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The #1 thing you must understand about President Donald J. Trump

♦ In the bigger picture this is why President Trump is the most transformative economic President in the last 75 years. The post-WWII Marshall Plan was set up to allow Europe and Asia to place tariffs on exported American industrial products. Those tariffs were used by the EU and Japan to rebuild their infrastructure after a devastating war. However, there was never a built in mechanism to end the tariffs…. until President Trump came along and said: “it’s over”!
After about 20 years (+/-), say 1970 to be fair, the EU and Japan received enough money to rebuild. But instead of ending the one-way payment system, Asia and the EU sought to keep going and build their economies larger than the U.S. Additionally, the U.S. was carrying the cost of protecting the EU (via NATO) and Japan with our military. The EU and Japan didn’t need to spend a dime on defense because the U.S. essentially took over that role. But that military role, just like the tariffs, never ended. Again, until Trump.
The U.S. economy was the host for around 50 years of parasitic wealth exfiltration, or as most would say “distribution”. [Note I use the term *exfiltration* because it better highlights that American citizens paid higher prices for stuff, and paid higher taxes within the overall economic scheme, than was needed.]
President Trump is the first and only president who said: “enough”, and prior politicians who didn’t stop the process were “stupid” etc. etc. Obviously, he is 100% correct.

Durham has turned the corner from review to full-blown criminal investigation!

"These developments, however, make it look like Durham has turned the corner from review to full-blown criminal investigation."
"We’ll see where all this goes. The fact that Barr and Durham are not wrapping this up but are continuing to expand and target specific people is a bad sign for those who helped perpetrate the Russian collusion hoax."


Sunday, October 20, 2019


Image may contain: text that says 'Hollywood: You lecture us about our carbon footprints while Alying on private jets. You preach feminism while brutalizing women. You castigate violence while making millions off it in your movies. You condemn guns, with armed bodyguards at your side. You are the problem, not us.'

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Top Diplomat Testified That Obama Admin, Not International Community, Orchestrated Ukraine Prosecutor’s Firing

A top U.S. diplomat and expert on Ukraine testified to Congress yesterday that the Obama administration — with former Vice President Joe Biden as its point man — orchestrated the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating a company connected to the Biden family, sources familiar with the testimony told The Federalist.
The testimony of George Kent, a State Department official who works on the agency’s Ukraine portfolio, directly contradicts claims that the Obama administration was merely following the lead of the so-called international community in demanding the firing of Viktor Shokin, a controversial Ukrainian prosecutor who was reportedly investigating Burisma, a global energy company long suspected of corruption and money laundering. In 2014, Burisma paid Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, tens of thousands of dollars to sit on its board despite the younger Biden’s complete lack of expertise or professional experience running a multi-national oil and gas concern.


The first thing that Medicare for All would do is eliminate Medicare, along with all other health plans, and misleadingly use that name to create a government health care system. That’s like announcing an iPhone-for-All government plan that takes away everyone’s iPhones, and replaces them with tin cans that have an Apple logo slapped on them. It’s a massive health care robbery that adds insult to injury.

Medicare for All doesn’t expand Medicare. It eliminates Medicare for those who have it.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Members of Previous Generations Now Seem Like Giants

Many of the stories about the gods and heroes of Greek mythology were compiled during Greek Dark Ages. Impoverished tribes passed down oral traditions that originated after the fall of the lost palatial civilizations of the Mycenaean Greeks.

Dark Age Greeks tried to make sense of the massive ruins of their forgotten forbearers' monumental palaces that were still standing around. As illiterates, they were curious about occasional clay tablets they plowed up in their fields with incomprehensible ancient Linear B inscriptions.

We of the 21st century are beginning to look back at our own lost epic times and wonder about these now-nameless giants who left behind monuments that we cannot replicate, but instead merely use or even mock.

Saturday, October 05, 2019

Close friend tells some shocking stories about growing up in South America - UPDATED

"I hope that people who read it will get a more complete picture of how the invasion from the south is going to change our country."


Among people I know, the ones who haven't lived around illegal aliens think that:

--they are just sweet innocent poor people who come here to find work

--without them, the price of fruits and vegetables would go up*

--America is so rich we can support everyone in the world

--we should all just 'love each other' (the most self-righteous people use the word 'should')

*According to the California census 2010, two percent of the Mexicans in California are picking crops.  Most everything is harvested with giant harvesting machines (called 'harvesters').  So, 'deporting all the illegals' would have little effect on fruit and vegetable prices.

Idealists are nice, but I wish they would talk to people who have lived around South Americans before they form strong opinions about how everyone should feel about immigrants.


Invasion is exactly what I call it - not immigrating.  

South Americans don't even know the history of their own country, much less ours.  No kidding!  They get excited about Cinco de Mayo because they get to party and drink but I have asked them what country they won their Independence from - they look at me blankly - they have no idea what I mean.  They don't know that their country was invaded by Spaniards who took all their gold and killed all the rebellious people (and all the smart people - 99% of the illegals have IQ's below 100, they are concrete thinkers their entire lives).  Spaniards kept the docile ones as slaves to work in the mines and service them in every imaginable way; they don't know why they speak Spanish and they're Catholic.  They also don't know what democracy is or how the economy of a nation works.


The rich people in Peru are the "first five families of Peru".  They own just about everything.

When I lived there, the patriarchs of the families were running the businesses, the adult children were jet-setting around the world going to parties given by rich young people in other countries, I don't know what the moms were doing, they were kind of invisible.

The people who come here illegally are the poorest of the poor and the least educated in their mostly-illiterate countries.  Millions of 'la gente' (peasants) live in cardboard boxes on the outskirts of Mexico City and Lima, the capital cities.  They were born into abject poverty and most of them stay there.  They string electric extension cords for miles to have some electricity for televisions (in their boxes).  Now and then there is an electrical fire that destroys a cardboard barrio and people are killed.  Government doesn't care.

The public schools are pathetic, the government hires ignorant women who are little more than baby-sitters (parents in Brazil were rioting a few years ago, trying to get the government to hire real teachers).  The kids don't have any toys, they don't have any educational toys either, they don't do 'sorting' games when they are toddlers so their brains don't develop the compartments that are necessary for abstract thinking.  When Steve and I vacationed in Mexico, bands of tiny children roamed the beaches begging from the tourists and attracting attention by banging empty tin cans and other metal trash together.  Their eyes are deadpan, their faces are expressionless.  There is a small middle class of people who work and live in apartments in the cities.  Their children wear uniforms to go to public schools.  They learn a little more but not much because the priests run the public schools so the children spend most of their day memorizing catholic prayers - they are repressed and controlled.  When they get out of school each day they act like wild animals.  A lady who immigrated to Torrance came over one day with some other people and brought her 2 boys that she had just picked up from Catholic school.  They ran around like whirling dervishes trying to break everything in my back yard.  I just stared at them - I hadn't seen children behave like that since I lived in Peru.

I could go on and on.  The girls in the barrios and in the jungles are raped daily by every man who can get access to them including their brothers.  That's why they are constantly pregnant, there are a lot of birth defects, and the general population is still very short.  Peruvians are mostly under 5 feet tall.  When I went to Cancun and Cozumel in 1984 the people there were also tiny, under 5 feet tall.  They haven't gotten taller and taller like Americans and Europeans.  A doctor explained that: when children start getting pregnant, before they are full grown, their growing stops because their bodies focus on nurturing the fetus.  Here and there we met a tall red-headed freckle-faced Peruvian - some of them had German last names, some of their ancestors changed their last names to Spanish-sounding ones ... they fled Germany after WW1 and 2 to avoid being tried for war crimes.

I read a couple of books about South American culture: one called The Children of Sanchez, another was about the Sherente and Shipibo tribes in the jungles.

My brother was a Peace Corpsman in Peru.  He used to come visit and bring other Peace Corpsmen/women.  They loved it at our house - American food, showers, and beds, were a luxury to them.  One group had been to the jungle where they encountered villages that didn't have any grown women, just men and children (most of the girls pregnant of course).  When they asked 'where are the women'?  They were told "dead".  They found out that most of the girls died in childbirth as teenagers -- after having 8 or 10 children, their bodies were so malnourished that they couldn't survive another birthing.  The men didn't exactly raise the children.  When the mother died they were on their own - some of them already pregnant from getting raped every day.  When a man saw a girl on the trail, he put her down on the ground, got his rocks off, and walked away.  The boys in the city were very aggressive with girls.  I went to a British boarding school in Lima.  I was safe at school but in the city I was sometimes pursued by native boys - I had to run home and burst in the door and lock it more than once.

It sucks, doesn't it?  When these immigrants become the majority in America, they are going to get elected and change our laws.  They will set back women's rights 500 years.


Oh, there's more.  Absolutely everyone in government lives on bribes.  We bribed the aduanas (contraband inspectors) at the seaport and airport.  We had nothing illegal but if we didn't, they would spend several days taking us apart - after a few hours they would start hinting around about their bribe money.  Anyone who needed anything from the government started by bribing clerks a little bit, then they got to see a manger, they got a bigger bribe, they could get you in to see someone more important, who got a bigger bribe ... you get the picture ... all the way to the top.

Shopping in the city was an ordeal.  There was a Sears Roebuck in downtown Lima, it was the nicest store in the country but it still did check out the same way as the other stores.  All the merchandise was behind counters, customers weren't allowed to pick up anything or walk away with it or try on any clothes.  You could see it, handle it in the presence of a clerk.  If you wanted it, the clerk gave you a bill, you went to a cashier, like cashiers in Las Vegas - a bulletproof cage with armed guards around it.  There, you paid for your item and got a receipt, took the receipt back to the clerk who gave you your item.  If the store didn't do this, nothing would ever get paid for; people would walk out with everything.  There were supervisors watching the clerks and the guards too - they protected the store from employee theft.  Employees would take every dime the first night if they could touch the money unsupervised.

How long will it be before stores here do something similar?  There are already some stores where clerks deposit money from customers directly into the top of a locked safe that no one can get into.  An armored car service collects the money every night.  And of course, everything we buy here is encased in hard plastic boxes to deter theft, and we have the security cameras and merchandise detectors at the doors.  In Las Vegas, I saw older neighborhoods that had new high walls built around them.  Residents left absolutely nothing outside of their house.  There was colorful graffiti on the walls -- it all looked barren and cold and vandalized.  In Lima, residents in nice neighborhoods (doctors, foreigners, etc. lived there) had multiple locks on the doors and windows, and high walls around the houses with brightly colored broken glass cemented into the tops of the walls!  It was pretty and it deterred burglars.

When we were shopping in Lima, there were peasant men peeing on the buildings in every block.  They were also ejaculating on the buildings.  Every time they saw a woman and got hard, they turned to the nearest building or fence and ejaculated.  My mother would shield our eyes and say 'don't look over there'.  When peasant women had to do #1 or #2, they squatted at the curb with their skirts around them, did it, got up and walked away.  They never cleaned themselves.  My sister and I never looked a man in the face - if we did he would make some gesture that indicated he 'wanted' us, then he would follow us around.  Some of them would sidle up very close to us and whisper endearments into our ears - we were 11 years old.  We had no carnal knowledge but we could tell that the men wanted to do something to us and we knew that we better never let ourselves be caught alone with any indigenous man or boy or something bad would happen.  That's a scary way for children to live.  Guess what - Immigrants do the same things in the U.S. that they did at home.  In Los Angeles, the Downtown Merchants Association complained to the city that the outside walls of their store were always sticky and stinky and their customers complained about it.  The merchants said 'We used to wash the outside walls of our building once a week and that was sufficient -- now, the south Americans are urinating and ejaculating on it many times a day -- we could wash our building 10 times a day and it would still be stinky and sticky most of the time.'  Los Angeles has laws against public indecency and if only a few immigrants were doing it, they would be caught and put in jail -- but when a million immigrants are doing it all day every day, police would be overwhelmed if they tried to catch all of them.

Of course, I know Latin Americans in the U.S. who were born here and their parents were born here as well.  They speak English (some of them don't know Spanish), they went to college, they own businesses, they get married (although their track record for fidelity is notoriously imperfect), some of their children serve in the armed forces; they are Americans just as much as any of us.  Some of them go into Politics (I heard one of them yell 'the beeg houses should go to beeg families').  They want to socialize housing.  The government gives them homes to live in so  they think the government gives homes to everyone and it's unfair that they get small houses while white people get big houses in nice neighborhoods.  They don't know that we have mortgages, we pay taxes, interest, insurance, upkeep, and capitol improvements on our property -- they wouldn't understand the concept if we tried to explain it to them.  In their country, the President is the biggest bully in the country.  'Elections' are the times when guys with big guns come into the cities and villages, they shoot a man (to scare the villagers into complying) then they march everyone to the Polls and tell them to mark X on the paper here (next to the name of the bully who is paying them) and sign their X at the bottom.  Americans don't know how Democracy is twisted into 'Rule by Tyrant' in the South American countries.  I saw men with machine guns on every corner in Zijuantanejo.  Mexico had just gone through 'elections' and the new President was guarding against the old President taking his country back.  In America, the news agencies reported that Mexico held Democratic elections and elected a new President.

Thanks to news agencies, sheltered Americans are starting to hear about Immigrant Crimes.  They steal everything that they can pick up.  No one leaves a bicycle outside unlocked.  When I put a cover over my car at a repair shop in Torrance the owner told me 'You can't leave that cover on - it will be gone tomorrow; we can't even leave an ashtray outside - immigrants come every night and take everything they can carry.'  There's worse:  In the Latin section of Los Angeles, men burst into a church during a baby's christening and murdered the father.  The same thing happened at a child's birthday party: men burst into the back yard and murdered the father right in front of all the children.  They opened the DWP boxes and pulled out copper wiring and sold the copper to a scrap-yard.  Their greed caused massive black-outs in their own neighborhoods.

We moved to a suburb of Washington DC in 2014.  For the first few months, I heard no Spanish at all.  Then I heard one family speaking Spanish (in the Walmart of course).  Five years later, I was surrounded by Spanish whenever I was in a public place.  In 2014, people played Frisbee, football and baseball in the biggest public park.  In 2019, all the parks are covered with brown people playing soccer, bouncing balls off of their heads, cooking stinky food on the grills, blasting mariachi music from boomboxes, stealing everything from the bathrooms and leaving them filthy.  Real Estate Developers have been quickly building condos and townhouses to accommodate the growing population.  They don't know that Latin Americans don't buy homes; one family rents a 1-bedroom 1-bath apartment then everyone they know moves in with them.  Landlords keep finding 20 adults and 30 children living in small apartments that they rented to one family.  The Latins sleep in shifts, doors are torn off, the boys gather around the bathroom whenever a girl is on the potty so they can point and giggle at her exposed body parts.  No one has any privacy.  When girls go into a potty stall in a public bathroom they often just sit there for a long time enjoying the privacy - while women are lined up, waiting uncomfortably to use the potty.

Did I ever tell you what happened in Palos Verdes one weekend when everyone's lawn furniture was missing?

I hope this sounds informative rather than angry ... I don't have any resentments about it but sometimes written words can sound angry when we aren't.


Well that's a lot - I keep thinking of more.  I don't know if you want to post so much, but I hope that people who read it will get a more complete picture of how the invasion from the south is going to change our country.


Oh, I just remembered an important story that illustrates how they do the same things here that they did in Mexico -- even some 2nd generation Latins.

When we lived in Pacific Palisades (late 1980's), we had a gardener named Jose.  One day, he brought his high school age son to help him.  While they were there, our neighbor called, she was upset and my husband heard her 16-year old daughter screaming and crying in the background.  The girl had looked out her bedroom window and saw the gardener's son peeping at her, not only that, he was jerking off.  She had never seen a penis before, she was understandably horrified, grossed out, scared, all of the above.  We said we were so sorry, we would send them away and tell the gardener to never bring his son again.  The housekeeper was there too, she was also Latin.  She heard the disturbance and wondered what was going on.  We told her what happened ... she shrugged and said "So, he enjoyed himself."  To Latin women, a Latin man enjoying himself is more important than any girl's feelings.  


Another misconception:

I met a fellow in Los Angeles who was part of a project to keep young Latin boys out of gangs.  He said that the hard part was that: the boys are angry and they get angrier as they grow up.  When they get close to puberty, they want the pretty white girls with the creamy skin -- they dream of that creamy skin -- but they are short, dark, they don't make good grades, they don't dress well, they don't have money to buy the girls perfume (that's how their Latin father gets Latin women) -- they see the white boys getting the white girls and they get angry that they can't have them.  The Latin girls also get angry that the Latin boys want the white girls more than them - it makes them hate white girls.  They're all angry about being poor.  They are told that they are poor because of 'over-consumption by white people' so they hate white people for making them poor.  When gangs recruit the young Latin men they tell them that they get to steal and rape and vandalize.  Sounds good to an angry young Latin boy!

BTW, South Americans are told by their governments that they are poor because of 'over-consumption in the north'.  Many of our American College Professors also believe that we are responsible for the poverty in South America, and Africa, and China, and we're responsible for anything bad that happens to any 'person of color'.  Actually, North Americans don't consume anything from South America except what we pay for.  The real cause of poverty in South America is: their politicians take all the money from the treasury for themselves.  Politicians get bribes from the wealthy people who own everything, and they get money from Foreign Aid (mostly from the U.S.).  They give the people nothing.  Evita was beloved in Argentina because she was the only politician the people had ever known who built hospitals for them.  She also took a lot of money for herself but at least the people got some attention while her husband was in power.


TENTS -- I used to play sports on some public courts every night with my friends.  I noticed a tent in the front yard of a house across the street from the courts; it was a 1-bedroom 1-bathroom rental.  I didn't think anything of it but it was there for several more nights.  That was unusual but I just thought the kids were having a weekend sleep-over or something.  Then there were several more tents for several weeks.  My friends noticed it too and wondered what was going on.  Then all the tents disappeared and an article in the paper explained that the tenants (with a Spanish last name) had been evicted because they were renting tents to illegal aliens - there were tents in the back yard too that we didn't see.  Police estimated that there were 10-14 adults and 40-50 children all using the same bathroom and kitchen in the duplex and sleeping in the tents.

HALLOWEEN -- When we lived in Palos Verdes, we used to decorate our house for Halloween and take our daughter trick or treating in our neighborhood.  There were 60 homes tucked inside a golf course, we knew everyone and all the kids too.  It was fun to see their costumes, guess who was in the costume (they giggled when they stumped us) and give them candy.  We kept doing it for a few years after our daughter got too old and went to parties with her friends instead.  The housekeepers who worked in the neighborhood started coming in with dozens of children that we didn't know, they didn't speak English, they didn't say 'thank you', some of them were un-costumed and way too old to be trick or treating.  Then they started bringing bus-loads of people, all Hispanic, all ages, they grabbed handfuls of free candy and ran off.  Halloween wasn't so much fun any more, we turned off our lights.  

I've been spending some time on the East Coast this last year.  The Hispanic population is growing rapidly.  People here are upset that graffiti has appeared on lighthouses, statues, and buildings that have been here for hundreds of years; buildings are smelling like urine and the crime rate is rising ... all hallmarks of Hispanics.  My friends in Utah are upset that graffiti has been spray-painted on ancient petroglyphs.  They can't get they can't get the graffiti off without damaging the petroglyphs.  My friends in Pacific Palisades get up early every morning and use some special spray paint remover and scrub the graffiti off of their garden wall.  I mentioned it at a dinner party and a lady objected: "but that's how they get self-esteem".  Charming.  They need counseling before they enter the U.S. so they learn positive ways of getting real self-esteem instead of vandalizing and getting negative attention.  Real self esteem comes from making the world a better place.


I think the U.S. should declare a Moratorium on Immigration.  We need to take stock of how many illegal aliens we have in our country now, how much they are going to cost us over the course of their lifetimes, and multiply it logarithmically to project the cost of their children, grandchildren, etc.

We need to implement a plan to teach them our laws, customs, and language.  That will help with the crime and with the problem of Americans getting taxed beyond their ability to pay without seriously damaging their own family members.  "Bi-lingual Society" doesn't work in any city or country where it exists.  It creates segregation and inequality.  In the sixties, Americans fought and died for equality and racial integration.  We all spoke the same language so we were able to integrate -- people don't speak the same language can't integrate.

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What you DON'T know about World War II...

The Magic Carpet that flew everyone home.

Returning the troops home after WWII was a daunting task. The U.S. military experienced an unimaginable increase during World War II.

In 1939, there were 334,000 servicemen, not counting the Coast Guard.
In 1945, there were over 12 million, including the Coast Guard.

At the end of the war, over 8 million of these men and women were scattered overseas in Europe, the Pacific and Asia.

Shipping them out wasn’t a particular problem but getting them home was a massive logistical headache.

The problem didn’t come as a surprise, as Army Chief of Staff General George C. Marshall had already established committees to address the issue in 1943.

Soldiers returning home on the USS General Harry Taylor  in August 1945.

When Germany fell in May 1945, the U.S. Navy was still busy fighting in the Pacific and couldn’t assist.   The job of transporting 3 million men   home fell to the Army and the Merchant Marine.

300 Victory and Liberty cargo ships were converted to troop transports for the task.

During the   war, 148,000 troops crossed the Atlantic west to east each month; the rush home ramped this up to 435,000 a month over 14 months.

Hammocks crammed into available spaces aboard the USS Intrepid   In October 1945, with the war in Asia also over, the Navy started chipping in, converting all available vessels to transport duty.

On smaller ships like destroyers, capable of carrying perhaps 300 men, soldiers were told to hang their hammocks in whatever nook and cranny they could find.

Carriers were particularly useful, as their large open hangar decks could house 3,000 or more troops in relative comfort, with bunks,   sometimes in stacks of five welded or bolted in place.

Bunks aboard the Army transport SS Pennant   The Navy wasn’t picky, though: cruisers, battleships, hospital ships, even LSTs (Landing Ship, Tank) were packed full of men yearning for   home.

Two British ocean liners under American control, the RMS Queen Mary   and   Queen Elizabeth, had already served as troop transports before and continued to do so during the operation, each capable of carrying up to 15,000 people at a time, though their normal, peacetime capacity   was less than 2,200.

Twenty-nine ships were dedicated to transporting war brides:
women married to American soldiers during the war.

Troops performing a lifeboat drill onboard the Queen Mary   in December 1944, before Operation Magic Carpet   The Japanese surrender in August 1945 came none too soon, but it put an extra burden on Operation Magic Carpet .

The war in Asia had been expected to go well into 1946 and the Navy and the War Shipping Administration were hard-pressed to bring home all the soldiers who now had to   get home earlier than anticipated.

The transports carrying them also had to collect numerous POWs from recently liberated Japanese camps, many   of whom suffered from malnutrition and illness.

U.S. soldiers recently liberated from Japanese POW camps   The time to get home depended a lot on the circumstances. USS Lake Champlain, a brand new Essex- class carrier that arrived too late for the war, could cross the Atlantic and take 3,300 troops home a little under 4 days and 8 hours. 

Meanwhile, troops going home from Australia or India   would sometimes spend months on slower vessels.

Hangar of the USS Wasp   during the operation   There was enormous pressure on the operation to bring home as many men as possible by Christmas 1945.   Therefore, a sub-operation,   Operation Santa Claus, was dedicated to the purpose.

Due to storms at sea and an overabundance of soldiers eligible for return home, however, Santa Claus could only return a fraction in time and still not quite home but at least to American soil.

The nation’s transportation network was  overloaded: trains heading west from the East Coast were on average 6 hours behind schedule and trains heading east from the West Coast were   twice that late.

The crowded flight deck of the USS Saratoga .

The USS Saratoga transported home a total of 29,204 servicemen during Operation Magic Carpet , more than any other ship.   Many freshly discharged men found themselves stuck in separation centers but faced an outpouring of love and friendliness from the locals.   Many townsfolk took in freshly arrived troops and invited them to Christmas dinner in their homes.   Still others gave their train tickets to soldiers   and still others organized quick parties at local train stations for men on layover.

A Los Angeles taxi driver took six soldiers all the way to Chicago; another took another carload of men to Manhattan, the Bronx, Pittsburgh, Long Island, Buffalo and New Hampshire.

Neither of the drivers   accepted a fare beyond the cost of gas.

Overjoyed troops returning home on the battleship USS Texas   All in all, though, the Christmas deadline proved untenable.

The last 29 troop transports, carrying some 200,000 men from the China-India-Burma theater, arrived to America in April 1946,
bringing Operation Magic Carpet to an end, though an additional 127,000 soldiers still took until September to return home and finally lay down the burden of war.   You can learn more about the logistical challenges of World War II on our historical tours to Western Europe, the Eastern Front and the Pacific.