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Are you brave enough to wear this?


More teachers are millionaires than are corporate executives!

Managers make up the largest group, with 17%, followed by educators (12%), corporate executives (7%), entrepreneur/business owners (6%) and attorneys and accounts.
Good Grief. 12% of US Millionaires Are Educators (Video)

A penny for your thoughts?

Not in Canada... 

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Dangerous leaks from the Obama administration

According to a new article in Foreign Policy, Israel has, through a longtime but recently deepened relationship with Azerbaijan, gained access to airfields in a country bordering Iran, which it could use to make more feasible its attack on Iran.
Israeli-Azerbaijan Deal Leaked, Bolton Blames Obama

Is this our idea of justice?



A real laughing matter...

Obamacare latest discovery: $17 trillion funding gap

Senate Republican staffers continue to look though the 2010 health care reform law to see what’s in it, and their latest discovery is a massive $17 trillion funding gap.

The next Pavarotti?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Think twice

Why Does The Department Of Homeland Security Need 450 MILLION Hollow Point Bullets?

Somebody out there has decided that the Department of Homeland Security needs a whole lot of ammunition.  Recently it was announced that ATK was awarded a contract to provide up to 450 MILLION hollow point bullets to the Department of Homeland Security over the next five years.  Is it just me, or does that sound incredibly excessive?  What in the world is the DHS going to do with 450 million rounds?  What possible event would ever require that much ammunition?  If the United States was ever invaded, it would be the job of the U.S. military to defend the country, so that can't be it.  So what are all of those bullets for?  Who does the Department of Homeland Security plan to be shooting at?


Jimmy Carter: "I never have believed that Jesus Christ would approve of abortions..."

“...and that was one of the problems I had when I was president, having to uphold Roe v. Wade."

 Audio: It’s time for Democrats to moderate on abortion, says … Jimmy Carter...

Excess weight and sedentary lifestyle are risk factors for one-quarter to one-third of common cancers in the USA

USA TODAY: Report links rise in cancer to inactivity, obesity


African Press International: Voodoo killing Madonna?

It has been reported that Modona’s [sic] health has deteroriated and doctors have not revealed what might be the cause. Madona adopted an african boy from Malawi amid controversy and in the African way of looking at it there may be a curse from the village where she took the child from.
Madona’s [sic] health reportedly deteroriating – Is it due to African Vodoo?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hope for Paws: A little blind dog "Fiona" gets rescued


Tuesday, March 27, 2012


CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin
'This Law Looks Like It's Going To Be Struck Down'

... "TRAINWRECK" ...

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Liberal Values 101

Liberal Logic 101

10 Reasons Why The Reign Of The Dollar As The World Reserve Currency Is About To Come To An End

The U.S. dollar has probably been the closest thing to a true global currency that the world has ever seen. For decades, the use of the U.S. dollar has been absolutely dominant in international trade. This has had tremendous benefits for the U.S. financial system and for U.S. consumers, and it has given the U.S. government tremendous power and influence around the globe. Today, more than 60 percent of all foreign currency reserves in the world are in U.S. dollars. But there are big changes on the horizon. The mainstream media in the United States has been strangely silent about this, but some of the biggest economies on earth have been making agreements with each other to move away from using the U.S. dollar in international trade. There are also some oil producing nations which have begun selling oil in currencies other than the U.S. dollar, which is a major threat to the petrodollar system which has been in place for nearly four decades. And big international institutions such as the UN and the IMF have even been issuing official reports about the need to move away form the U.S. dollar and toward a new global reserve currency. So the reign of the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency is definitely being threatened, and the coming shift in international trade is going to have massive implications for the U.S. economy.

A lot of this is being fueled by China. China has the second largest economy on the face of the earth, and the size of the Chinese economy is projected to pass the size of the U.S. economy by 2016. In fact, one economist is even projecting that the Chinese economy will be three times larger than the U.S. economy by the year 2040.

So China is sitting there and wondering why the U.S. dollar should continue to be so preeminent if the Chinese economy is about to become the number one economy on the planet.

Over the past few years, China and other emerging powers such as Russia have been been quietly making agreements to move away from the U.S. dollar in international trade. The supremacy of the U.S. dollar is not nearly as solid as most Americans believe that it is.

As the U.S. economy continues to fade, it is going to be really hard to argue that the U.S. dollar should continue to function as the primary reserve currency of the world. Things are rapidly changing, and most Americans have no idea where these trends are taking us.

The following are 10 reasons why the reign of the dollar as the world reserve currency is about to come to an end. . .


FORBES: Is There An Imposter In The White House?

"I do know that the man in the White House now is an imposter. The only question is which kind of an imposter: an incompetent “pretender” or a genuine phony, a “Manchurian candidate,” who is a liberal, ½ black and ½ white, and an obvious Muslim sympathizer."

The above is a web cache of the article that was mysteriously scrubbed from Forbes...thanks to GatewayPundit for this link and story!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

3 Reasons to end Obamacare before it begins

Videos from Reason TV and from Institute for Justice via

There's a lot of people who have no idea how serious this is or how radically it will change our country forever.

For those who know, our hearts are breaking for the loss of liberty that Obamacare will bring to everyone.

Please pray that the Supreme Court won't overturn the vision of our Founding Fathers.

Has the Sexual Revolution Been Good for Women?


Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Soldier's Deck of Cards


An Arab Muslim enters a taxi in New York City. Once he is seated he demands the cab driver turn off the radio because, as decreed by his religion, he must not hear music. He goes on that in the time of the prophet there was no music, especially Western music (which is music of the infidels). (And, there certainly was no radio.)

The cab driver switches off the radio, stops the cab and opens the back door.

The Muslim asks him:
"What are you doing, man?"
The cabby answers:
"In the time of the prophet there were no taxis. Get your ass out and wait for a camel."

We Should Accept the Supreme Court’s Invitation to Check and Balance Washington, D.C.

Rarely does a unanimous Supreme Court announce a sea change in the balance of power between the states and the federal government. But nearly a year ago, on June 16, 2011, the Court did just that. In Bond v. United States, the Court effectively extended an invitation to strategic lawmaking and litigation under the Tenth Amendment. Constitutionalists should accept the Court’s invitation.

Nick Dranias
Bond v. United States, Federalism, Tenth Amendment:
...the Court’s decision in Bond did not come a moment too soon. As much as we want a strong and vigorous national government, the goal of restraining and moderating its power is more important than ever. Anyone—conservatives and liberals alike—can see that Washington has no idea how to keep its own house. And yet, Washington increasingly insists on telling the American people and the states how they should keep theirs. This concentration of power is not only unconstitutional, it is palpably unwise and dangerous. Citizens need to use every existing constitutional tool to refocus Washington on matters of truly national concern—like getting a handle on the runaway national debt. Otherwise, the federal government will eventually dictate our most important and intimate choices in life. Fortunately, Bond finally gives us the jurisprudence we need to check and balance Washington, D.C.


Obamacare's Tax War on Women

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HUNGER GAMES: Not just another slasher/horror scream flick--but rather a furious critique of our political system - UPDATED

Nobody has made a rallying-cry of a movie that’s this effective in a long, long time...

Progressivism is dangerous. Those progressives who deny this are either too ignorant to see it, too brainwashed to admit it or, occasionally, complicit in the danger. The Hunger Games offers us a peek at a universe which would only be possible under radical progressivism. . .

$ Going Out With A Whimper, Not A Bang — So Far’s not just euro-bonds that China is accumulating. They’ve been buying gold (only admitting it after the fact), and farmland and mines in Africa and Latin America. So the quality of their portfolio is rising as it shifts towards hard rather than financial assets.

As the article also notes, China’s scaling back of its dollar holdings in relative terms hasn’t caused the dollar to tank because the rest of the world is so troubled that money is flowing into dollars by default. This is probably temporary. Either the rest of the world gets its act together and begins to look safe again or the US is sucked into the maelstrom of a eurozone implosion or Middle East war or whatever. Or our ongoing debt binge finally gets the scrutiny it deserves and even in an unsafe world the US is discovered to be fundamentally unsound.

So for surplus countries the dollar’s recent exchange rate stability is a great chance to sell into strength and accelerate their diversification programs. Next year’s numbers will probably show another big shift out of dollars.

Why does it matter what China or any other country does with dollars the US has already created and spent? Because the foreign exchange markets are where the dollar’s value is determined, and the numbers are now huge. There are maybe $3 trillion in the vaults of just a handful of countries, all of whom want to protect their investment and none of whom trusts the US to do it for them. If China is seen as easing itself out of dollars without adverse consequence, then the other big dollar holders will be tempted to follow suit. The result: a growing number of sellers, which will eventually send the dollar down at an accelerating rate, which will cause the remaining dollar holders to panic and head for the exits. Trillions of dollars being converted to hard assets or euros and yen (or Mexican pesos or Brazilian real) all at once is a currency crisis that the Fed won’t be able to stop.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Lord Monckton: ‘I’m no birther,’ but Obama birth certificate ‘plainly a forgery'

The Daily Caller
On Dennis Miller’s radio show Thursday Lord Christopher Monckton, a former policy adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and an activist against global warming “alarmism,” went all-in on questioning President Barack Obama’s citizenship.

Monckton, the 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, hinted about his position on the issue in April 2010 at a tea party rally on the National Mall near the White House. But on Miller’s show, he said the birth certificate issue was far more important that combating so-called anthropogenic global warming.

Via CITIZEN WELLS plus: "What did Miller mean on the O’Reilly show on April 27, 2012?"

Obamacare: The reckoning

by Charles Krauthammer
Obamacare dominated the 2010 midterms, driving its Democratic authors to a historic electoral shellacking. But since then, the issue has slipped quietly underground.

Now it’s back, summoned to the national stage by the confluence of three disparate events: the release of new Congressional Budget Office cost estimates, the approach of Supreme Court hearings on the law’s constitutionality and the issuance of a compulsory contraception mandate. . .

Rarely has one law so exemplified the worst of the Leviathan state — grotesque cost, questionable constitutionality and arbitrary bureaucratic coerciveness. Little wonder the president barely mentioned it in his latest State of the Union address. He wants to be reelected. He’d rather talk about other things.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sheriff Joe wants Obama's original draft card

Following up on his investigative team’s finding of probable cause that Barack Obama’s Selective Service registration form is a forgery, Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio has asked Selective Service Director Lawrence Romo in a letter to produce original documentation. . .Arpaio’s investigators concluded that Obama’s Selective Service registration card fit into what was becoming a common narrative for his life: The document was not only forged, it was poorly forged.

Hollywood producer: Bill Clinton told me that Obama is not eligible - UPDATED

Interview with Hollywood producer Bettina Viviano
(Executive Producer of Adam Sandler's "Jack and Jill" movie)

Bill Clinton Directly Told Me Obama Not Eligible to be President

[10:40 -- this is frightening!]


21 municipal defaults so far in 2012.

10 Signs That America Is On The Verge Of A Horrible Municipal Debt Crisis

France has been occupied all over again

Excerpt from THE NEW NAZIS
There was a time when Jewish children were hunted down and killed in France. Their killers believed themselves to be members of a superior group that was destined to rule the world and enslave or exterminate members of inferior groups. The cowardice and appeasement of the French authorities allowed them to operate freely, to kill Jews and launch attacks on other countries.

What was then is now again. The occupying army doesn't wear uniforms, it wears keffiyahs. It doesn't speak German, it speaks Arabic. It doesn't believe that it is superior for reasons of race as much as for reasons of religion. It does not view all others as Untermenschen, but as infidels. It looks forward not to a thousand year Reich, but to a thousand year Caliphate.

Mohammed Merah did not chase down a French-Jewish seven year old girl, put a gun to her head and pull the trigger because he came from an economically depressed area or any of the other media spin. He was only doing what Muslims had been doing to non-Muslims for over a thousand years. He didn't do what he did because he was "radicalized", he did it because he became a fully committed Muslim.

It won't end with taking down one man and it won't end with Jewish children. When your ideology believes that it is in a zero-sum struggle with the rest of the world and that membership means that you are a superior breed of human being because you worship the Fuhrer or Allah, then it won't stop. It won't ever stop. Not until the figurehead is toppled, the creed is humiliated and the supermen are shown to be cowards, neurotics, pedophiles, insecure men dressing up their weaknesses in power fantasies.

Between all the non-stop coverage, the expressions of grief, the political pandering, no one is stating the obvious. France has been occupied all over again. . .

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sheriff Joe: 'Tons' more shocking Obama info

The lawman from Maricopa County made the comments March 16 on a national radio show hosted by Roger Hedgecock:
“America’s toughest sheriff” says there is “tons” more potentially shocking information on Barack Obama in connection with his probe into the president’s eligibility, and he calls the media’s suppression of his findings of a likely forged presidential birth certificate and Selective Service Card “probably the biggest censorship blackout in the history of the United States.”

The Playbook for an Israeli Airstrike on Iran's Nuclear Facilities

Thanks to a host of military analysts, cartographers, and TV graphics departments, we have plenty of ideas about how an Israeli airstrike on Iran's nuclear facilities would be carried out. . .


Fellow Patriots,

The Road to Repeal Rally is almost here and we thought you would want to know about these very important events. This week is turning into Road to Repeal Week!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

History rewritten, your children in the dark discussing the 9/11 attacks, the textbooks typically fail to mention the perpetrators were Muslims or that they acted in the cause of Islamic jihad. In one book the terrorists are portrayed as people fighting for a cause.

Landmark Calls For Investigations Into 29 Judges Who Signed Walker Recall Petitions.

Published reports indicate that 29 Wisconsin circuit court judges appear to have violated the Wisconsin Code of Judicial Conduct by improperly engaging in partisan political activity. Pursuant to Wis. Stat. Sections 757.81 to 757.99 (2011), Landmark Legal Foundation respectfully requests that the Wisconsin Judicial Commission conduct an immediate investigation into this important and timely matter and take all appropriate disciplinary action, including reprimand, censure, suspension, and removal.

Did you know that aborted babies are being chopped up and sold to medical researchers all over America?

...with the full approval of the Obama Administration

Secret Service no longer allows "anti-Obama" rallies

Question: Can you imagine what would have happened if President G.W. Bush had pulled something like this?

Vatican bank shut down: Obama's State Department accuses "financial crimes"

The Blaze: JPMorgan Chase Closes Vatican Bank Account:
Perhaps JPMorgan chose to close the account after the U.S. State Department decided to include the Vatican on its “financial crimes” list.

“For the first time, the Vatican has found itself on the U.S. State Department’s list of potential money-launderers,” The Blaze’s Billy Hallowell reported last week.

“According to the State Department, the Vatican made the list because it is considered vulnerable to laundering and because it had recently put a program into place to prevent financial abuses,” he added.

But much like JPMorgan’s decision to close the Milan account, some found the timing of the State Department’s inclusion of the Vatican on its “financial crimes” list a little odd: “Clearly, there are issues of concern, but the Catholic Church is taking measures to address these elements.”

Were either of these decisions aimed at the Holy See’s finances really necessary?

Considering the fact that the Catholic Church is currently engaged in a culture war with the Obama administration (and the world at large), a few critics believe we are witnessing much more than a mere pursuit of “financial transparency.”
HAT TIP: GatewayPundit

Paul Ryan’s new budget offers a path to prosperity and solvency

Monday, March 19, 2012

Trigger happy

Watch and learn:

The most important cloud on the horizon is the large tax increase that will occur next year ...

Financial Times:
Looking to the future, there are strong headwinds that will make it difficult to achieve a robust recovery. Higher petrol prices will reduce real incomes and cut spending on domestic goods and services. The weaknesses in many European economies will lead to reduced US exports to those countries.

But the most important cloud on the horizon is the large tax increase that will occur next year unless legislation is passed to block it. . .
Obama’s tax hikes threaten a new US recession

Postman remembers 'foreign student' Obama predicting he'd be President of the United States

Postman: Ayers family put 'foreigner' Obama through school
Claims he met young Barack who boasted he would someday be president

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Star Trekked

Commencing Countdown.. .

Phasers on!

The Iranian Ambassador to the UN has just finished giving a speech and walked out into the lobby of the convention center where he was introduced to a U.S. Marine General.

They shook hands.

As they talked the Iranian said, "You know, I have just one question about
what I have seen in America ."

The General said, "Well, anything I can do to help."

The Iranian whispered, "My son watches this show called Star Trek and in it there is Chekhov who is Russian, Scotty who is Scottish, Uhura who is black and Sulu who is Japanese, but no Muslims.

My son is very upset and doesn't understand why there aren't any Iranians, Iraqis, Afghans, Egyptians, Palestinians, Saudis, Syrians or Pakistanis on Star Trek."

The General laughed, leaned toward the Iranian ambassador, and whispered back, "That's because it takes place in the future."

Afghans will seek revenge and they will have it

Excerpt from
The Panjwai 16
The murders in Afghanistan were all too predictable

Michael Yon, a former Green Beret, blogs at
The 16 murder victims, including women and small children, are Pashtun. Pashtuns live by a code called Pashtunwali, which they take as seriously as the Koran. Pashtunwali includes “nanawatai” (asylum), “badal” (justice/revenge), “tureh” (bravery, specifically protecting women, children and property) and “namus” (honor of women).

Pashtunwali commitment to “badal” makes the Hatfields and McCoys look like a schoolyard fight. Nor is this just a Pashtun thing. There is an annual bloodfest between the Hazaras and Kuchis. That feud should be cranking up again with spring.

Afghan feuds are famously persistent. Badal carries through the generations like DNA. A grandson not born today might take revenge for events decades before his birth. He may kill someone who also was not born at that time.

Panjwai district, the scene of the crime, had been one of the most dangerous districts in Afghanistan. Panjwai saw major battles involving Canadian, U.S., U.K., Dutch and Afghan forces. Many hundreds of enemy were estimated killed, and we took substantial casualties.

Progress was happening there. In early 2011, I drove there from Kandahar city without the military. The mood of the locals was tense. The journey was unsafe, but the fact that we entered what had previously been a Taliban-owned district, and returned safely, was demonstrative.

Yet in one furious night of murder, a single U.S. soldier (apparently) has wiped Panjwai progress off the map.

Karzai is Pashtun. He said, “This is an assassination, an intentional killing of innocent civilians, and cannot be forgiven.”

Afghans will seek revenge and they will have it. This will lead to yet greater possibilities of another mass murder from our side. We are considering holding the trial in Afghanistan. Pashtuns don’t care about our justice system. They don’t even care about the Afghan government; they want blood for blood. We are being drawn into a feud.

No more right to protest?

HR 347

HR 347 recently signed into law by President Obama

HR 347 will impact people’s right to protest.
Our Bill of Rights is the foundation of our protections from government intrusion, a bastion of liberty unknown in most of the world. The essence of the Bill of Rights, what defines us as a nation and a citizenry, is captured by the First Amendment – freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition.

This defensive fortification is under constant assault and must be protected at all costs or tyranny will reign. Without much fanfare, a law has been enacted that will greatly impact one’s ability to exercise many of their First Amendment rights and, thus, lose rights that many in this world only dream of having.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Obama Executive Order: Peacetime Martial Law!

This Executive Order was posted on the web site on Friday, March 16, 2012, under the name National Defense Resources Preparedness. In a nutshell, it's the blueprint for Peacetime Martial Law and it gives the president the power to take just about anything deemed necessary for "National Defense", whatever they decide that is. It's peacetime, because as the title of the order says, it's for "Preparedness". A copy of the entire order follows the end of this story:

More info on Obama

From Orly Taitz, Esq.:
Yesterday [3/16/12] at a 9/12 group meeting, where most of the members are big supporters of mine, I listened to a presentation by Dr. John Drew.

He was saying that media interviewed him about his encounters with Obama at Occidental college, but main stream media simply didn’t report a word of truth of what he was saying.

He said that he knew Obama from Obama’s days at Occidental college. His opinion was following:

1. Obama did not associate with Christian black students, he associated himself mostly with rich Muslim exchange students. His closest friend was a Muslim student from Pakistan Hassan Shandu. Obama was mostly drawn to those students who were flushing lots of money, expansive cars and cocaine. He remembers him as a militant Marxist, who believed that this country will have to undergo a communist revolution.

2. It was really suspicious that Obama did not hold any jobs while being a student. Obama claims that he came from a poor family with a single mother and no father. Dr. Drew was saying that he (Dr. Drew) came from a poor family, was a top student in academics and athletics and he had a full scholarship to Occidental college, and he had to work to support himself and make ends meet. Obama was not a good student at Occidental, so where did he get the money to sustain himself? Clearly somebody was giving him money. Dr. Drew suspected that money was coming from his rich Muslim Pakistani friends. Obama kept friendship with them for years. 11 years later Shandu was at his wedding

Dr. Drew’s first impression of Obama and Shandu was that they were a gay couple. He said that they stayed very close and behaved like a gay couple. He was saying that the fact that for some ten years, from age 9-19 Obama was in close contact with a known bisexual pervert and suspected pedophile Frank Marshall Davis, leads him to suspect that Obama was molested by Davies and leads him to believe that Obama is indeed gay or bisexual and his whole person is a show, a cover.

My personal position is that the problem is not in his orientation, whatever it might be, but the extent to which he reportedly went and will go to cover up the truth. There is a group called “Log Cabin Republicans”. This is a group of gay Republicans. They are openly saying that they are gay, they believe in a free market economy, they don’t want a fascist Marxist state, they don’t want Shariah law. Whether you agree with them or not, you get what you see. With Obama it is all a shem, all a show and a fraud, every aspect of his life, starting from his IDs, to his religion, to his political goals and orientation is a fraud. People who have a lot of skeletons in the closet will go to any extent to keep those skeletons in the closet.

We need to find out who supported Obama while at Occidental.

Blood Brothers

From Leo Donofrio, Esq.:
After long consideration and discussion with my family, I am saying goodbye to this blog and the law. I am retiring my law license and will be concentrating on making films, and writing music.

There is no lawyer, politician or judge who will change the world into what God intended it to be – one family, one love. Angels are real. It’s gonna be a full on landing soon.

Some are in the video at the following link. . .
Ingrid Michaelson joined by PS 22 Chorus for take on 'Blood Brothers' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Friday, March 16, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Barack Obama passed multiple SocSec numbers WHILE IN THE UNITED STATES SENATE

Pray for Traction
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - March 5, AD 2012 5:21 PM MST

I first posted on Obama's birth certificate being a fraud a couple of hours after it was released. It was obvious within minutes that it was not just a forgery, but a piss-poor forgery obviously done by a 20-something kid working in the White House who had the best knowledge of Photoshop/Illustrator - which wasn't much. The forger was so incompetent that he didn't even flatten the layers. Unreal. I'm no graphics guru, but even I was able to see the layers within hours of the file being released. Heck, you could copy and paste the layers into Microsoft Word. What really impressed me was the sheer number of graphic artists who immediately went online and declared not only that the BC was an obvious forgery, but that they were themselves Obama supporters, but they couldn't overlook the objective evidence that was staring them in the face.

Sheriff Arpaio down in Arizona pleasantly surprised me by not wimping out on this and has called the BC what it is: a forgery.


After reading Jack Cashill's work on Obama's fake nativity narrative, here is what I suspect his legal status is. I suspect that Obama was in fact born in Kenya and later gained Indonesian citizenship, but is NOT a U.S. citizen today, and probably never was. I wasn't always in that camp. I initially suspected that he was born in Hawaii, but that his real BC had some unsavory data on it that he wanted hidden. I don't think that is the case anymore. The hospitals have NOTHING, he obviously has no Hawaiian BC, and Cashill's work shows that Stanley Ann Dunham was enrolled, living and present with eyewitnesses, at the University of Washington within a couple of weeks of Obama's purported birth date in August of '61.

I think Stanley Ann was deluded enough to believe that Barack Sr. and she were going to be the Communist dictators of Kenya (a la Juan and Eva Peron in Argentina), and thus flew to Kenya with the intent of presenting herself to Barack Sr.'s family like some sort of pathetic Communist princess, and birthing the child in Kenya. She was soundly rejected by Obama's family for being white, and after giving birth was sent packing, with her half-breed child, by her putative in-laws. I suspect she flew not to Hawaii, but straight to Washington State where the Dunhams had lived and were well-connected, and was set up at UW. Granny Dunham then went to the local records office in Hawaii and remotely registered Barry's birth with some fake data about Stanley and Barack Sr. living together (which was common in Hawaii in those days - Hawaiian birth registrations were easy to acquire to the point of being absurd and criminal). This is what generated the automated newspaper birth announcements.

A few years later, Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetero in Indonesia. All Indonesian adoptions REQUIRED that the child be made an Indonesian citizen. Therefore, whatever Barry was before that, he was now an Indonesian citizen, and thus today is an Indonesian national, and likely attended Occidental College as an Indonesian national, and traveled to Pakistan in the early 1980s on an Indonesian passport.

Later, after Stanley Ann had dumped her son that she never really wanted on her Communist parents back in Hawaii, Granny Dunham, who just happened to be working in the local PROBATE OFFICE and thus had access to all of the Social Security numbers of old folks who retired to Hawaii and died, snatched the SocSec number of a fellow from Connecticut and gave it to Barry. This is one of the numerous SocSec numbers Barry has used over the years - which is very, very common amongst hard-core Communists. In fact, Barry passed TWO SocSec numbers IN WASHINGTON D.C. after being elected to the U.S. Senate. He passed the Connecticut SocSec number beginning with 042 when he rented an apartment on Massachusetts Ave. in 2005. In 2008, he used a SocSec number beginning with 282 when he moved closer to the Hart Senate Office Building.

Stop and think about that for a minute. Barack Obama passed multiple SocSec numbers WHILE IN THE UNITED STATES SENATE. One of the reasons that we are totally and completely screwed is because the intel services, namely the FBI, CIA, NSA and Secret Service absolutely, positively know that Obama is using fake I.D. Either they are totally incompetent, or they are complicit. And they're not incompetent, so that leaves complicit.

Finally, Obama's Selective Service registration card is a laughably bad forgery, too. As you will see in the videos below, the forgers, needing to fake a 1980 stamp date, could only take a 2008 stamp, cut it in half with a razor blade, turn the "08" upside down and stamp "80". It is obvious what they did, and it is also laughable in that all Post Office stamps are 4-digit years by law. Oops. I guess they couldn't find an old "19".

As I have been saying for years, Barack Obama, or whatever his name is, needs to be arrested and tried as a non-state, non-uniformed enemy belligerent for overthrowing the government of the United States and waging war against the United States of America, and upon conviction housed for the rest of his life in solitary confinement at the supermax Federal Pen in Florence, CO . . . AT MINIMUM. It seems to me that the penalty for engaging in war against the United States of America carries a stiffer sentence than life in prison, and I would be fully in favor of that sentence being carried out. The man has committed the single greatest crime in the history of this nation, and let justice be done upon him.

Videos below:

Pray for Traction (All of the Videos)
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - March 5, AD 2012 5:19 PM MST

Obama Regime has mandated that Americans MUST fund abortion by exactly one dollar per month

Posted by Ann Barnhardt - March 14, AD 2012 11:09 PM MST
...this is establishing a mandate that everyone bend their knee and submit to Caesar Tyrannus Obama who demands worship in the form of child sacrifice. They are trying to make every single person turn their back on God and engage in communal child sacrifice.
Caesar Tyrannus Obama, I Will Not Submit

Solar Flares, Coronal Mass Ejections, And Electromagnetic Pulses

by David Morris on March 8, 2012
Welcome to the March 9th Urban Survival Newsletter, brought to you by the Urban Survival course…a 12 week course that will teach you practical and pragmatic strategies for preparing for breakdowns in civil order after disasters, regardless of where you live.

This week, we got a reminder of the fact that we’re in the middle of an upswing in solar activity. It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about solar flares, Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs), and Electromagnetic Pulses (EMPs), and I want to touch on them again today. You’re going to want to read today’s article so that you know what they are, and what you can do to prepare yourself for them. There’s a lot of talk about CMEs and EMPs, and most of it simply causes people to be unnecessarily scared.

I want to start off by saying that, while these threats have the ability to partially or completely destroy the power grid and immediately render some or all electronics completely destroyed, they shouldn’t cause you to worry or stay up at night. But, I’m getting ahead of myself…let me start of by explaining what EMPs and CMEs are. . .

...what your country can do for you

The controversy over requiring voters to provide photo IDs has reached the world stage

The United Nations Human Rights Council is investigating the issue of American election laws at its gathering on minority rights in Geneva, Switzerland.. This, despite the fact that some members of the council have only in the past several years allowed women to vote, and one member, Saudi Arabia, still bars women from the voting booth completely.

Officials from the NAACP are presenting their case against U.S. voter ID laws, arguing to the international diplomats that the requirements disenfranchise voters and suppress the minority vote.

Eight states have passed voter ID laws in the past year, voter ID proposals are pending in 32 states and the Obama administration has recently moved to block South Carolina and Texas from enacting their voter ID measures.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3 PARTS: Vital Records Indicate Obama Not Born In Hawaii Hospital

This is part one of a three part story which will present evidence discovered within the vital records archives of the United States, Great Britain and the Prefecture of Hiroshima, Japan which shows that Barack Obama exploited the municipality of Hawaii and U.S. Vital Statistics reporting methods in order to counterfeit birth records in a criminal attempt to deceive the American people and fraudulently usurp the power of the U.S. Presidency.

By Penbrook Johannson and Daniel Crosby

(PART 1)

As this report will show, the proof of Obama’s fraudulence resides in the domain of publicly accessible records which show that the birth registration procedures, federal vital statistics reporting methods and organizational structure of the Hawaiian municipality expose these contradictions and reveal that Obama’s Hawaiian birth is a fabrication of modern administrative processes and that his actual natal biography has been actively and intentionally obscured by present-day governmental officials.
(PART 2)

SHOCK AND ODD –Along with previous evidence proving the image of Obama’s alleged 1961 “Certificate of Live Birth” posted on the internet in April, 2011 was digitally fabricated, we reveal powerful new evidence which shows that data contained on the document contradicts Obama’s birth narrative and vital statistical accounting methods used at the alleged time of his birth. Vast disparities between the natal information appearing in the image and the standard methods used by federal and municipal governments to code, identify and report the contents of U.S. vital records prove that Obama’s alleged Hawaiian birth record was assembled to intentionally obscure the truth about his natal biography.
(PART 3)

DIRTY LITTLE SECRET: Historical evidence provided by the National Center for Health Statistics and the U.S. Reference Library System now confirms the information appearing within the image of Obama’s alleged 1961 “Certificate of Live Birth” disregards his actual foreign birthplace while, instead, providing a statistically based “geographic allocation” which is a result of a widely misunderstood natality data reporting policy which began in 1950. Stalling for four years since Obama announced his candidacy in February of 2007, under mounting political pressures and legal challenges, the White House unveiled a lone scrap of counterfeit information in the form of a desolate internet image which, after a six month criminal investigation, now confirms that Obama’s presidency is the single greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.

Look who doesn't practice what they preach

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

UCLA: some of the dumbest students on the planet

Parents, don't waste your money! Since UCLA is called one of the top 25 American universities, I'd investigate the other 24 before you fork out the dough, too.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Welcome to the racist gulag, the wet dream of people like Derrick Bell and Barack Hussein Obama

This is what the Cultural Marxists desire, a zombie nation, shuffling off to their government sponsored jobs, working for a government mandated “fair share” and shuffling back to their government assigned hovel to consume their government mandated meal of fried pink goo (supplied by an oligarch and produced by union workers) that contains the daily caloric content deemed by the government as your “fair share” of the collectives resources.
Critical Race Theory — the Reality


Heat is healthy: MEN'S HEALTH MAGAZINE

PS: Ayn Rand was a big fan of Marilyn Monroe who is not, surprisingly, #1. I can't believe Natalie Wood isn't in there somewhere!!!

Christian symbol banned

UK TELEGRAPH: Christians have no right to wear cross at work, says Government

It's no mystery where this kind of stuff always leads. The bigger the government, the worse it gets. They can't stand competing with God for your allegiance, so they simply get rid of God (or so they think).

Sunday, March 11, 2012


A cowboy from Texas attended a social function where Barack Obama was trying to gather support for his re-election. When Obama discovered the cowboy was from President Bush's home area, he started to belittle him by talking in a southern drawl and single syllable words.

As he was doing that, he kept swatting at some flies that were buzzing around his head. The cowboy says, "Y'all havin' some problem with them circle flies?"

Obama stopped talking and said, "Well, yes, if that's what they're called, but I've never heard of circle flies."

"Well, sir," the cowboy replies, "Circle flies hang around ranches. They're called circle flies because they're almost always found circling around the back end of a horse."

"Oh," Obama replies as he goes back to rambling. But a moment later he stops and bluntly asks, "Are you calling me a horse's ass?"

"No, sir," the cowboy replies, "I have too much respect for the citizens of this country to call their president a horse's ass."

"That's a good thing," Obama responds and begins rambling on once more.

After a long pause, the cowboy, in his best Texas drawl says,"Hard to fool them flies, though."

Obama impeachment bill now in Congress

Rep. Walter B. Jones Jr., R-N.C., has introduced a resolution declaring that should the president use offensive military force without authorization of an act of Congress, “it is the sense of Congress” that such an act would be “an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor.”

Specifically, Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution reserves for Congress alone the power to declare war, a restriction that has been sorely tested in recent years, including Obama’s authorization of military force in Libya.

In an exclusive WND column, former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo claims that Jones introduced his House Concurrent Resolution 107 in response to startling recent comments from Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

“This week it was Secretary of Defense Panetta’s declaration before the Senate Armed Services Committee that he and President Obama look not to the Congress for authorization to bomb Syria but to NATO and the United Nations,” Tancredo writes. “This led to Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C., introducing an official resolution calling for impeachment should Obama take offensive action based on Panetta’s policy statement, because it would violate the Constitution.”

In response to questions from Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., over who determines the proper and legal use of the U.S. military, Panetta said, “Our goal would be to seek international permission and we would … come to the Congress and inform you and determine how best to approach this, whether or not we would want to get permission from the Congress – I think those are issues we would have to discuss as we decide what to do here.”

Within days of the initiation of daylight savings time (DST), there is usually a spike in heart related illnesses and deaths

From The Lonely Conservative:

Does Daylight Savings Time Reset on Sunday Cause Problems with Heart Health?


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Conservative bloggers helping conservative bloggers

Zilla Aid!


Historic Documents

Just added to the category "Documents" (scroll way down, almost to the bottom, right panel):


Need to focus on getting our taxes ready for our meeting with CPA--just had to add this new link before I forget, though.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

L.A. Times: Congress expands Fast and Furious probe to White House

By Richard A. Serrano

September 9, 2011, 12:47 p.m.
Congressional investigators reviewing the failed gun-tracking program Operation Fast and Furious have formally asked the Obama administration to turn over copies of "all records" involving three key White House national security officials and the program, other ATF gun cases in Phoenix, and all communications between the White House and the ATF field office in Arizona.

The letter signed Friday by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista), chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and Sen. Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, was sent to National Security Advisor Thomas E. Donilon, a top aide to President Obama.

It marks a significant step in the committee's investigation into the failed gun-tracking operation, as the committee begins to broaden its investigation from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and targets White House and Department of Justice officials.

This material, Issa and Grassley said, "will enable us to determine the extent of the involvement of White House staff in Operation Fast and Furious."

Obama's favorite law professor: Derrick Bell, a black radical who taught classes trashing the Constitution as racist

He liked Bell so much he led a law school "strike" in support of him in 1991, when the professor went on unpaid leave to protest the lack of affirmative-action hiring on campus.

A video clip posted by captures Obama praising Bell for "speaking the truth" and hugging him.
My final observation is actually the most obvious one – if it is so critically important for Rick Santorum’s religious views to be completely dissected and discussed by talking heads, if Sarah Palin’s worldview was such an essential piece of knowledge for American voters that reporters were compelled to literally dig through her garbage, then aren’t the American people also owed a thorough vetting and discussion of the theories that helped to shape President Obama’s understanding of how the world works?

Obviously the press believes it is doing America a favor by preventing the great, unteachably ingorant, racist, greedy white masses from discussing the conclusions of critical race theory.

I would disagree.
What we can learn from the Barack Obama/Derrick Bell video

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Hearing tomorrow afternoon (3/7/12) Tucson, Arizona regarding Obama Ballot Challenge

Hearing tomorrow afternoon Tucson, Arizona regarding Obama Ballot Challenge from Kenneth Allen. Hearing at 3:30pm at Tucson Superior Court. Attend the public hearing to support Allen.

“After seeing the evidence presented, I firmly believe we have an illegal alien in the White House.”

Mothers Against Illegal Amnesty founder Michelle Dallacrose.
On Monday afternoon, Dallacrose posted a “State of Emergency – Call to Action” on her website, which, in conjunction with the Surprise Tea Party, is asking citizens to contact their legislators and encourage them to sponsor or cosponsor a “strike everything” bill with language that would give the Arizona Secretary of State the authority to keep Obama off the 2012 ballot until there is resolution to the criminal investigation into his birth certificate, Selective Service documents and any other claims that may be part of the Cold Case Posse investigation.

Visit" for more information.

Visit to make a tax-deductible donation to the Cold Case Posse to help fund its ongoing investigation.

Health department raids community picnic and destroys all food with bleach

The evening was everything I had dreamed and hoped it would be. The weather was perfect, the farm was filled with friends and guests roaming around talking about organic, sustainable farming practices. Our guests were excited to spend an evening together. The food was prepared exquisitely. The long dinner table, under the direction of dear friends, was absolutely stunningly beautiful. The music was superb. The stars were bright and life was really good. And then, …for a few moments, it felt like the rug was pulled out from underneath us and my wonderful world came crashing down. . .

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A trip to New York...and a surprising discovery

From a friend who recently returned from a visit to New York...
Greetings Everyone from New York:

This morning my husband and I went to the 9/11 Memorial Site. After passing through more security than I have ever seen at any airport in the world (including Tel Aviv) we arrived at the North and South Reflecting Pools. The "reflecting pools" are located on the footprints of World Trade Center One and World Trade Center Two. Around the perimeter 3,000 names are engraved, identified by fire company, police battalion, etc. which gives you a sense of the enormity of the loss and how many co-workers were lost to each group. That was good.

The problem is, they are not actually "reflecting pools," but more like a cross between a waterfall and a giant toilet. Plus when the wind blows (every 2-3 minutes) you get sprayed with water. So, it is not only not an emotional and moving experience to be there, it is annoying and unpleasant. A huge disappointment.

However, despite the memorial's shortcomings it is humbling to stand on the site where two 110 story buildings were once and are no longer.

Just a few feet away is the still under construction, but almost complete Freedom Tower. Futuristic and ugly. Looks like it would be more comfortable in the Dubai skyline than the New York City skyline.

However, just blocks away, a completely different experience. There's a small gem of a museum that was founded by some family members of the victims. It is so heart wrenching that they literally have boxes of tissues every few feet for the public to partake of, and believe me, you need those damn tissues.

The small museum, TRIBUTE WTC VISITOR CENTER, has videos, artifacts (a broken fireman's helmet, a melted airplane window, an intact passenger's boarding pass, etc.) quotes from family members and first responders and is just beautifully and tastefully done.

I was lucky enough to meet Lee Ielpi, one of the museum's founders. Lee's a retired fireman who's son, Jonathan Ielpi, also a fireman, died on 9/11. I cried as I spoke with Mr. Ielpi. Oddly enough, he bears a striking resemblance to Rudy Guilliani.
It's hard to believe it's been more than a decade.

God Bless America.

Proof of fraud: the debossed seal

Judging from the last six useless months of Sheriff Joe’s investigation, by the time any of the things his posse is focused have been fleshed out enough to find evidence useful for seeking a criminal charge of forgery – it won’t matter. At this rate, the statute of limitations will have expired. Meanwhile, all these alleged investigators and eligibility advocates never say a single word about the one feature that demonstrates, without a doubt, that state and federal fraud laws were violated: the debossed seal on the purported short form COLB.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Where’s the outrage at misogynistic liberal men?

Because Maher and Olbermann and Taibbi are, ahem, “pro-woman” on policy, they can be as personally nasty as they want and it’s not a window onto anything. The quintessential example of this is of course Ted Kennedy, whose career stands for the proposition that you can allegedly assault women and even leave a woman to die and be reelected for eternity so long as you vote the right way.


Biased media belittled Obama inquiry

by Joe Arpaio - Mar. 3, 2012 05:11 PM
Over the past several weeks, members of the local media continuously asked me what our preliminary findings, which were released on Thursday, would show in the investigation of President Barack Obama's birth certificate.

They were practically salivating at the opportunity to embarrass me, my highly capable group of volunteer investigators and literally anyone else who would dare show an interest in the possibility that this investigation could lead to any real credible evidence into what they claim has already been "looked into" or "widely debunked."

During our news conference, my investigators and I laid out a large array of technical information, demonstrations and evidence that no other law-enforcement agency in the country has even considered looking into.

We have produced experts in the creation of electronic documents who will attest that the document in question is a forgery, evidence that the president's Selective Service registration card is highly suspect and looked far different from any other card we examined from the same exact post office in the same exact month in which his was filed.

And we uncovered information from the National Archives that is mysteriously missing one week of flight information into Hawaii out of a 10-year span requested by my investigators. It just so happened to be the week of the president's birth.

After spending over an hour discussing these facts and much more, not one reporter ever asked about the evidence or the case itself.

Their pre-determined desire to discredit me and my office would not even allow them to consider listening to what was presented in an unbiased manner.

Despite what was reported, some of this information is new, and all of it was examined in far greater detail than what was cited by the quick research of The Arizona Republic's Editorial Board into ("No politics in probe? Oh, sure," Editorial, Friday) or by some expert at Data Doctors (Channel 12, KPNX).

I understood from the beginning that this is how the media would react to our efforts and, frankly, I don't care.

This issue does affect the citizens of Maricopa County despite what the media will try to portray.

My hope is that, if nothing else, our investigation will bring the conversation back to the forefront about the desperate need for a more thorough vetting process in the selection of the president of the United States.

Who in his right mind would disagree that would be a good thing?
Joe Arpaio is the sheriff of Maricopa County.

The Arizona Republic

Saturday, March 03, 2012

VIDEOS: Cold Case Posse - Obama's Birth Certificate Investigation - Sheriff Joe Arpaio

From Orly Taitz
On March 1, 2012 Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa county Arizona held a press conference , where he confirmed my findings and announced that Obama’s birth certificate is indeed a computer generated forgery and there is no other document attesting to Obama’s birth in this country. See links to press conference below:

“The document has failed every test we’ve put it through…this is just not a bunch of ex-cops and lawyers running these tests. We went outside to experts, graphic experts, forensic document examiners, and ran these tests. This is serious. This is very serious.”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Cold Case Posse - Obama's Birth Certificate Investigation - Sheriff Joe Arpaio - Full Version

The posse said it already has identified at least one person of interest in the alleged forgery.

“We have a retired government employee who had a conversation in the eighties with Barack Obama in the front yard of the home of the mother of Bill Ayers.

You all know Bill Ayers.

During that conversation the mother of Bill Ayers introduced this government employee to Mr. Obama as a foreign student who they were assisting in getting education for in the United states. That also is around the same time frame that this selective service card was issued, purportedly issued. This individual is willing to come forward. That takes courage. There are too many things in the background that we cannot clear.

And what I did tell the sheriff. I could not come to him and say he cleared a background to be an employee of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.”

Connecting the Dots on Fast and Furious

HAT TIP: InstaPundit

Last part of the March 2nd "American Thinker" article:
So now the current issue is whether Eric Holder should be held in contempt. The EPA scandal of the Reagan years, and other issues such as the Travel Office and U.S. attorney firings, pale in comparison to the deadly Fast and Furious scandal, along with its apparent cover-up.

Since the gun-walking scandal has been linked not only to the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in 2010, but also to the death of U.S. Immigration Agent Jaime Zapata in 2011, as well as to the deaths of 300 Mexicans, there is absolutely no reason for Eric Holder not to comply with the subpoena.

The public, as well as the victims of the deadly government operation, deserves to know the truth. Last June, in hearings before the House Oversight Committee, members of Brian Terry's family spoke, and Terry's cousin, Robert Heyer, said that other members of the Border Patrol nicknamed the former Marine "Superman."

During training for the elite tactical BORTAC unit, Terry was assigned to write something about himself. It was a poem entitled, "If This Is To Be The Day, So Be It." Terry wrote of being trained and ready to give everything he had to give, and willing to die, if necessary.

"I do not fear death," he wrote, "for I have been close enough to it on enough occasions that it no longer concerns me. But I do fear the loss of my honor, and would rather die fighting than to have it said that I was without courage."

Heyer concluded that Terry had lived a life of honor, duty, and sacrifice. "It is now up to all of us to put honor first and to remain faithful in the quest for justice."

U. S. Air Force has established two new aircraft squadrons to support the administration's travel needs during the campaign season.

The 305th and 306th Expeditionary Airlift Squadrons were activated as subordinate units of the 89th Airlift Wing on December 1.

The 305th will operate out of New Castle, DE, with 5 C-130H medium lift transport aircraft, 8 full sets of aircrew, 60 maintenance personnel, and 12 operations personnel are assigned.

The 306th will operate out of Andrews AFB, with 4 C-17 heavy lift transports, 7 full aircrew, 60 maintenance personnel, and 10 operations personnel will be assigned.

Operations for the two squadrons are to commence in April, and will run through the election. The aircraft and personnel will be released back to their original units after Nov. 2.

Friday, March 02, 2012

United Nations is going to propose planetary regulations of food and water for planet Earth. for a complete overhaul of how the world’s food and water are created and distributed...


RFID: Is YOUR credit card at risk?

More at

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Killing babies no different from abortion, experts say

Parents should be allowed to have their newborn babies killed because they are “morally irrelevant” and ending their lives is no different to abortion, a group of medical ethicists linked to Oxford University has argued.

Say, whatever happened to a mother's natural instict to protect her children???

Or did all the "experts" get rid of that too?

Hmmm...Europeans in America before the Indians!

Radical theory of first Americans places Stone Age Europeans in Delmarva 20,000 years ago

Bomb squad called to Rush Limbaugh's house

WorldNetDaily reports.


"President Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate released by the White House on April 27, 2011, is suspected to be a computer-generated forgery, not a scan of an original 1961 paper document as represented by the White House when the long-form birth certificate was made public," Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said at a press conference today in Phoenix.

This is the major preliminary finding of a six-month ongoing Sheriff's Cold Case Posse law enforcement investigation into the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate and his eligibility to be president.

Having developed probable cause to believe the long-form birth certificate was most likely a computer-generated forgery, investigators began examining other evidence of President Obama's life history.

Investigators additionally have developed credible evidence suggesting:

• President Obama's Selective Service card was most likely a forgery, revealed by an examination of the postal date stamp on the document;

• Records of Immigration and Naturalization Service cards filled out by airplane passengers arriving on international flights originating outside the United States in the month of August 1961, examined at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., are missing records for the week of President Obama's birth, including the dates Aug. 1, 1961 through Aug. 7, 1961.

Beginning in October 2011, the Sheriff's Cold Case Posse, consisting of former law enforcement officers and lawyers with law enforcement experience, examined dozens of witnesses and hundreds of documents, as well as taking numerous sworn statements from witnesses around the world.

In August 2011, 250 members of the Surprise, Arizona, Tea Party, residents of Maricopa County, presented a signed petition asking Sheriff Arpaio to undertake the investigation.

The Tea Party members petitioned under the premise that if a forged birth certificate was utilized to obtain a position for Barack Obama on the 2012 Arizona presidential ballot, their rights as Maricopa County voters could be compromised.

The Cold Case investigators further determined that the Hawaii Department of Health has engaged in what Sheriff's investigators believe is a systematic effort to hide from public inspection whatever original 1961 birth records the Hawaii Department of Health may have in their possession.

"Officers of the Hawaii Department of Health and various elected Hawaiian public officials may have intentionally obscured 1961 birth records and procedures, to avoid having to release to public inspection and to the examination of court-authorized forensic examiners any original Obama 1961 birth records the Hawaii Department of Health may or may not have," said Mike Zullo, the lead investigator in Sheriff Arpaio's Cold Case Posse.

The Cold Case investigators have not yet determined who, when, or precisely how the long-form computer-generated birth certificate released on April 27 may have been forged, but investigators say the evidence contained in the computer-generated PDF file released by the White House as well as important deficiencies in the Hawaii process of certifying the long-form birth certificate establish probable cause that a forgery has been committed.

The Cold Case Posse investigators advised Sheriff Arpaio that the forgers most likely committed two crimes: first, in fraudulently creating a forgery that the White House characterized, knowingly or unknowingly, as an officially produced governmental birth record; and second, in fraudulently presenting to the residents of Maricopa County and to the American public at large a forgery the White House represented as "proof positive" of President Obama's authentic 1961 Hawaii long-form birth certificate.

"A continuing investigation is needed to identify the identity of the person or persons involved in creating the alleged birth certificate forgery, and to determine who, if anyone, in the White House or the state of Hawaii may have authorized the forgery," Arpaio said.

Among the evidence released at the press conference were five videos the Cold Case Posse produced to demonstrate why the Obama long-form birth certificate is suspected to be a computer-generated forgery.

The videos consisted of step-by-step computer demonstrations using a control document.

The videos were designed to display the testing used by the investigators to examine various claims made by supporters of the April 27 document.

The videos illustrate point-by-point the investigators' conclusion that the features and anomalies observed on the Obama long-form birth certificate were inconsistent with features produced when a paper document is scanned, even if the scan of the paper document had been enhanced by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and optimized.

Additionally, the videos demonstrated that the Hawaii Department of Health Registrar's name stamp and the Registrar's date stamp were computer-generated images imported into an electronic document, as opposed to actual rubber stamp imprints inked by hand or machine onto a paper document.

"That we were able to cast reasonable suspicions on the authenticity of the Registrar stamps was especially disturbing, since these stamp imprints are designed to provide government authentication to the document itself," Zullo said, stressing that if the Registrar stamps are forgeries, the document itself is likely a forgery.

The investigators also chronicled a series of inconsistent and misleading representations that various Hawaii government officials have made over the past five years regarding what, if any, original birth records are held by the Hawaii Department of Health.

"As I said at the beginning of the investigation," Arpaio said, "the president can put all this to rest quite easily. All he has to do is demand the Hawaii Department of Health release to the American public and to a panel of certified court-authorized forensic examiners all original 1961 paper, microfilm, and computer birth records the Hawaii Department of Health has in its possession."

Arpaio further stressed the Hawaii Department of Health needs to provide, as part of the full disclosure, evidence regarding the chain of custody of all Obama birth records, including paper, microfilm, and electronic records, in order to eliminate the possibility that a forger or forgers may have tampered with the birth records.

Arpaio went on to say the President should also authorize Kapiolani Hospital, the birth hospital listed on the Obama long-form birth certificate, to release any and all hospital patient records for Stanley Ann Dunham Obama, his mother, and for the newly born Barack Obama, in order to provide additional corroboration for the original 1961 birth records held in the Hawaii Department of Health vault.

"Absent the authentic Hawaii Department of Health 1961 birth records for Barack Obama, there is no other credible proof supporting the idea or belief that President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, as he and the White House have consistently asserted," Zullo said.

"In fact, absent the authentication of Hawaii Department of Health 1961 birth records for Barack Obama, there is no other proof he was born anywhere within the United States."

Arpaio concluded the press conference by suggesting a congressional investigation might be warranted and asked that any other law enforcement agency with information referencing this investigation be forwarded to his office.

Andrew Breitbart: R.I.P.

From Mark Levin
Thursday, March 1, 2012 at 7:24am ·

Like most, I am totally stunned and deeply saddened by Andrew's passing. He was a wonderful person and patriot. He loved his family and country. I will miss him. Many of us will. Andrew had enormous energy and courage. He was a pioneer. He was only 43 years old. I wish I had known him longer. The last time I was with Andrew was in November, when we both spoke in Washington at an Americans for Prosperity event, where Occupy DC was outside the convention center making all kinds of accusations and bullying people. Andrew loved the battle and he knew the stakes. May he rest in peace. May his family find peace. May God bless him.

Conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart dead at 43
LOS ANGELES — Conservative media publisher and activist Andrew Breitbart, who was behind investigations that led to the resignations of former Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York and former U.S. Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod, has died in Los Angeles. He was 43.

Breitbart’s website,, announced Thursday he died of natural causes in Los Angeles in the early morning hours. His death was confirmed by editor-in-chief Joel Pollak, who said he was at the hospital, and by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office.

From Matt Drudge
DEAR READER: In the first decade of the DRUDGEREPORT Andrew Breitbart was a constant source of energy, passion and commitment. We shared a love of headlines, a love of the news, an excitement about what's happening. I don't think there was a single day during that time when we did not flash each other or laugh with each other, or challenge each other. I still see him in my mind's eye in Venice Beach, the sunny day I met him. He was in his mid 20's. It was all there. He had a wonderful, loving family and we all feel great sadness for them today... MDRUDGE

VIDEO interview with Jonah Goldberg (Editor-at-large, National Review Online; syndicated columnist and author).

From WorldNetDaily


The last thing I remember about Mr. Breitbart was hearing him discuss his dinner with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn at a luxury Chicago apartment building owned by some of their friends, and his description of their talents as hosts and chefs amazed Fox News interviewer Eric Bolling.

Shortly afterwards, Andrew Breitbart announced that he had obtained a video of Obama which he planned to show during the general election that would reveal Obama as a true radical.

People like him are rare, true warriors who love what they do and are extremely good at it. They don't come around that often. They can't be replaced.