him by his mother), and mentors from anarchists to card-carrying communists to domestic terrorists to anti-Zionist professors. This attitude can be seen in everything from little things like giving back the bust of Winston Churchill to big things like supporting Argentina against the British in the Falkland Islands.

Dinesh has done a very scholarly job of putting this altogether, including interviews with key people who knew Obama’s father and family, with the whole movie guided by Obama’s own words in his book “Dreams From My Father”.

This movie is a must-see for anyone who is serious about understanding what we’re facing in this 2012 election. Millions of Americans fell for the hype and voted for Obama without knowing anything more about him than that he was black and articulate. It was a perfect storm in his favor, but we can’t afford to do that again. The America we grew up with may not exist by the time Obama leaves office if we give him another term.

Go see it, and take an Obama voter with you.

Shortly after Obama was elected I wrote a piece entitled “Face It, America, Obama Was Raised to Hate You”. This movie pretty much confirms everything I wrote back then and I have attached it to this review.

Reprinted with permission

Elizabeth Scalia: "In the past few weeks I’ve heard some surprising people admit they’ve been arming themselves and purchasing ammunition."

Startling news from The Anchoress:
What’s interesting is that I am hearing similarly discomfited talk around me, and seeing it in my emails. In the past few weeks I’ve heard some surprising people admit they’ve been arming themselves and purchasing ammunition — one such discussion happened all around me at the hairdresser’s while I sat and listened. The stylist and his boss, they’re storing food and arming themselves. The chiropractor who popped in to say hello while taking his afternoon stroll said he is armed, too: “never in my life thought I’d have a gun in the house, now we have two.”

They’re arming, they say, because they “see it all going bad.” These same folks who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 were now asserting an idea the far-left had floated around before that election, but instead of “Bush is going to install martial law and suspend elections.” they’re saying it of Obama. “He paid off his friends and did nothing to create jobs and he wants it all to go bad, because then he can stay in power and dictate.”

Yeah, it seems as paranoid and nuts as it did when it was said about Bush, but this stuff is not being said in an extremist corner of the internet — it’s being said in a middle-class suburban salon in an area where 30% (or more) of the businesses are now shuttered, and houses are being foreclosed upon and then re-occupied seemingly overnight, creating what the stylist called “a neighborhood full of changes and no hope.

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Three conservative films you DO NOT want to miss!

2016 Obama's America

The Hope and The Change

Occupy Unmasked


Here's yet another film!

“Dreams from My Real Father”
is the alternative Barack Obama “autobiography,” offering a divergent theory of what may have shaped the 44th president’s life and politics.


Thanks to Zilla of the Resistance for the heads up!

And here's the link from Gateway Pundit:
The first screening of “Hating Breitbart” was held outside of the RNC Convention today.
The ending takes your breath away.

The "legitimate" rape of America

FLEEING FROM BIRTH CERTIFICATE TO “LEGITIMACY” - A shocking change in the content of reporting at NBC, CNN and CBS indicates the pro-Obama media are beginning to stagger under the weight of facts which plainly show that Barack Obama has never provided valid, corroborated documentation proving he is constitutionally eligible to hold the office.
Let’s talk about Obama’s legitimacy, shall we?

After all, sarcastically speaking, it’s not as if suspicions about Obama’s illegitimacy were actually based on facts about his past, like the fact that his alleged father was never a U.S. citizen…which means he is not a natural born citizen of the U.S. and therefore not constitutionally eligible to be president based on 250 years of legal and doctrinal precedence.


Facts like, Obama voted in favor of congressional resolution 511 stating that his 2008 opponent, John McCain, was a natural born citizen because, unlike Obama, both of McCain’s parents were U.S. citizens serving in the military and, therefore, eligible to run for president, despite the fact that McCain was not born in the U.S.
Obama lived to Indonesia as a boy, attended school as Indonesian citizen as required by Indonesian law and so stated on his school registration form, and has never provided documentation showing that he retained his American citizenship upon return to Hawaii in 1971. 
Obama traveled to Pakistan, by his own admission, using a passport which would show his citizenship status in 1980 and, yet, it has never been allowed to be seen by anyone.

Obama refuses to provide his college transcripts which contain information about whether or not he attended school as a foreign student, which would show that if he received foreign scholarships he could not have applied as a U.S. citizen.

The Democrat Party of Hawaii chairman, Brian Schatz, refused in August of 2008 to provide an “Official Certification of Nomination” containing legally required language under Hawaiian election laws stating that Obama was “constitutionally eligible” to hold the office of President.

Obama’s literary publicist printed in an official promotional brochure for 16 years that he was born in Kenya.   
Obama’s alleged Selective Service registration card, allegedly signed by Obama a day AFTER it was stamped by a Honolulu postal worker, apparently using the only two-digit year received stamp ever possessed by the U.S. post office, was determined by a six month law enforcement investigation to be a forgery.  Requests by investigators for the original record from the Selective Service Administration were denied without explanation.
The digital .pdf image of his alleged 1961 Hawaiian “Certificate of Live Birth” has been proven through a criminal investigation by officials with years of federal, state and local law enforcement experience.

Obama’s horde of puppets have a better chance of winning the eligibility argument.

Rise up, America!

Income of Blacks Dropped $6,048 PER YEAR Under President Hope and Change

When Peggy Joseph famously intoned in the last presidential election that  “Obama’s going to pay my gas and my mortgage” little did she know her blind support of Obama’s ‘HOPE AND CHANGE” would result in a 4 year drop in the  income of the average black of $24,000.  Now you won’t hear a joke about that from Dave Letterman or John Stewart because they still believe their President is working to make the poor better off.  The facts say differently but you won’t hear that from the main stream Obamamedia either. They still foolishly hope this town crier and his redistributionist Marxist policies will make the tide rise for all.  Tell that to Peggy Joseph.

I believe when history is written it will paint Obama as a tragic figure that had good intentions but went into office with flawed ideas how on to solve the country’s problems.  Remember he is the man who rode into office saying that under Bush and the Republicans that the income of average Americans was “flat” whereas the income of rich Americans was soaring. Well folks he has managed to make that “income disparity” worse not better.
When all is said and done we have a shrinking rich and middle class and a bloated almost poor society - made poor by policies that favor a government and its politicians over its people. Rise Up America and throw the bums out.


A new addition to the "vast, right-wing conspiracy"?

Prof. William Jacobson of  Legal Insurrection fame has started a new blog College Insurrection which seems to already have roused some suspicious minds:

SUNY Prof wonders who funds College Insurrection

Prof. Jacoson is, after all a PROFESSOR (Associate Clinical Professor, Cornell Law School) so it really does seem to be a perfect fit! Lucky students everywhere.

Perspective...but it's so much worse

From Shari Goodman of ACT for AMERICA:

This rather brilliantly cuts thru all the political doublespeak we get.

It puts it into a much better perspective.

Lesson # 1:

* U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000
* Fed budget: $3,820,000,000,000
* New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000
* National debt: $14,271,000,000,000
* Recent budget cuts: $ 38,500,000,000

Let's now remove 8 zeros and pretend it's a household budget:

* Annual family income: $21,700
* Money the family spent: $38,200
* New debt on the credit card: $16,500
* Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
* Total budget cuts so far: $3

Got It ?????

OK now Lesson # 2: Here's another way to look at the Debt Ceiling:

Let's say, You come home from work and find there has been a sewer backup in your neighborhood....and your home has sewage all the way up to your ceilings.

What do you think you should do ......

Raise the ceilings, or pump out all the sewage?

Your choice is coming Nov. 2012.

From Dick Mcdonald:
It is so much worse than that – we owe and Congress has  made promises that leave each American Household owing over $1,100,000 in the future and that figure grows daily.

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Wow--another film about Obama!

How did I miss this?!?


This is, basically, interviews with a bunch of Democrats who supported Obama in 2008 and do NOT support him anymore!

While there is something a bit funky going on with the link, which (like most problems of this sort) will eventually be straightened out, don't miss the point: people have stopped being fooled and conned by Barack Hussein Obama.

While the range of possibilities goes from merely incompetent to Manchurian Candidate (I'm talking about what I've seen around the blogosphere since I haven't seen this film), the end results is the same: get rid of him before it actually is too late!

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An alternative to what?

...the real reason that the Village Voice is dead is because the alternative media is dead and the alternative media is dead because there is nothing for it to be an alternative to. New Yorkers can just as easily read shrill rants about the NYPD in the Daily News, pretentious movie reviews for artsy films at The Onion and leftist denunciations of the War on Terror in the New York Times.

Obama's joyless slog

Significantly, the mood of the crowds is different. There is a sullenness, even resentment, that was not present in 2008. . .

Vets Being Round Up Nationwide, People Everywhere Just Disappearing

There's a Glenn Beck video here which I just saw last night--pretty serious stuff going on here, folks.

Boy, we're definitely not in Kansas anymore:

Marine Veteran Brandon Raub’s Attorney says he is getting calls from veterans and people all over the country reporting psychiatric detention for political speech.

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10 Good Reasons To Eat Olive Oil

Personally, I love the stuff!

From The Olive Oil Times:

1)  It tastes good
2)  It can help you lose weight
3)  You may live longer
4)  You might get smarter
5)  You will glow from inside out
6)  Your children may be born healthier
7)  You will feel less pain
8)  You will have more energy
9)  You may be more resistant to infection
10) You could be having better sex

I think we all know which ones would be (a) a man's favorite and (b) a man's least favorite reason :-)

Did ABC and US News really provide support for Todd Akin?

President Obama has said that Todd Akin "somehow missed science class."

But Dr. and Attorney Orly Taitz, Esq. has issued a Press Release that challenges Obama and provides an answer to Obama in regards to some missed classes:
At a recent fundraiser Obama attacked and ridiculed Congressman Akin claiming that Akin missed his science class.

Obama continued a vicious campaign of misrepresentation and defamation of Akin’s character.

At a recent interview Akin, who is a pro life Christian, was asked about pregnancy after rape. Akin mentioned that he is not a doctor, but from what he was told by doctors, when it is indeed a case of rape (meaning as opposed to false reports of rape, when a woman has consensual sex and later claims rape) in cases where it is legitimately rape (meaning legitimate evidence of rape ) a woman rarely gets pregnant.

Akin was telling the truth, which is indeed backed by science. Statistically only in 5% of reported case of rape a woman becomes pregnant.

Akin never said that rape is legitimate, he did not state that a woman cannot get pregnant, he stated that a woman rarely becomes pregnant after rape. This can be easily explained by the fact that in case of a violent crime like rape, a woman is in stress, Her Adrenalin level, a fight or flight hormonal level is highly elevated, which makes it much more difficult for her to get pregnant and sustain pregnancy. Below are several links to main stream media, far left liberal publications, such as USNews, ABC and others, which are saying exactly what Akin is saying, “in situations of high stress, it is difficult for a woman to get pregnant”.

So, as we finished the discussion regarding Akin in favor of Akin, who actually understands science and against Obama, who is clueless regarding science, let’s go to other areas, such as criminal law and evidence. . .
Dr. Taitz provides some supporting evidence:

US News & World Report:
 Can’t Get Pregnant? How Stress May Be Causing Your Infertility

Natural Society:
 The Causes of Infertility | Why She Can't Get Pregnant

ABC News:
What Effects Can Stress Have On My Ability To Get Pregnant?

Dr. John C. Willke, writes on the website Christian Life Resources about how pregnancies resulting from rape are extremely rare:
Finally, factor in what is certainly one of the most important reasons why a rape victim rarely gets pregnant, and that’s physical trauma. Every woman is aware that stress and emotional factors can alter her menstrual cycle. To get and stay pregnant a woman’s body must produce a very sophisticated mix of hormones. Hormone production is controlled by a part of the brain that is easily influenced by emotions. There’s no greater emotional trauma that can be experienced by a woman than an assault rape. This can radically upset her possibility of ovulation, fertilization, implantation and even nurturing of a pregnancy.
An abbreviated version of his column also appears on the Physicians for Life website.

Please read her entire Press Release here

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Unearthed Video Shows Obama Supporting Late-Term Abortions

Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack has unearthed an old video from 2003, when President Barack Obama was running for the U.S. Senate from Illinois, in which he defends his position favoring late-term abortions. . .
Video and transcript

Former Navy SEAL questions Obama's citizenship

The chief spokesman of a group of former U.S. special operations and intelligence officers attacking the Obama campaign's national security record compared the president to former Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong. Ben Smith, a former Navy SEAL and spokesman for the supposedly bipartisan Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund, made the claim on his Facebook page shortly after the president's State of the Union address in January. "This speech was given by the Heir Communist-in-Chief Hussein Mao-bama," Smith wrote on the social networking website shortly after President Obama's address.

Smith also said the president was "an impostor," a Muslim and a "Manchurian candidate" who should "go back to the country you were born in," according to the post.

HAT TIP: Orly Taitz, Esq.

Illegal immigrants rounded up and put into camps!

Gateway Pundit:

Almost 7,000 so far put into detention camps, awaiting deportation...

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Why does Paul Ryan scare the president so much? Because Obama has broken his promises, and it’s clear that the GOP ticket’s path to prosperity is our only hope.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The New Beatles?

You be the judge!


Excerpt from The American Spectator
When President Obama's Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, aka "Obamacare") goes fully into effect in 2014, the American people will only then begin to see the implications of its thorough government takeover of health care, in all its glory. . .

Perhaps the most important and complex new IRS responsibility is to enforce the act's individual and employer mandates requiring individuals and employers to buy the health insurance not that they want, but that the federal government says they must have. This will effectively be a new burdensome payroll tax on the middle class and working people, and on job creators, as politics will force every politically correct benefit to be included in the required insurance, causing its cost to soar. That health insurance will likely cost $20,000 per year per family to start, rising rapidly after that. President Obama's 2008 campaign promise not to raise taxes on singles making less than $200,000 a year, and couples making less than $250,000, has been thrown aside and forgotten, with the Supreme Court ruling that the individual mandate is constitutional precisely because it is a tax.

Individuals who fail to comply and buy the health insurance chosen for them by Kathleen Sebelius will be subjected to a penalty of $695 per person per year, up to a maximum of $2,085 per family, or 2.5% of household income, whichever is greater. Pilla explains that "The gross applicable penalty is pro-rated to apply on a monthly basis 'for any month during which any failure' to have adequate coverage exists."
The PPACA precludes the IRS from using its levy power or filing tax liens to collect these penalties on individuals. But Pilla notes the IRS can offset the penalties against any federal income tax refund owed to you. The IRS can also seize any state or local tax refund you are due as well. And if you send any payment to the IRS that is not specifically designated in writing as applying to a specific IRS debt, the IRS can apply it to your health insurance penalty, and you will not be able to get it back.

The employer mandate is a new vicious tax on job creation that is already causing employers to cut back on hiring. . .

The New Face of Health Care -- the IRS

So, the Romney's are selfish for keeping a horse?

* And employing a groom with a family to support

* And paying for feed that's sold by someone with a family to support

* And transported in trucks by someone with a family to support

* And manufactured in a factory by people with families to support

* From stuff that's grown by farmers with families to support

* And having a barn built by construction workers with families to support

* With materials trucked by drivers with families to support

* From factories with workers with families to support

Sounds to me like that one horse has done more to put Americans to work than the horse's ass that's in the White House!

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Great news for Mitt Romney (and America!)

And this includes 5 Nobel laureates:

400 Independent Economists Support Romney's Plan

Guess who doesn't like Barack and Michelle?

Mychal S. Massie is the former National Chairman of the conservative black think tank, Project 21-The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives; and a member of its’ parent think tank, the National Center for Public Policy Research. In his official capacity with this free market public policy think tank he has spoken at the U.S. Capitol, CPAC, participated in numerous press conferences on Capitol Hill, the National Press Club and has testified concerning property rights pursuant to the “Endangered Species Act” before the Chairman of the House Committee on Resources. He has been a keynote speaker at colleges and universities nationwide, at Tea Party Rallies, at rallies supporting our troops and conservative presidents; and rally’s supporting conservative causes across the country. He is an unapologetic supporter of our right to own and carry firearms.
Why I Do Not Like The Obamas

Did you know...

FORBES: How Obama Is Robbing The Suburbs To Pay For The Cities

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When the French were actually smart

Frédéric Bastiat:

Claude Frédéric Bastiat (30 June 1801 – 24 December 1850) was a French classical liberal theorist, political economist, and member of the French assembly.

Thanks to Kurt Vangsness for the following two links:


This essay published in 1848 explains why Keynesian stimulus does not work."
This explains man's necessarily painful evolution. Ignorance surrounds him at his cradle; therefore, he regulates his acts according to their first consequences, the only ones that, in his infancy, he can see. It is only after a long time that he learns to take account of the others.**2 Two very different masters teach him this lesson: experience and foresight. Experience teaches efficaciously but brutally. It instructs us in all the effects of an act by making us feel them, and we cannot fail to learn eventually, from having been burned ourselves, that fire burns. I should prefer, in so far as possible, to replace this rude teacher with one more gentle: foresight. For that reason I shall investigate the consequences of several economic phenomena, contrasting those that are seen with those that are not seen.

The Obama False Flag Attack That Would Suspend 2012 Elections!

Kelly Keisling, Tennessee state Representative, is concerned that the Obama administration and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are planning events that will lead to “martial law”.
The Obama False Flag Attack That Would Suspend 2012 Elections!

"Having someone else pick up his tab seems to be a specialty of Barack Obama."

Judson Phillips, Tea Party Nation:

My personal theory is that Obama is simply a scammer.

GM: Why it is failing again

General Motors Is Headed For Bankruptcy -- Again

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Former radical activist from Occidental College: Obama and Pakistani roommate were lovers!

John Drew, who founded the Marxist-socialist club at Occidental to which Obama belonged, says he met the future president in December 1980 when Drew was a 23-year-old second-year graduate student at Cornell University. . . Obama, a 19-year-old sophomore at Occidental at the time, was with diminutive Pakistani roommate Mohammed Hasan Chandoo. “I really had the feeling that Obama was Chandoo’s ‘boy toy,’” Drew told WND. Drew, who earned a Ph.D. from Cornell, is an award-winning political scientist who taught political science and economics at Williams College.

Public health care...YIKES

Another little reminder from an Australian friend's newsletter:
...years ago I refused to take out family private health insurance because [my daughter] was born with PKU so the ‘family’ insurance wouldn’t cover her.

So I opted to use the public hospital system for my hernia op only to be told the waiting list is between 2 and 4 years.

Quickly changing my mind about the public system I saw a consultant surgeon within 24 hours and I’m being carved open this coming Thursday. Then recovering in an $840 per night hospital bed. At that price I hope breakfast is included :)
This is going to be our future here in the United States [and there are a million stories out there like this one and worse] unless Mitt Romney gets elected and repeals Obamacare.

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Looks like a great organization and they cover quite a few different things that will protect employees from their own unions!

Must check it out here.

I just put it up on the right panel under "Join the Second American Revolution" (where I put all "activist" groups).

Proof: Democrat helped Paul Ryan create Medicare plan!

Obama's money laundering scheme revealed in tax records

Citizen Wells reports.

And they told you Romney was hiding something--hah!

Monday, August 13, 2012

We're not stupid anymore: Key Facts of the Medicare Debate

Hugh Hewitt:
All of the facts are against Obama/Biden, and Mitt Romney chose a running mate who is very, very accomplished at communicating these facts. Paul Ryan is a walking, talking 5-Hour Energy Drink of concise and compelling arguments about the future. The MSM ignoring those facts, calling him "radical," are the Geoffrey Dawsons of our era, and even as Dawson campaigned in the Times of London against Churchill throughout the '30s, so they are covering for a deeply disingenuous president and party. It won't work. Your reading this post is itself an example of why it won't.

So grave and unpatriotic is this violation, it might border on treason...


Please find out HERE.

Past time to hold Obama accountable for his illegal actions

Gary L. Zerman posting at
It is my understanding that the Dream Act did not pass out of either the House or Senate, so WHAT Bill/Act is Barack Obama signing? Thus regardless of what he signs, it is not law, therefore he is acting without constitutional authority.

So why is the Republican held House letting him get away with this? Why are they not filing suit in federal court to stop Obama’s illegal acts? Why are they not holding hearings and exposing that he is violating the constitution? Also where are the Republicans senators? Why are they not calling Obama to account here? Where is presumptive candidate Romney?

Finally, why has the Republican held House not held hearings on the bona fides (or lack thereof) re: Barack Obama?

(1) Birth Certificate – it turns out that Obama was the original “birther” claiming from 1991-2007 in his agents’ brochure that he was born in Kenya, the irregular fact that the birth certificate of Nordyke twins is numbered after Obama’s even though they were born after Obama and their births were registered after his (clearly an anomaly), and the almost universal claim that the long form certification of live birth Obama/White House released on 6/27/11 is a layered document and a forgery (attested to by numerous experts);

(2) Obama’s social security number issued out of Connecticut, when there is no known connection that Obama or his immediate family had with that state (and experts have claimed documents show it was illegally obtained);

(3) Obama’s selective service documents appear to be false and tampered with (attested to by several experts); and,

(4) almost all of Obama’s school records and Illinois bar records are sealed.

Again, where is the Republican House?



Media coverup: Attempted violent bombing planned by members of Occupy Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio August 13, 2012 / — This morning, Filmmaker Andrew Marcus, Director of the upcoming documentary Hating Breitbart and Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit announce that conservative rock star Dana Loesch will join us along with media powerhouse Michelle Malkin at “Occupy the Truth”. This Tea Party protest will shine the light on the dishonest coverage of the media of the attempted violent bombing planned by members of Occupy Cleveland. The event will be held at Willard Park/Freestamp Plaza in Cleveland, Ohio near the site of the planned bombing on August 18th from 11 to 1 PM EDT.

Make your plans now to attend this historic rally where conservatives come together and say “Enough is Enough!” to the corrupt and biased American media outlets.

Breaking: “Occupy the Truth” Tea Party Organizers Announce Addition of Conservative Rock Star DANA LOESCH to All-Star Lineup

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"Ryan represents the most serious national challenger to the essential premises of the Left since Calvin Coolidge"

Steven Hayward, posting on PowerLine nailed it:
I’ll happily declare interest behind my enthusiasm for Paul Ryan: he’s read my Reagan and Churchill books.  And I’ve seen him up close and in person displaying his facility with the deeper principles of the American Founding, and his (correct) perception of how the Progressive Era represents the decisive break in American political thought. In this respect he has more depth than Reagan.  Forget the budget issues for a moment–Ryan represents the most serious national challenger to the essential premises of the Left since Calvin Coolidge.

Here is the full speech, thanks to Legal Insurrection

And from Gateway Pundit:

Romney Raises $1.2 Million in Three Hours Since of Picking Paul Ryan

Friday, August 10, 2012

The coming Civil War

The article below from The Washington Times, a verifiable source...

But, first, a note [from a Viet Nam veteran friend]:

There is precedent for active Army soldiers becoming involved in civil unrest situations.

Personal anecdote:  Baltimore riots, 06-14 April 1968

I was a member of B Company, 1st Battalion 58th Infantry, 197th Infantry Brigade, stationed at Ft. Benning, GA.  We were all (100%) Viet Nam combat infantry Veterans, used primarily as the aggressor force in training both the about-to-graduate OCS cadets from Ft. Benning and at West Point.

[We always won those contests, believe me!]

Our entire Battalion was activated, and the majority of us sent to Baltimore to quell that riot.  (We were also deployed to the riots at the 1968 Dem Convention in Chicago).

We arrived in Baltimore & deployed fully armed - weapons loaded, etc.

We mostly conducted squad-sized patrols.  Ran into, and actually had some fire fights with local Nat'l Guard soldiers who were looting.  There were KIAs involved - Guard soldiers, not ours. 

A few civilian casualties as well.

At the end, we conducted large-scale sweeps of neighborhoods.

For example, one evening our soldiers were deployed in single files, two (2) files deep, one behind the other, down a 6 block line in front of apartment houses.  Immediately behind our second file was a single file of police officers.  It looked like this:

6 blocks of apartments         aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Soldiers                              sssssssssssssss
Soldiers                              sssssssssssssss
Police                                 ppppppppppppppp

On order, we moved out.  Soldiers in line #1 entered each apartment and went to the top floor.  Soldiers in line #2 waited in the lobby area of each apartment.  Police waited at curbside in front.

Soldiers in line #1 then began, starting at the top floor, to enter each/every aparatment and remove the occupants, men/women/children & pets, and  bring them down to the lobby where the #2 line of soldiers received them.

The #2 line of soldiers then escorted the occupants out front, where they were seated on the curb by the police, who then went through the individual ID process, etc.

EDITORIAL: The Civil War of 2016
U.S. military officers are told to plan to fight Americans
The Washington Times Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's now legal in the US for any financial institution to steal customer funds...and the customers have ZERO CLAIM TO THEIR OWN FUNDS once they are in the custody of the financial institution!

RED ALERT: It's Open Season on All Customer Funds
Posted by Ann Barnhardt, - August 10, AD 2012 3:33 PM MST

The NFA is collusion with the Banksters, government and judiciary have achieved their goal. The entire concept of "customer segregated funds" is officially, completely, legally dead.

Guys, it is OVER. I know that many of you are still cowering in normalcy bias, unable to deal with reality, unable to face the world as it is, but you have GOT to snap out of it. The marketplace is DESTROYED. You CANNOT be in these markets. All legal protections are now officially gone.

Do you remember how I told you about the Ponzi scheme that imploded in 2007 called "Sentinel Management Group" that stole over $500 million in customer funds? The NFA was the auditing regulator of Sentinel, and the NFA admitted after the Sentinel Ponzi imploded that they signed off on their audits even though the NFA claimed not fully understanding Sentinel's books or accounting methods. In other words, the NFA didn't really audit Sentinel at all - they just PRETENDED to audit them, drew up some forms, had some robosigners sign off, and then just hoped that when the shit hit the fan, everyone in the industry would be so terrified of the NFA that no one would hold the NFA accountable for their criminal malfeasance - or even talk about it.

Sentinel took customer segregated money and fraudulently used it as the collateral on a loan from Bank of New York Mellon for $312 million to fund their own in-house proprietary trading operations. When the Sentinel Ponzi collapsed, BNYM sued to go to the front of the line of creditors - ahead of the customers of Sentinel whose money was fraudulently used as collateral, which has now been "linguistically sanitized" into the word "hypothecated".

The federal appeals court ruled yesterday that not only does BNYM stay at the front of the line, but that using customer segregated funds as collateral is NOT a crime, and that co-mingling customer segregated funds with proprietary funds is NOT fraud.

Here is the Reuters piece.

Read this quote from the ruling, which is, in essence, the entire financial market paradigm being guillotined:
That Sentinel failed to keep client funds properly segregated is not, on its own, sufficient to rule as a matter of law that Sentinel acted ‘with actual intent to hinder, delay, or defraud' its customers.
U.S. Circuit Judge John D. Tinder
What this means is that even if Jon Corzine is somehow dragged into court by private citizens, because you know damn good and well that the Justice Department will never, ever touch him, Corzine now has a legal precedent, likely from a bribed or otherwise coerced Federal Appeals Court, explicitly stating that an FCM can use customer deposits to pay its debts, and that the customers themselves are subjugated and have basically no legal right to their own monies, no matter what the law says, or what legal assurances, claims or guarantees are made to that customer about their funds held with an FCM or any other brokerage or depository institution. The "secured" party at the front of the line will always be the mega-bank who made the fraudulent loan using the stolen customer funds as collateral.

In other words, all customer funds in the United States are now the legal property of JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, BNYM, or whichever megabank is the counterparty on the loans the FCM or depository institution takes out in order to fund its mega-levered proprietary in-house trading desks.

For the love of God, I don't know what more there could possibly be to say to snap you people out of your normalcy bias trance. You have GOT to get ALL MONIES out of the financial system NOW. This ruling sets precedence for every depository institution, not just futures brokerages. It is now legal in the United States for any financial institution to steal customer funds, borrow money against those funds for the uber-levered proprietary trading use of the financial institution, and the customers have ZERO CLAIM TO THEIR OWN FUNDS once they are in the custody of the financial institution.

The court has ruled that once your money passes out of your PHYSICAL POSSESSION, and I mean PHYSICAL possession, it is no longer yours, and you have no legal claim or legal recourse to it when it is stolen. This includes BANK ACCOUNTS. Money in a bank is in the possession of the BANK, not you. Do you comprehend this? The entire system is utterly devoid of any integrity or genuine security and is breaking down catastophically before our very eyes. You HAVE to comprehend that your money sitting in an account is no longer legally yours. You have to force your brain to process and comprehend this, no matter how incomprehensible it may seem. IT IS OVER. This is Marxist hell. We have arrived.

This ruling and precedent will be used by every brokerage, every bank, every insurance company and every pension fund to deny you your money when the financial system finally collapses, be it on Monday, or be it two years from now.


You have GOT to GET OUT.

And all of this goes straight back to the criminal mafia that is the National Futures Association, and the fact that they have not actually been auditing those firms who were in the "cosa nostra", and allowing Ponzi schemes to operate with full bureaucratic protection for decades. Sentinel. PFG Best. The legal precedent enabling this protection racket and blatant fraud and thievery is fully in force, and what Corzine did at MF Global is now legally PROTECTED.

This is ecomonic treason.

Treason is a capital offense, meaning that the death penalty is fully justified, warranted and on the table, should the day ever come when a Second American Republic is established, and with it the re-establishment of the rule of law and justice in this land.

UPDATE: Yes, the South Park "And . . . It's Gone" clip is now 100% factual. Here it is. It is clean. No dirty language, just the cold, hard reality of our dead civilization.

Gay ride

A veteran US law-enforcement official has filed a blockbuster discrimination lawsuit against Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, charging she pushed him aside to make way for a less-qualified woman who’s “enjoyed a long-standing relationship” with the anti-terror chief. . .
Big Sis Slapped With Discrimination Suit for Reportedly Favoring Gal Pals

Virgin Mary 'crosses the finish line' with Olympic gold runner

An Orthodox Christian, Defar entrusted her race to God with the sign of the cross and reached the finish line in 15:04:24, beating her fellow Ethiopian rival Tirunesh Dibaba, who was the favorite to win.

A teary-eyed Defar proudly showed the picture of the Virgin Mary with the Baby Jesus that she carried with her for the entire race.

Starting in 2014, the private sector insurance business industry is gone

What you really do is you go out and you regulate these businesses out of business. You regulate them with Obamacare and new tax law, and then as these industries and the businesses in them start getting into real trouble, then you -- Obama, the destroyer -- go in as Robinhood, the white knight, and you're going to save the day! And the American people applaud! "He cares!" The architect of the problem, Barack Obama (and his Democrat Party target an industry) wreak great damage on it, and then volunteer to "save" it like they did the auto industry by taking it over.

And that perverted process has cost taxpayers billions of dollars. The president is warning the country that every other industry he crushes will get the same treatment. And what is one of the next industries to get this treatment? The private health insurance industry. That's one-sixth of the economy. That's going to be nationalized. That's already been done. That's Obamacare. Private sector health insurance, within three years, is gone. Starting in 2014, the private sector insurance business industry is gone.
See, I Told You So: Obama Says He Wants to Repeat Auto Takeover in Every Industry


Last month my husband and I attended a private screening in Hollywood of Dinesh D'Souza's new movie about Barack Hussein Obama.

There is nothing more important than getting yourself and everyone you know into a theater to see it!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

BREAKING! SB 249 Amended Into Massive Gun Ban




Once upon a time the government had a vast scrap yard in the middle of a desert.

Congress said, "Someone may steal from it at night."

So they created a night watchman position and hired a person for the job.

Then Congress said, "How does the watchman do his job without instruction?"

So they created a planning department and hired two people, one person to write the instructions, and one person to do time studies.

Then Congress said, "How will we know the night watchman is doing the tasks correctly?"

So they created a Quality Control department and hired two people. One was to do the studies and one was to write the reports.

Then Congress said, "How are these people going to get paid?"

So they created two positions: a time keeper and a payroll officer then hired two people.

Then Congress said, "Who will be accountable for all of these people?"

So they created an administrative section and hired three people, an Administrative Officer, Assistant Administrative Officer, and a Legal Secretary.

Then Congress said, "We have had this command in operation for one year and we are $918,000 over budget, we must cut back."

So they laid-off the night watchman.

NOW slowly, let it sink in.

Quietly, we go like sheep to slaughter. Does anybody remember the reason given for the establishment of the DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY during the Carter administration?




Didn't think so!

Bottom line is, we've spent several hundred billion dollars in support of an agency, the reason for which very few people who read this can remember!


It was very simple... and at the time, everybody thought it very appropriate.

The Department of Energy was instituted on 8/04/1977, TO LESSEN OUR DEPENDENCE ON FOREIGN OIL.

Hey, pretty efficient, huh???


34 years ago 30% of our oil consumption was foreign imports. Today 70% of our oil consumption is foreign imports.

Ah, yes -- good old Federal bureaucracy.


Hello!! Anybody Home?

Signed....The Night Watchman

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The U.S. Economy in One Chart

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

“Better health care. Pricier pizza."

“I have two options, I can stop offering coverage and pay the $2,000 fine, or I could keep my number of staff under 50 so the mandate doesn't apply,” she told Legal Newsline. Nichols added that the law may cost her between $20,000 to $30,000 extra in taxes. “Obamacare is making me think about cutting jobs instead," she said.

Dem doc donor: Getting rid of 'ugly black babies' helps taxpayers

But...wouldn't those babies end up as taxpayers someday? And, wait: Isn't the president...never mind, he's actually kinda cute...


Do the rich pay their “fair share”?

The answer to this question should start with an agreement on an accepted definition of fair. But those who assert that the rich do not pay their fair share have not provided such a definition.13

Here is how the federal income tax burden was distributed in 2009 (the most recent year for which data are available):14 
So what is a “fair share”? The U.S. tax system is more progressive than that of any other advanced economy. Higher-income workers already pay a substantially disproportionate amount of the income tax relative to their share of income. The top five percent pay 44 percent more in taxes than the bottom 95 percent, while 47 percent of tax filers pay no tax at all. The bottom 50 percent of filers pay only 2.3 percent of taxes, and the bottom quintile gets money back.

Based on these facts, how does one make a case that the rich are not paying their fair share?

The real scandal in this election

Wayne Allyn Root:

Obama’s College Classmate: ‘The Obama Scandal Is at Columbia’

The Cloud

Apparently, it's not a good place to be!

Monday, August 06, 2012

The other forgotton soldier
Military & Law Enforcement Working Dog Rescue & Support

Former Spielberg VP: Obama threatened Chelsea Clinton

Most people in the US, especially Democrats, believe that the Obama Birther Movement was started by Republicans and or the Tea Party. They believe it is a smear campaign aimed to tarnish the image of their hero of change. But they may be shocked to learn that the Birther Movement was actually started by former President Bill Clinton and Hillary back in 2008.

In an exclusive interview by WND, Bettina Viviano was a vice president with Amblin Enterntainment, Steven Spielberg’s company, before launching her own film production company in 1990. In 2008, Viviano was asked to produce a documentary about voter fraud within the Democratic Party. At the time, she says she was not a Democrat or a Republican and in fact had never voted in an election. She went into the project with the sole purpose of producing the best and most accurate documentary possible.

During the documentary process, Viviano says that she quickly became aware of just how dangerous and insidious the Obama campaign was. A number of the Democrats she interviewed refused to appear on camera and told her that their lives and property had been threatened by people working with the Obama campaign.

She also heard former President Bill Clinton say that Obama was not eligible to be president because of his lack of birth records. In fact, she said it was common knowledge around many top Democrats. Bill Clinton has often said that he would go public with the information when the time was right.

Before that could happen, his close friend and head of the Arkansas Democratic Party, Bill Gwatney was murdered in his office and then someone told Bill that he was next if he said anything about Obama’s eligibility. In the video below, she said that Clinton was not intimidated until someone associated with the Obama campaign told him that his daughter Chelsea would be next if he opened his mouth. From that point on, the Clinton’s remained silent about Obama’s birth certificate or lack thereof.

The KFPS Royal Friesian Horse

An utterly awesome spectacle best viewed full-screen!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

In the future, with the vote of one more justice, the New Deal settlement might be significantly modified

Precedent and the Health Care Decision

How did a SELF-ADMITTED homeless drug addict become President of the United States?


DEFINITELY worth re-posting!

The one thing about George W. Bush that the media refuses, to this day, to write about--in fact, in a video (conveniently since removed from YouTube) of the 2004/2005 hearings on Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae--is this...(and the Congressional Black Caucus called it a would-be "economic lynching")!

The one book that would transform the United States of America

A couple of years ago, I was driving and listening to one of the founders of Real Clear Politics being interviewed on talk radio.

He was asked to pick just one book that would revolutionize the understanding of economics in this country (in other words, turn the tide completely away from the standard, government-issued Marxist crap taught in schools these days) and here it is:

The Foundation for Economic Education presents:


PREFACE: This book is an analysis of economic fallacies that are at last so prevalent that they have almost become a new orthodoxy. The one thing that has prevented this has been their own self-contradictions, which have scattered those who accept the same premises into a hundred different “schools,” for the simple reason that it is impossible in matters touching practical life to be consistently wrong. But the difference between one new school and another is merely that one group wakes up earlier than another to the absurdities to which its false premises are driving it, and becomes at that moment inconsistent by either unwittingly abandoning its false premises or accepting conclusions from them less disturbing or fantastic than those that logic would demand.

There is not a major government in the world at this moment, however, whose economic policies are not influenced if they are not almost wholly determined by acceptance of some of these fallacies. Perhaps the shortest and surest way to an understanding of economics is through a dissection of such errors, and particularly of the central error from which they stem. That is the assumption of this volume and of its somewhat ambitious and belligerent title. . .


Saturday, August 04, 2012

Tea Party Protest Announced: Occupy The Truth August 18th, Cleveland, OH

Breaking Announcement: “Occupy the Truth” March For Peace & Justice Set For Cleveland, Ohio

Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, August 4, 2012, 12:52 PM

August 4, 2012, 1 p.m. EDT
Tea Party Protest Announced: Occupy The Truth August 18th, Cleveland, OH
—–Director of Hating Breitbart, Andrew Marcus, and Blogger Powerhouse Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit announce a Tea Party Protest “Occupy The Truth” set for August 18th in Cleveland, Ohio—–



Exposing the Islamophobes

Friday, August 03, 2012

If an asset is not FULLY liquid and available to you, then it isn't really yours at all

On 401ks
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - August 3, AD 2012 7:26 PM MST
401k plan of attack: 
1. STOP MAKING CONTRIBUTIONS if you haven't already.

2. Liquidate it. Pay the "penalty". Would you rather pay a penalty or have it all stolen? Or possibly replaced with a "government savings account" comprised of Treasury paper which will probably default or be confiscated long before you are ever allowed to "tap it", and will NOT be able to be passed to your heirs should you croak, but will instead be resorbed back into the collective? Oh, and don't bother whining to me about the "tax consequences". Paying income taxes to this satanic baby-killing Christ-hating government is now, absolutely MORTAL SIN. Why, why, why would you pay taxes?

3. If you can't liquidate it, take out a loan on the balance. Take out the maximum possible loan, and then set up the repayment schedule on the longest possible term.

Now, let's talk about all of you out there who are not permitted by your employer to liquidate your 401k. That decision rests with the PLAN ADMINISTRATOR, who is your employer, be it an individual or a board.

What kind soulless, psychopathic monster would refuse to let their own employees have access to their own money? What POSSIBLE reason could there be for a business owner or a board to refuse to fill out a few forms, sign at a few documents and just let people have their own money?

If your employer will not let you out of your 401k, you need to sit down and think long and hard about who you are working for, and why you are working for them, because they are, by definition, bad people.
Finally, what lesson can we learn from this? How about this: If you don't have access to something, if you cannot take physical possession of it, if all you have is someone telling you that they are taking care of your money, which you cannot touch or have access to - THEN IT ISN'T YOUR MONEY, AND IT NEVER WAS. In short, you have been conned.

If your employer won't let you liquidate your 401k, that means that your employer has CONNED YOU by telling you that they were paying you a wage of X, when in reality it was less than X by the amount of your 401k contribution amount. Go sit down and figure it out. Back out your 401K contributions off the top of your pay as if they never existed. THAT is your actual wage, if your employer refuses to let you out. Would you have ever agreed to work for that wage?

For those of you who come out on the other side of this collapse and war, you must always remember that if an asset is not FULLY liquid and available to you, then it isn't really yours at all, and you have to assume that all such arrangements are nefarious and must be rejected.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Obama Campaign is suing to keep military votes from counting

They can fight...they can die...they can be maimed...but they can't vote!

Wonder why not?


Who is covering up Obama's shady past and why?

Glenn Beck fills Dallas Cowboy Stadium, helps poor, media ignores

Tens of thousands serve in Dallas for Restoring Love, media ignores
“CBS News is reporting 65,000 people show up at Dallas Cowboy stadium on Saturday. Now, I just want to give this some perspective. CBS News is the same organization that said 87,000 people showed up at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. So 65,000 according to CBS News, 65,000 were at the stadium and only 87,000 were on the ‑‑ in the mall, that’s ‑‑ well, here’s the difference, I should point out: All the people that showed up, the 87,000 people that showed up in the mall were enormously fat,” he joked.
GBTV: Glenn Beck: Mercury One Food Drive


In a speech published on his website Thursday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the ultimate goal of world forces must be the annihilation of Israel.

Watch topless women get arrested

Thanks to Atlas Shrugs:


My first report on FEMEN (and other feminist groups):

Getting Naked to Change the World

We just finished Part One of HUMAN TRAFFICKING and I must say it will put a whole new perspective on the goings on above...really.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Chick-fil-A LA (San Fernando Valley) and around the USA! - UPDATES

This is "my" Chick-fil-A where I spent several hours in terrible (but dry) heat today--wouldn't have survived it without the company providing ice-cold water in plastic cups from big jugs set up on a table outside. Don't be deceived: the line went for a LONG way behind what you see in this picture (Northridge, California) provided by a friend, Ari David and his wife:

Gwilym and Ari David sent this from Los Angeles to
Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day – as it is being called was the idea of former Arkansas governor and Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee. But as protests against Chick-fil-A swelled across the country, dozens of groups and prominent individuals joined in support of the company.


MASSIVE LINES at Chick-fil-A on “National Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” (Updated)

Wendy’s Restaurants in North Carolina Stand With Chick-fil-A


Chick-fil-A, live from Peabody (and Minneapolis)

Will post more links as I find them!

A great day in America!!!

KHOU-TV Channel 11

Big crowds gather at local restaurants for ‘Chick-fil-A appreciation day’

Republicans for Black Empowerment

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day 036


Chick-fil-A fans fight back: Thousands swarm drive-through lanes to support fast food chain at center of gay marriage firestorm


Here’s a map of the Chick-fil-A visits Legal Insurrectionists have sent photos or videos from thus far:

Legal Insurrection readers’ Chick-fil-A photos


Cruz-ing to a Bruising, Catered by Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A 'Set a World Record'

Chick-fil-A confirms 'record-setting day' on 'Appreciation Day'

Republican Senator Marco Rubio attacks Michele Bachmann

Caroline Glick: The Muslim Brotherhood's American defenders
For their efforts to warn about and perhaps cause the administration to abandon its reliance on Muslim Brotherhood front groups to inform it about the nature of the Muslim Brotherhood, Bachmann and her colleagues have been denounced as racists and McCarthyites. These attacks have not been carried out only by administration supporters. Republican Senator John McCain denounced Bachmann from the floor of the Senate. Republican Senator Marco Rubio later piled on attacking her for her attempt to convince the administration to reconsider its policies. Those policies again place the most radical members of the US Muslim community in charge of the US government's policies toward the Muslim Brotherhood and other jihadist movements.

It is clear that the insidious notion that the Muslim Brotherhood is a moderate and friendly force has taken hold in US policy circles. And it is apparent that US policymaking in the Middle East is increasingly rooted in this false and dangerous assessment.

In spearheading an initiative to investigate and change this state of affairs, Rep. Bachmann and her colleagues should be congratulated, not condemned. And their courageous efforts to ask the relevant questions about the nature of Muslim Brotherhood influence over US policymakers should be joined, not spurned by their colleagues in Washington, by the media and by all concerned citizens in America and throughout the free world.

He's not a "natural born" citizen and he's on the wrong side of a very important national security issue...not a good combination!

Do you want to know when the "economic collapse" is going to happen?

Just open up your eyes and take a look.  The "economic collapse" is already happening all around us. . .

The economic collapse has been happening, it is happening right now, and it will be getting a lot worse.  Yes, there will be moments of great crisis.  We saw one of those "waves" back in 2008 and another "wave" is rapidly approaching.  But all of the waves are part of a process that is continually unfolding. . .

The following are 65 signs that the economic collapse is already happening all around us. . .