Saturday, September 28, 2019

We are in the middle of a Communist coup!!

We are in the middle of a Communist coup. The Dem Socs [Democrat Socialists] are going after more than just Trump. They want to take down the entire country
The whistleblower reqs are magically changed.
And the House Rules are changed to keep Republicans out of the impeachment process. That's why no vote was taken on the impeachment inquiry:
Pelosi’s House Rule Changes are Key Part of “Articles of Impeachment”, Being Drafted Over Next Two Weeks:

--Gary Starr

Thursday, September 26, 2019


Impeachment is a coverup for what Biden and the Democrats did to get dirt on Trump during the Obama administration


The Mueller investigation was a coverup for what Hillary, Brennan and the DNC had done to get dirt on Trump from the Russians, utilizing ex-spook Christopher Steele, and Brit operators Stefan Halper and Josef Mifsud .
Steele used to be MI6. He was paid by the DNC and the Clintons to go to Russia talk to the Russian government and dig up dirt. Which means actually he was working for the DNC and the Clintons, even worse. Steele was also paid by Obama’s FBI to compile the dossier and get it to Bruce and Nellie Ohr.
We also know Brennan involved the Aussies and the Italians in their efforts to derail Trump. Brennan had to go overseas to get them to conduct their intelligence ops because he couldn't do it through the CIA domestically. Steele was used to funnel the info back to Brennan. Brennan used Brit intel operatives Stefan Halper, Joseph Mifsud & Alexander Downer to entrap George Papadopoulos to get dirt on Trump
Impeachment is a coverup for what Biden and the Democrats did to get dirt on Trump during the Obama administration by putting the arm on two Ukranian Presidents to get a prosecutor fired who was investigating Hunter Biden.
But wait there’s more.............
Most notable the fact that three DemSocs [Democrat Socialists] Sens. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), Richard Durbin (D-Ill.), and Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) penned a letter on May 4, 2018, to Yuriy Lutsenko, the general prosecutor of Ukraine. They wrote to Ukraine last year demanding information about President Donald Trump.
https://www.theepochtimes.Com/democrats-wrote-to-ukraine-last-year-demanding-information-about-trump_3096291.html. A pdf of that letter is linked to this article.
We also have Sleepy Joe putting the arm on the previous Ukranian president to fire a prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden. At stake was $1 billion in aid.
Just as Mueller failed impeachment will fail. Same Kabuki Theater modus operandi.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

--Gary Starr

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

A Climate Modeller Spills the Beans

There’s a top-level oceanographer and meteorologist who is prepared to cry “Nonsense!”on the “global warming crisis” evident to climate modellers but not in the real world. He’s as well or better qualified than the modellers he criticises — the ones whose Year 2100 forebodings of 4degC warming have set the world to spending $US1.5 trillion a year to combat CO2 emissions.
The iconoclast is Dr. Mototaka Nakamura. In June he put out a small book in Japanese on “the sorry state of climate science”. It’s titled Confessions of a climate scientist: the global warming hypothesis is an unproven hypothesis, and he is very much qualified to take a stand.

Ukraine telephone conversation: Declassified by order of the President' September 24, 2019


SUBJECT: (C) Telephone Conversation with President Zelenskyy of Ukraine
PARTICIPANTS: President Zelenskyy of Ukraine
Notetakers: The White House Situation·Room
DATE, TIME AND PLACE: July 25, 2019, 9:03 - 9:33 a.m. EDT Residence


Tuesday, September 24, 2019

President Donald Trump Addresses 2019 United Nations General Assembly - UPDATE


President Donald Trump Addresses 2019 United Nations General Assembly…

In his remarks to the United Nations General Assembly, President Trump lays out his vision for a more prosperous and free future for all nations. [WH Background Link]:

[Transcript will be available at the above site.]



Remarks by President Trump to the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly

Issued on:

Friday, September 20, 2019

Multiple Sources Have Reported Obama “Born in Kenya”


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Kenyan Gov Officials, African Newspapers, Obama 1991 Bio, Barry Obama, Obama Family Members, and other Accounts Reporting Obama is Kenyan Born

by CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

My collection of 2008 and before articles, news stories, statements by Kenyan and U.S. government officials that Obama was Kenyan born and an immigrant. Then the scrubbing and revisions of sites and articles began after Obama declared for President and some of these prior articles and statements disagreed with his now revised in early 2008 new early life narrative to obfuscate that he is not a “natural born Citizen” of the U.S.: 


Also see this article for this very important historical date/day today, Constitution Day:

Constitution Day – 17 Sep 2019: A Lesson from History. Is Being a Born Citizen of the United States Sufficient Citizenship Status to be President? The Founders and Framers Emphatically Decided No It Was Not! | by CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

The 10 Most Destructive Americans of My 8 Decades

Frank Hawkins is a former US Army intelligence officer.

July 29, 2018 The 10 Most Destructive Americans of My 8 Decades By Frank Hawkins
America has undergone enormous change during the nearly eight decades of my life. Today, America is a bitterly divided, poorly educated and morally fragile society with so-called mainstream politicians pushing cynical identity politics, socialism and open borders. The president of the United States is threatened with impeachment because the other side doesn’t like him. The once reasonably unbiased American media has evolved into a hysterical left wing mob. How could the stable and reasonably cohesive America of the 1950s have reached this point in just one lifetime? Who are the main culprits? Here’s my list of the 10 most destructive Americans of the last 80 years.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019



The primary reason for outlining this brief is to deliver a greater understanding of why things happened the way they did in the post 9/11/12 attack media frenzy.

If you understand what took place from March 2011 through the night of the attack itself all of the contradictions reconcile, and most of the questions become answered.

Factually, I would challenge anyone who reads this brief to actually have a question left unanswered.

The events of the attack itself are gut wrenching and troubling. Our brave operations folks had to fight their way out of a situation where they literally were on their own due to the political risks inherent in carrying out their objectives.

However, they knew they were beyond the wire, they knew they were covert – they knew there was no manner, method or possibility of protection…. And this is the point everyone seems to miss:

THEY HAD TO KNOW THE DoD WAS IN THE DARK ABOUT THEIR ACTIVITY. There was NOTHING the Pentagon could have done to help them. Those people inside the Eastern Libya City of Benghazi, operating on behalf of the administration, were, for all intents and purposes, GHOSTS. They did not “technically” exist.

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the mission they were tasked to carry out, there is no doubt they worked honorably to serve their nation. Ultimately the leadership within the State Department, The CIA, and the White House are responsible for the outcomes of policy.

Our hope is that this outline will stimulate journalists to question those who were at the heart of these two operations. Ultimately the Trey Gowdy select committee will find there is no venue to discuss intelligence operations with public sunlight. While both Zero Footprint in 2011, and the Unnamed CIA operation in 2012 were flawed policy – they were not necessarily illegal.

There is a matter of an unidentified State Dept $6 billion contractor fund missing from Hillary’s term as Secretary of State; that might bear investigation. However, beyond those smaller questions there is little if anything to gain.


~ Sundance

Seven Year Anniversary of September 11th Attack in Benghazi Libya…

To honor the memory of those lost on September 11th/12th 2012:

The Benghazi Brief