Monday, August 13, 2012

Past time to hold Obama accountable for his illegal actions

Gary L. Zerman posting at
It is my understanding that the Dream Act did not pass out of either the House or Senate, so WHAT Bill/Act is Barack Obama signing? Thus regardless of what he signs, it is not law, therefore he is acting without constitutional authority.

So why is the Republican held House letting him get away with this? Why are they not filing suit in federal court to stop Obama’s illegal acts? Why are they not holding hearings and exposing that he is violating the constitution? Also where are the Republicans senators? Why are they not calling Obama to account here? Where is presumptive candidate Romney?

Finally, why has the Republican held House not held hearings on the bona fides (or lack thereof) re: Barack Obama?

(1) Birth Certificate – it turns out that Obama was the original “birther” claiming from 1991-2007 in his agents’ brochure that he was born in Kenya, the irregular fact that the birth certificate of Nordyke twins is numbered after Obama’s even though they were born after Obama and their births were registered after his (clearly an anomaly), and the almost universal claim that the long form certification of live birth Obama/White House released on 6/27/11 is a layered document and a forgery (attested to by numerous experts);

(2) Obama’s social security number issued out of Connecticut, when there is no known connection that Obama or his immediate family had with that state (and experts have claimed documents show it was illegally obtained);

(3) Obama’s selective service documents appear to be false and tampered with (attested to by several experts); and,

(4) almost all of Obama’s school records and Illinois bar records are sealed.

Again, where is the Republican House?

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