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"This is the madness of our times. A social media employee from a tea company imploring people to stop being so cruel, all because it was being drunk by someone from a political party they oppose."

When the Leftist Mob Comes For You

They are coming for everything you have.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Is This What the Deep State Truly Fears?


A real cause of real illness. No need for a virus. a cover story.

RIEFER’S COMMENTS:  The below mentioned article will trigger a craving in you for a good cigar and glass of Makers Mark.  The content is sobering and very thought provoking, and for those who are critical thinkers, they will “get it!”  Non-critical thinkers will likely give up half-way through the article or become so confused they will simply write the content off as conspiracy minded and not realistic.  Jon Rappoport, the author of this piece, has a short biographical at the conclusion.  I forwarded this article selectively to those I know are intelligence analysts and threat assessment specialists.  I forwarded this article selectively to those I know would study the content, and then continue the arduous work of putting a large puzzle together without the assistance of the picture on the box giving a major clue as to what the puzzle pieces will add up to when put together.  I sense we have entered into truly dangerous times when it has become doubly, even triply difficult to tell who are the white hats.  I will venture to say, we already have seen the sophisticated and planned confusion over the past three years with the myriad of investigations launched against President Trump and his administration.  Terribly sadly and alarmingly, I believe more is to come.  Being able to work a picture puzzle without the aid of the picture on the box will help you navigate through the turmoil to come.  ~LJR


Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.
Protective Intelligence and Assessment Specialist
Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment
Private-Sector Intelligence Analyst
U.S. Border Intelligence Group
ASIS International
Association of Former Intelligence Officers
Association of Threat Assessment Professionals – Arizona ATAP
International Association Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts

In my ongoing coverage of the "epidemic," I've written about the covert-operation aspect of the brutal game.

I want to add a few notes.

By its very nature, a covert op is meant to CONCEAL its true goals and details and players, so it's no surprise we have unanswered questions.  Rushing to supply all the answers in five minutes is a futile exercise.

A covert op can be invented and planned from the get-go; or players, seeing an event unfold, can jump onboard in mid-stream, take control, and use the event to launch an operation.

A covert op has cover stories and false trails.  These are standard in the intelligence business.

A cover story is designed to divert attention from what is actually going on.  It is basically a false picture floated to obscure the truth.  The intent is: get people dividing into camps and arguing with each other about VARIATIONS of the cover story---thus taking them further from the hidden facts and motives.

In this case, the cover story would be: a contagious virus jumped species in China and started harming and killing people; it's spread.

People began taking sides: the contagious coronavirus is a natural microbe; it's a leak from a biowar lab; it was weaponized in a lab and intentionally released; it's rather harmless for the most part; it's deadly; its effects are somehow magnified by interacting with chemtrails; because people are dying, the virus must be the cause, etc.

Once people have divided into camps, the covert operators can twist several of these cover-story variations, thus creating false trails, down which people can travel, without ever reaching an end.

For example, a loose study might appear "which proves the coronavirus is a bioweapon."  If you read the study carefully, though, you realize the authors aren't claiming the virus has been weaponized.  Further, the study authors are saying the virus has a peculiarity which MIGHT mean THIS or COULD mean THAT or POSSIBLY IMPLIES something else.  And there appear to be no other studies which confirm any of these equivocal findings.

But within an hour of the study being published, fifty thousand people on the Web are circulating this "proof of weaponization."

In any so-called epidemic, you will see some ex-military or ex-intelligence spook appear out of nowhere with "expert insider testimony" about the virus.  He "knows it's a weapon."  Therefore, it must be.

Likewise, other authority figures will show up to capture audiences with unproven revelations about the "bioweapon virus," or "the leak of the virus from a lab," or the "theft of the virus."  Their audience, having rejected conventional media and government authorities, is looking for alternative substitutes.  And they'll get substitutes.

Notice that, in all these insider pronouncements, whatever they are, there is a re-enforcement of the basic idea that THE VIRUS is the cause of the "epidemic."  BUT REMEMBER, "THE VIRUS" IS THE BASIC COVER STORY.  Planners of a covert op want people to buy the basic cover any which way.

To illustrate these points, imagine that, in an area of forest 30 miles from a town, people discover a large patch of dead trees.  Some have fallen over.  Others, leafless and gray, are still standing.  At first, no one takes action.  Then, it's obvious the patch is growing larger.  More trees are falling down.  More branches and leaves are drying up and dropping on the ground.

The town newspaper, aided by pronouncements from local officials, runs a story about a fire.  There was a fire in that part of the forest.  It was "so severe and hot, its effects are still being felt."  NOW, people begin arguing about the cause of the fire.  It was a lightning hit.  Someone set a blaze, using flammable liquid that burned at an exceptionally high temperature.  Drug dealers fought with one another and burned up the drugs.  A sinister creature, half-animal, half-human, rumored to live in the woods, set the fire.  ET aliens set the blaze.  Their small ship crashed and burned.

The fire is the cover story.  People are arguing about variations of the basic cover.  Actually, six months ago, a town firm that secretly sells a dangerous and illegal pesticide, believing they were about to get busted, sent employees with drums of the poison into the forest to dump them.  That's what happened.  But the cover story is now so ingrained in minds, few people will consider there was no fire...THERE HAD TO BE A FIRE.

After having researched and written about epidemic duds (SARS, Swine Flu, Ebola, Zika, etc.) for many years, I've taken a different approach.

I've asked more BASIC questions at every turn.

If public health officials and governments announce an outbreak and a virus, I ask, "How did they discover the new virus?"  That's a reasonable inquiry.  "Did they really find and isolate a new virus?"  "What procedures did they use for the job?"  "Are those procedures accurate and valid?"  "Did the scientists who rushed to the outbreak-locale to take tissue samples---are these the CDC or World Health Organization virus hunters who always find a new virus, even if, at the designated location, an industrial corporation is releasing torrents of polluted poison into the ground and the water?

Which leads me to my next basic question: assuming some harm is being visited on people, are there clear causes that have nothing to do with a virus, causes that would account for the profile of harm that has been announced?  And if so, who would benefit from hiding these other clear causes by using the cover story of a virus?  Corporations, governments?  Who would benefit, on the back end, from the virus cover story?  Drug companies?  Vaccine companies?

I ask: how many cases of the "epidemic" have been announced?  How many deaths?  Exactly how are these cases being identified and counted?  What diagnostic tests are being done?  Are the tests accurate and valid?  Again, this is a reasonable inquiry.  If the authorities are claiming a certain number of people are being harmed, I want to find out HOW these "experts" are coming to that conclusion.

I ask: what is the list of symptoms being attributed to the "epidemic illness?"  Are these symptoms so generalized they already fit large numbers of people without the claim that the cause is a new virus?  For example, are typical flu-like symptoms, which apply to millions of people, suddenly being shifted over and counted as cases of the "new epidemic?"

I ask: in all modern epidemics, are there common, long-accepted medical tests and procedures which are arbitrary and unproven, which should be openly debated, but aren't?  Is the story of a virus used to hide corporate and government crimes?

There are other questions I ask, but you get the idea.  I go under the cover story of the moment and look for more fundamental lies and truths.  I hit the "stress points" of the cover story.

These basic questions have generated all my previous articles on the current "coronavirus crisis."

I keep asking, looking, and answering.

If I find out, in asking and answering these questions that, yes, questionable procedures have been used in discovering the new virus in the first place; unworkable, dubious, and worthless tests have been used to diagnose and label patients with the epidemic disease; cases are undoubtedly "imported" from traditional diseases, in order to falsely inflate the number of cases in the epidemic; causes of illness, other than the virus, are present in an area where the epidemic started; the epidemic illness is a familiar generalized list of symptoms which are present in millions of people---if I find out all these things, then the "new epidemic" with a new viral cause is a con job.

If, after stripping away the number of people claimed to be "epidemic cases" who most likely aren't, I find that the true number of cases appears to be small, then there is no epidemic.

If the number of cases still seems to be high, then I look deeper into non-viral causes which are currently operating, and influencing illness.

For my findings on this "coronavirus epidemic," I suggest going back and reading all my articles in this ongoing series.

For those who have been with me from the beginning, I thank you for your support and interest.

I'll close this piece with an example.  In 2003, there was another coronavirus epidemic: SARS.  Its symptoms were basic flu with, in some cases, acute respiratory problems.

As I've detailed, a Canadian biologist, Frank Plummer, working for the World Health Organization, spoke frankly to the press, saying the number of SARS patients with the coronavirus was fewer and fewer.  In fact, it was approaching zero.  This, obviously, cut the legs out from under the claim that SARS was a new disease caused by a new coronavirus.

Where did SARS begin?  Where was it first found?  Guangdong, China.  In their excellent book, Virus Mania, Torsten Engelbrecht and Claus Kohnlein explore non-virus causes of flu-like illness in that locale. They found causes.  It turns out this area is one of the world's largest re-cyclers of e-waste:

"Guangdong is China's largest industrial area...extremely polluted. Garbage lies everywhere; above all high-tech waste...For $1.50 a day, locals disassemble computers, monitors and printers with their bare hands, endangering both their own health and the environment... There, workers empty toner cartridges from laser printers the whole day long without protective masks, breathing in fine carbon dust. Others, mostly women and girls, dip circuit boards into baths of liquid lead to separate and collect the soldering materials with which the memory chips and processors are attached to the plates. Unprotected, they are exposed to toxic fumes. While the plastic plates are simply burned up, the chips and processors are put in acid baths, to extract their gold. Here as well, poisonous fumes are generated, and the unusable leftover acids are just dumped into the river. A lot of garbage is simply burned up or dumped onto rice fields, irrigation facilities or into waterways. The bodies of water and groundwater around Guiys have become so contaminated that drinking water has to be brought in daily from other cities..."

A real cause of real illness.  No need for a virus. a cover story.

Jon Rappoport
The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.



Monday, February 17, 2020


A Holistic Approach to Economics

Linda G. Davis
July 2, 1982
Los Angeles, California

Biofeedback is a process whereby Cause and Effect (information) is made visible to an observer by means of certain monitoring devices. It therefore becomes possible to alter the cause (i.e. the specific thoughts of the individual) in order to change the effect (i.e. the biological feedback—such as an illness—reproduced in the monitoring device). With practice, this process can become as smooth and sophisticated as our modern radar guidance systems. (Suggestion:  It is the measure of the mercy of our Creator that we’ve been allowed this distance between cause and effect—i.e. Time—and that this distance is decreasing at a pace that will allow us to re-enter Simultaneous Information Exchange*--S.I.E.—as smoothly as possible).

Since all products and services are, originally, the result of a single thought in a single human mind (collaborations always follow this), the Free Market System functions as a biofeedback mechanism. Intervention in this system will spoil the integrity of the information, and, since the quality of the information is directly related to its growth, affects the well-being of the individual. Many people die trying to preserve or to achieve this economic life-support system.

If this system is allowed to function naturally, it becomes a constant source of quality information—food for growth—because survival within this system demands (1) a constant search for better ideas (e.g. products and services) for (2) the lowest possible cost (i.e. the highest efficiency). A Natural Monopoly may occur, but only as long as (1) and (2) are serving the needs of the people. A Coercive Monopoly can exist as long as there is intervention (which we have) in the natural free market system.

The government of any group of people who enjoy and employ this system should function as a good gardener who, watchful and attendant, pulls the weeds of corruption and deception so that the people may eat and enjoy the fruits of the garden.

*Eternity:  Love looking in a mirror.

(C.S. Lewis, who held the Chair of Medieval and Renaissance English Literature at Cambridge University until shortly before his death in 1963, discussed the phenomenon of Simultaneous Cause and Effect in the chapter entitled “Good infection” from his book, “Beyond Personality: The Christian Idea of God.”)

Saturday, February 15, 2020

It's the sun--not CO2--that causes climate change

People have heard that CO2 (carbon dioxide) is a poison which is true as far as it goes. However, "carbon dioxide in the air stimulates the growth of almost all plants on Earth" AND--something few of us have had the opportunity to know--the sun, NOT CO2, causes climate change!
"A new, peer-reviewed professional paper shows our sun, not our carbon dioxide, causes climate change. It also shows atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations are an insignificant player, and possibly a non-player, in climate change.
The authors, Willie Soon, Ronan Connolly, and Michael Connolly received no government, corporate, or any outside funding for their work on their paper.
You can read their whole 49-page paper if you want all the scientific details. The authors have provided their data files.
Here, I will make their conclusions very simple for you to understand.
They used northern hemisphere data from 1880 to 2014. They used data, not theories, to make their case."
Read more at:
by Dr. Ed Berry (Ph.D., Atmospheric Physics)
American Meteorological Society

Saturday, February 08, 2020


How Orson Bean found God

Today comes the sad news that Orson Bean has died as the result of being hit by a car in Venice, California. The AP has posted an adequate obituary mostly written by the late Bob Thomas here. With a little help from Orson himself, I would like to add to Thomas’s obituary from a perspective you are unlikely to find in the mainstream media.
Orson Bean’s career spanned five decades. He was an incredibly bright and interesting man. In addition to being a successful actor and award-winning director, he was an acclaimed storyteller. He starred on Broadway for twenty years and appeared regularly as a panelist on To Tell the Truth and other game shows as well as a guest and guest host on the Tonight Show.
In a long and varied show business career, Bean always remained his own man. Blacklisted in Hollywood as a Communist in the 1950’s, he survived and came around sufficiently to face the new blacklist to which Hollywood conservatives are subject. I believe he said the new blacklist is tougher than the old. Donald Lambro explored part of Bean’s experience with the blacklist in his 2008 Washington Times column “Blacklist then and now.” Orson recalled: “Aside from the inconvenience of having a career ruined, being blacklisted in the ’50s was kind of cool.”
Orson was on a long quest for personal fulfillment. In his 1972 memoir Me and the Orgone, he recounted an early version of his quest. He also drank and snorted drugs “and DID inhale.” But, he says, he was never quite happy — until he sniffed around, became a recovering alcoholic, and discovered faith. This is the story he told in his book — M@il for Mikey — aimed at those seeking faith or recovery, but suspicious.
Andrew Breitbart was Orson’s son-in-law. When I toured Israel with Andrew in the summer of 2007, I asked him to convey our invitation to Orson to write something for Power Line. In response to our standing invitation, Orson provided the following account of “why I wrote this book” for Power Line readers. Orson wrote:

How can you follow Jesus and support Donald Trump?

As a personal observation, I have noticed that those who oppose President Trump typically embrace liberal theology. It makes one wonder what is truly leading them: worldly mandates or biblical principles.

I will close with what I stated in a brief op-ed: we can't have our cake and eat it too – there is no middle ground for Christians today. You can choose a president who will wear a Planned Parenthood scarf at her inauguration or one of the countless others who would seek to destroy the America we know and lead us down the primrose path of socialism – or worse. Or you can choose to back President Trump. There is no Plan B.

Saturday, February 01, 2020

China and Viruses: The Case of Dr. Xiangguo Qiu

BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 1,429, January 29, 2020
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: In July 2019, a rare event occurred in Canada. Suspected of espionage for China, a group of Chinese virologists was forcibly evicted from the Canadian National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) in Winnipeg, where they had been running parts of the Special Pathogen Program of Canada’s public health agency. One of the procedures conducted by the team was the infection of monkeys with the most lethal viruses found on Earth. Four months prior to the Chinese team’s eviction, a shipment containing two exceptionally virulent viruses—Ebola and Nipah—was sent from the NML to China. When the shipment was traced, it was held to be improper and a “possible policy breach.”

Of those facilities, four are believed to be involved in Chinese biological weapons development. They are:
  • Institute of Military Veterinary, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Changchun
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Chengdu Military Region
  • Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hubei
  • Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
All four facilities collaborated with Qiu on her Ebola research.