Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rise up, America!

Income of Blacks Dropped $6,048 PER YEAR Under President Hope and Change

When Peggy Joseph famously intoned in the last presidential election that  “Obama’s going to pay my gas and my mortgage” little did she know her blind support of Obama’s ‘HOPE AND CHANGE” would result in a 4 year drop in the  income of the average black of $24,000.  Now you won’t hear a joke about that from Dave Letterman or John Stewart because they still believe their President is working to make the poor better off.  The facts say differently but you won’t hear that from the main stream Obamamedia either. They still foolishly hope this town crier and his redistributionist Marxist policies will make the tide rise for all.  Tell that to Peggy Joseph.

I believe when history is written it will paint Obama as a tragic figure that had good intentions but went into office with flawed ideas how on to solve the country’s problems.  Remember he is the man who rode into office saying that under Bush and the Republicans that the income of average Americans was “flat” whereas the income of rich Americans was soaring. Well folks he has managed to make that “income disparity” worse not better.
When all is said and done we have a shrinking rich and middle class and a bloated almost poor society - made poor by policies that favor a government and its politicians over its people. Rise Up America and throw the bums out.


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