Saturday, June 09, 2012

Which side is YOUR bread buttered on?

The Free Dictionary describes the saying "know which side your bread is buttered (on)" as meaning "to be careful not to upset people who you know can help you" and, of course, this describes the root problem with modern politics today.

It means that our country, the United States of America, is for sale.

It means that its citizens are now completely subservient to the highest bidder (i.e. which politician is willing to get enough stuff for you to sell out your freedom).

It means that, at every fork in the road, the people have chosen Cain over Abel, Plato over Aristotle, Aaron over Moses, Hamilton over Jefferson, Galbraith over the very least, they have chosen to relinquish their individual liberty to an anonymous, amorphous, group of strangers whose homes are thousands of miles away in exchange for promises that, historically, are mostly unkept and unmet.

Ironically, the more apparent it becomes that this is an unworkable and deplorable scheme of politically-minded con artists, the more vehement and violent its supporters become.
President Obama’s seemingly-bizarre claim that “the private sector is doing fine” is echoing across the country. When I first saw the quote, I thought it must be a momentary gaffe, or perhaps taken out of context. But no: Obama really did say, at some length, that the private sector is prospering and we need to spend more money on government. . .

All it takes is a couple of minutes to examine a short history of taxes to make you wonder how Obama didn't choke on his words or end up with an erectile proboscis like these Pinochian Politicians...until you realize that it is the LOSS of "a hungry sensationalist press", for only G-d knows what reason, that has disabled our public alert and warning system.
...the belief that the private sector is rich and the public sector is poor, so that transfers of wealth from private sector to public sector are endlessly justified, is embedded deeply in Obama’s ideology.

The classic formulation of this proposition goes back to John Kenneth Galbraith’s The Affluent Society, published in 1958.

So now we're stuck with an idealogue, a Westworld-Terminator fighting an anti-Revolutionary War complete with tea bags and free condoms and robotic soundbytes whirring about moats filled with alligators and jalopies careening into ditches.
Most everyone knows that times have changed. Government spending consumes an ever-growing share of America’s wealth, and study after study shows that public sector workers are paid vastly better than private sector workers.

The world, ladies and gentlemen, is comprised of marks and grifters.

Which side is YOUR bread butterd on?

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