Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Democrats Block Children's Insurance

"...the Senate on the one hand and President Bush on the other appear to have crafted a generous extension of the program that may now fall prey to the House Democratic desire to provoke a presidential veto — and the children be damned!"

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Monday, July 30, 2007

NEW YORK TIMES: A War We Just Might Win

Here is the most important thing Americans need to understand: We are finally getting somewhere in Iraq, at least in military terms. As two analysts who have harshly criticized the Bush administration’s miserable handling of Iraq, we were surprised by the gains we saw and the potential to produce not necessarily “victory” but a sustainable stability that both we and the Iraqis could live with.

After the furnace-like heat, the first thing you notice when you land in Baghdad is the morale of our troops. In previous trips to Iraq we often found American troops angry and frustrated — many sensed they had the wrong strategy, were using the wrong tactics and were risking their lives in pursuit of an approach that could not work.

Today, morale is high. The soldiers and marines told us they feel that they now have a superb commander in Gen. David Petraeus; they are confident in his strategy, they see real results, and they feel now they have the numbers needed to make a real difference.
But there is enough good happening on the battlefields of Iraq today that Congress should plan on sustaining the effort at least into 2008

How BUYING ORGANIC hurts animals and harms the environment

"...bypass the expensive organic products in the grocery store. Buy the regular milk, meat and fresh produce. It is the right choice for the family, animal welfare and the environment."


Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Funnies

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shocking New York Times Poll

The war in Iraq is the single most important ongoing news story right now. Public opinion about the war is a critical part of that story. That’s why when we had a poll finding about the war that we could not explain, we went back and did another poll on the very same subject. We wanted to make sure we had gotten it right.

Dems, read and weep

UFO sightings bring town to a standstill

"We walked outside and there was at that time a growing crowd of about 60 people looking up at something in the sky.

"I saw this light appear, then three others. They came over our heads in formation but then manouvered into different positions.

"Three had formed a triangular shape and one was to the right. Then another one came hurtling towards the rest at what looked like a very fast speed. But as it neared them it suddenly slowed and stopped altogether.

"By this time more people had poured out onto the street. Two pubs had emptied, some people had come out of their houses and drivers slowed their cars.

"The objects were there for about half an hour. It was very eerie because they didn't make any sound and they stayed still before moving slowly beyond the horizon. There were no stars in the sky, just them.

"It was the most extraordinary thing I've ever seen and the way in which everyone gathered in the street to watch them reminded me of a scene from Independence Day."

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Monday, July 23, 2007

FDA says food recall is urgent health threat

Mon Jul 23, 2007 7:49PM EDT
By Will Dunham

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A recall of canned meat products and dog food made at a Georgia plant due to botulism fears could involve tens of millions of cans that pose an urgent public health threat, U.S. officials said on Monday.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Beauty Contest: Most Beautiful Conservative Woman

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Controversial exposé on North American Union shoots up charts

Just two weeks after its release, "The Late Great USA" – which exposes government plans to promote integration of the U.S., Mexico and Canada – has made the New York Times best-seller list.

Written by Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., co-author of "Unfit for Command" which became a No. 1 New York Times best-seller and a decisive influence in the 2004 election, "The Late Great USA" exposes the multifaceted plan to turn the U.S., Canada and Mexico into a North American version of the European Union.

According to a representative of the New York Times, Corsi's book will enter the best-seller list at No. 28 on the week of July 29. Last week, it reached the No. 1 spot on Amazon's "Nonfiction" list.

July 19, 2007

Read ALIPAC's review here

Friday, July 20, 2007

U.S. vs. Islam

Congressional Democrats today failed to include a provision in homeland security legislation that would protect the public from being sued for reporting suspicious behavior that may lead to a terrorist attack, according to House Republican leaders.

“This is a slap in the face of good citizens who do their patriotic duty and come forward, and it caves in to radical Islamists,” said Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican and ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee.

9:20pm Eastern update. - Here’s the roll on the Senate John Doe protection amendment, which missed the 60-vote threshold by 3 votes. Interesting facts: No Republican voted against it. GOP presidential candidate Sam “Switchback” Brownback didn’t bother to vote. Hillary voted for it. Obama sat it out:

The ACLU: Enemy of America and Christianity

by Rabbi Aryeh Spero
Posted: 07/20/2007

For the past forty years the ACLU has used every legal machination to make the display of Christmas trees illegal if placed in a public institution or on property where there is even the remotest connection to a tax dollar. They’ve bludgeoned America with their claim that such displays violate the separation of church and state. The display of the Ten Commandments? Illegal, they say. Prayer in school? Prohibited, they charge. The mere mention of God at a graduation ceremony --- grounds for a law suit. The display of a Menorah -- the next morning the ACLU is at the court steps already litigating.

How strict are they in their interpretation of separation of church and state? In Pittsburgh they went so far as to demand that a municipal parking lot be off limits to those parking there to visit a local Christmas display at a nearby church.

So when the University of Michigan decided to fund $25,000 worth of ritual foot-washers for Islamic students wishing to pray, one assumed the ACLU would yell foul. After all, it is a public institution, receiving federal and state taxes and using that money for a religious device whose purpose is to facilitate prayer. Not only did the ACLU not object but it also supported the expenditure as “reasonable,” something it can never bring itself to say when activities are for Judeo-Christian expression or symbols.

The Byron Union school district in California has decided that its public schools should set aside days and assignments where all students choose a Muslim name, recite passages from the Koran, and periodically give up certain comforts as “forms of fasting” that correspond to Ramadan. Has the ACLU brought this school district to court as it has hundreds of times when schools simply mention something involving Christianity or when a student reads her own Bible on her own time at recess or when a student chooses a religious theme for an essay topic? The ACLU has been silent. To the ACLU, the non-invasive, mere presence of anything Christian in school is far more “dangerous” than the actual, coerced undertaking of Islamic religious activities and beliefs in America's public schools.

For those of us who have for years diligently observed the selective inconsistencies and overt hypocrisy of the ACLU, none of this comes as a surprise. Rather, it is a verification. For we know what motivates the ACLU and what is its ultimate goal. Long ago it decided to do what ever it takes to expunge America of its affinity to Christianity and strip our society of its Judeo-Christian touchstone and foundation. It expanded the context of separation of church and state to accomplish this goal, and a good-willed citizenry acquiesced for they did not wish to question what they assumed were the pure, constitutional motivations behind the ACLU’s campaign. Who wants to question an organization with beguiling head-banners such as American and Civil Liberties.

The ACLU has manipulated church/state issues and used it selectively when it furthered its own anti-Christian agenda. Evidently, separation of church from state is not the inviolable principle we were led to believe given the ACLU’s own brushing aside of it if standing in the way of Islamic desires. For, truthfully, nothing would give the ACLU more pleasure than forcing upon America -- and its students -- a multi-culturalism and multi-religionism that would effectively diminish the influence and identity of America as a Judeo-Christian society.

Why does this organization with the high-sounding, patriotic name have as its purpose the destruction of the Judeo-Christian, American belief system? It was founded by Roger Baldwin, an avowed communist, who knew that what prevents America from being taken over by communism are precisely its Judeo-Christian beliefs. A religious society will not give its allegiance to the state but to God only. It will support only that form of government that subscribes to In God We Trust, not one rooted in atheism, as is the communist state.

It was Baldwin who remarked how "America must follow the example of Stalin's Soviet Union where greater freedoms exist than anywhere else in the world". Baldwin is dead, reunited with his patron saint Marx in the non-spiritual unknown where all dead communist believers congregate. But in the mid 60s, his organization was taken over by a caste of privileged elites who, though not economic communists per se, are heirs to his anti-Americanism and his goal of transforming America by using our own legal system to marginalize and demonize our Judeo-Christian ethos, undermine our penchant for local control, and eviscerate the traditions and values that have made America unique and thereby beyond the clutch of socialism.

The ACLU is led today by cultural marxists who will partner with Islamic forces if by so doing it can bring about legal decisions that demoralize the believing Christian community and sap their will to fight for their heritage. More so, in pushing Islam on the rest of us by granting them special rights not allowed the rest of society, the cultural and public face of America will change, be transformed. A transformed America, one no longer sure of who it is and what it is allowed to believe and express, is one so confused and weakened that it looses its will. That’s what the ACLU wants.

Hard as it is to believe, there are people here -- an enemy within -- who hate this country. They are not nationalists but trans-nationalists. Ironically, they come from those who have prospered here and now believe they are better than the average Christian of Faith who is White. Their loyalties are not to America but a cosmopolitan, very secular set of beliefs. Historic America stands in the way they wish to go -- they want it gone and replaced with a totally different set of standards, which they will impose. Those harboring this pernicious mindset often gravitate to and find their natural home in the ACLU.

Most are wealthy and live and play segregated from minorities but champion any minority cause, no matter how odious and destructive, as a way to lessen the standing and comfort of the majority and its "corny" values. When looking at the cases and causes they select, most often it is that which will upset the average Joe’s apple cart. They love representing terrorists wishing to harm America, rarely loyal soldiers sacrificing to defend her. They remain immune, however, for most live a protected, gilded life.

ACLU lawyers specifically seek legal opportunities designed to upend that which we cherish and which makes us who we are: our traditions, habits, sexual discipline and our belief in parental rights and the integrity of the nuclear family. Repeatedly, they argue for the broadest allowance when it comes to supporting the "rights" of those wishing to challenge and undermine historic American norms but insist on the stingiest, most limiting parameters for those with traditional values. Case in point: They have spent years working to outlaw any form of prayer, even silent prayer, in schools when it involved a Judeo-Christian motif but are now utterly silent in a San Diego case (Carver Elementary Public School ) where the superintendent is granting a daily 15 minute prayer slot requested by Moslems that corresponds to that time of day when Moslems pray. It is an intellectual hypocrisy reflecting where their sentiments lie. They have chosen sides, and they are not on our side.

There are many in the ACLU who have rebelled against their Christian upbringing and see Christianity as the ultimate enemy, and there are many who are not Christian and inhere a sociology that views society through the singular prism of minority versus majority: minority good, majority bad. Though they have become wildly successful and wealthy -- due to the tolerance of America’s majority class -- they still see themselves as a minority and find nobility in any cause brought by a non-white or a non-Christian and insist on portraying America’s majority group as racist and one that “must be brought down."

Right after 9/11, an old-time, keen observer of the American political scene remarked: “Now that they’ve attacked us, we’ll soon be giving them special rights, a form of religious affirmative action”. I disagreed, saying there is no domestic historical sin or guilt for which we must make atonement." I forgot about the ACLU. Its loathing of mainstream America spurs it to do the unconscionable.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Here's what will happen to you if you vote Democratic in '08


Norwegians have long accepted high taxes to finance their social welfare state, but a new survey indicates rising dissatisfaction and, in some cases, outright hatred of some taxes that are viewed as way too high and unfair.

Irritation Grows Over Taxes

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Post Turtle

While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old California rancher, whose hand was caught in a gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man. Eventually the topic got around to Nancy Pelosi and her elevation to speaker of the house.

The old rancher said, "Well, ya know, Nancy is a post turtle."

Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a 'post turtle' was.

The old rancher said, "When you're driving down a country road and you come
across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that's a post turtle."

The old man saw a puzzled look on the doctor's face, so he continued to explain:

"You know it didn't get there by itself, it doesn't belong there, it doesn't know what to do while it's up there, and you just want to help the dumb creature get down."

Monday, July 16, 2007

One-Child ‘Terror Campaign’ Continues in China

Riots have broken out in a number of Chinese towns in protest over the Communist government’s policy of limiting families to one child — a campaign that has included the forced termination of late-term pregnancies.

Steven Mosher, president of the pro-life Population Research Institute, said that in 1979-80, he witnessed local officials in Guangdong province arresting hundreds of pregnant women and aborting their fetuses against their will — even if they were already in labor.

Now he writes on the Institute’s Web site that the same atrocities are being committed in neighboring Guangxi province today, as well as in other provinces across the country: “The one-child terror campaign continues to the present day, violating women and tearing apart families throughout China.

“In fact, the only thing unusual about this latest campaign is how quickly news of these atrocities spread outside China. Guangxi province is not far from Hong Kong. No sooner had the campaign begun in May of this year than word reached the former British colony and from there the outside world.”

The Hong Kong and foreign press also reported that local officials were imposing fines — sometimes equal to several years’ income — on women who had already given birth to a second child.

In response to these tactics, “riots broke out in 28 towns throughout the region,” according to Mosher.

“Thousands went on the rampage, storming government buildings, breaking windows, smashing furniture, and vandalizing vehicles.”

The official Xinhua News Agency claimed there were only 28 arrests stemming from the riots, but Mosher writes that “hundreds of armed police” had to be called in to quell the disturbances.

Mosher concludes: “How many more millions of women will have to suffer forced abortion before China’s leaders realize the bankruptcy of the policy they adopted so long ago?”


Bush like Hitler, says first Muslim in Congress

America's first Muslim congressman has provoked outrage by apparently comparing President George W Bush to Adolf Hitler and hinting that he might have been responsible for the September 11 attacks.
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Edwards is so lame

C'mon, John--this is all ya got???

Talk about re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic!

As explained by people who have been consulted about the program, Edwards wants to set aside $100 million to help school districts implement economic integration programs. The money will help finance buses and other resources for schools that enroll additional low-income children.
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Friday, July 13, 2007

Spend or Save? – The Great Question of Our Time

by Dick McDonald

You have two economic alternatives in life no matter who you are – “spend” your income and/or wealth or “save” your income and/or your wealth. There are no other options. However, buried in that question is the solution to man’s most pressing problems – poverty, hunger, starvation as well as slavery and man’s inhumanity to man. When the rules were made by tyrants there was no reason to concern yourselves with these problems – individuals were involuntarily trapped in the feudal system. With the advent of individual freedom and the creation of the Western World in the mid to late 2nd Millennium “saving” became possible and it has freed a considerable chunk of humanity from oppression. They were free to save and spend as they wished and created some really successful economies by not spending everything but saving and thereby “investing” a portion of what they earned in their future.

No economy on Earth can compare to the success of the United States of America – their free market capitalism allows each individual to successfully negotiate his own success by economies of saving or spending. Allowing that the USA is the best, it still falls short of providing the world with enough capital to eliminate poverty, hunger, starvation; it still lacks the resolve, strength and confidence to stop genocide and the modern slavery of totalitarianism. The USA allows its media to blame others for their misfortune – its leaders to cower behind the cover of appeasement and containment to avoid the stark reality that America is still too weak economically to effectively affect the course of history. It doesn’t need to be so. It is all tied up in the question of saving and spending.

Tyrants spent and consumed all their serfs produced in the feudal world. Modern “free-world” tyrants “tax and spend” as much as their people will tolerate. Unfortunately taxes represent the conversion of that which could be saved and invested into sums that will be currently spent and consumed. Therein lies the rub. There are groups, political parties, entire peoples and countries deluded by the concept that consuming is not deleterious to wealth creation. They ignore the fact that their people could all be wealthy if they just could save some of their income – or more precisely if they could invest some of their income in the future.

The people of the United States of America have bought into a delusion and fiction – they spent 1 ½ % more than they made in 2006. They became consumption-dependents – starved by severe taxation – they spend all they make and more and have become a drag on wealth creation in America.

So you rightly ask “What’s the big deal?” “So we spend too much, we are doing fine economically.” And my answer is you probably are right in your own myopia. Unfortunately 4.5 billion people will go to bed in the dark tonight and 18,000 children will starve to death tomorrow - 1.1 million Darfurians await their extermination at the hands of Islam’s radical administration in the Sudan. But why should you care? You didn’t care when that same administration killed 2 million Christians in the 90’s, so why start now? That is their problem. You “people” that think that way, don’t stand for the “common good” so quit your propaganda and the lies you tell your mirror – you condone murder and genocide and live in a selfless, myopic stupor when it would be so easy to right that ship.

What? Right that ship? Yeah, that’s right. It is all tied up in the “spend or save” equation. I have run some figures. You can get them right here. If just Americans “saved” 15% of their income and invested it for forty years, Americans would multiply their market assets 120 times over and begin to have the kind of capital it will take to pacify the world – to build the institutions and infrastructure that peace demands.

Right now the majority of humanity live in squalor, immobilized by lack of roads and infrastructure, depressed by lack of opportunity and oppressed by totalitarian regimes bent on keeping them enslaved. Something akin to the tax and spenders here – the ones dedicated to keeping the poor poor by encouraging dependency on our semi-totalitarian political class who are anti-individual, pro government types bent on isolating power to control the country in the hands of a few wealthy elites using the anti-corporate card to deceive the people and the “spending-consumption fraud” as their most lethal tool. I have devised the Rise Up Theory of Economics to help us solve the save and spend dilemma. You can read about it here.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Dumb Deficit for Dummies

by Dick McDonald

The concern over the deficit of the Federal Government is another deception that serves politicians well. The major deception is that it covers up the greater sin of distracting the public's mind away from the fact that government continues to spend not only the yearly increase in tax revenues the private sector generates but just a little more. Of course, the little more is always the deficit.

As usual the deficit is either going up or going down and publicized as a great accomplishment or continuing disaster when in fact it is totally immaterial. Look at it this way, if the net worth of America went up $12 Trillion last year and it cost Americans a $200 Billion "deficit" even a dunce would admit that a 60 to 1 annual return on investment was worth it it.

However, all this talk hides an even bigger sin - bigger and bigger government. Politicians know that if you get the public to concentrate on a tree, they can slip the forest right past you. Here again the "tree" is the deficit and trumpeted as the report card for politicians when in fact those people are doing us in - they rightly deserve a perpetual "F".

In the bigger picture politicians are running up unfunded debt at an alarming rate. David Walker, the government's CFO, is running all over the country screaming that America will go bankrupt if we don't raise taxes or cut benefits to pay for these benefits.

Yes the politicians have run amok - they are hiding the forest with a tree and the public will someday wake up to the fact that the people will have to take away entitlement funding from the politicians as they have never met a problem "your" money can't fix. For a solution see here.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Al-Qaida Plans Nuclear Attacks On 7 U.S. Cities

These cities are New York, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, Miami, Boston, Houston, and Los Angeles

The Annihilation of America and the Western World

  • In 1996, al-Qaida's "paymaster" and a top lieutenant for bin Laden walked into a U.S. embassy in Africa and spilled the beans on the terror group's activities — including that al-Qaida had purchased nuclear material in the Sudan
  • The incredible story of a Brooklyn, N.Y., mosque that was receiving "stipends" from Uncle Sam for more than $2 million a year up until 1993 — when it was discovered the mosque was the nerve center for the first attack on the World Trade Center
  • The fact that despite the hoopla about the war on terror, only one member of bin Laden's shura — or high command — has been killed
  • The case of a Chicago charity that raised millions for bin Laden and even paid for one of his operatives whose sole job was to acquire nuclear weapons
  • Evidence the Saudi intelligence service claims bin Laden has an arsenal of between 40 and 70 tactical nuclear weapons
  • Russian sources that claim bin Laden bought 12 to 15 fully assembled nuclear weapons
  • Ties between al-Qaida and the Chechen rebels who allegedly acquired nuclear suitcase devices
  • Bin Laden's claim to a Pakistani journalist two months before 9/11 that acquiring nuclear was "not difficult" — claiming they were available from Russia for between $10 million and $20 million
  • Author Tom Clancy's revelations he was "first bemused, then stunned" to find how easy it is for a wealthy person to develop a nuclear device equal to that dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • How atomic blueprints are available from Amazon.com!
  • Evidence bin Laden spent between $60 and $100 million to build nuclear devices with the help of scientists from Pakistan, Russia, and China
  • The damage even a low yield "junk" nuclear device would do to New York — with an estimated 250,000 dead in several days
  • The remarkable story of two British secret agents who penetrated al-Qaida's camps in Afghanistan — and reported to Britain that the terror group was finishing work on radiological weapons
  • The stunning admission of the head of Britain's MI5 who confirmed that "renegade" scientists had provided al-Qaida with the knowledge they needed to build a nuclear device
  • New Jersey: the strange case of a Pakistani who died of radiological poisoning soon after 9/11, a man who had apparently served as a "mule" to transport the deadly material into the U.S.
  • Axis of Evil: the secret alliance between al-Qaida and Iran that brings together two religious groups with one common goal: destroying the U.S.
  • And much, much more

Monday, July 09, 2007

Al Gore Spins Global Warming

  • The real reason the media is hyping the dangers of global warming.
  • Al Gore's real agenda: 2008.
  • The Aral Sea and Mt. Kilimanjaro issues — two glaring "convenient lies" in Al Gore's film.
  • The myth of a man-caused sea level rise: why Florida and California will remain dry.
  • How modern temperature-measuring techniques could be giving a "false positive" to global warming.
  • Why computer models predicting climate change are necessarily flawed.
  • The former Democratic senator who brazenly says he pushes the global warming theory - "even if it's wrong."
  • What implementation of the Kyoto Protocol would really cost the U.S.
  • The optimistic global temperature rise projection that Gore ignored.
  • How a leading doomsayer admits exaggerating the global warming threat.
  • The increased tornado activity in the U.S. — is it really linked to global warming?
  • An expert's four common-sense "alternative cures" for global warming.
  • Why a prominent MIT professor says global warming is an out-and-out fraud.
  • Time magazine and Newsweek's dire warnings in 1974 — of another ice age!
  • How the global warming scare is cool in Hollywood.
  • What a leading U.S. expert told the Senate about the "science fiction" of a disappearing Arctic.
  • Why we could actually be heading for a cooler, and not warmer, period.
  • Vice President Gore's "reign of terror" against global warming skeptics.
  • Why America's top hurricane expert doubts the hurricane-warming connection.
  • How a clean energy source — which already exists — could eliminate the threat of global warming.
  • And the bottom line for you: How global warming policies will mean more government, higher energy prices, and more costs and taxes to you!
  • And much, much more.
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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Libby will serve as much time in prison for lying under oath to a federal grand jury as Clinton served for lying under oath to a federal grand jury

...and few complaints were heard from these worthies when Sandy Berger, who had been President Clinton's national security adviser, received no jail time -- and only a $50,000 fine -- for stealing classified documents from the National Archives.

On Libby, hypocrisy rules

The Case For Human Rights

Leave Iraq and Brace for a Bigger Bloodbath

By Natan Sharansky
Sunday, July 8, 2007; Page B03

No one can know for sure whether President Bush's "surge" of U.S. troops in Iraq will succeed. But those who believe that human rights should play a central role in international affairs should be doing everything in their power to maximize the chances that it will. For one of the consequences of failure could well be catastrophe.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Please tell Rosie

Please, someone: Tell Rosie to shut the fuck up. She's wrong. The terrorists ARE to be feared and they are NOT Mothers and Fathers just like us:

The official reported that on a couple of occasions in Baqubah, al Qaeda invited to lunch families they wanted to convert to their way of thinking. In each instance, the family had a boy, he said, who was about 11 years old. As LT David Wallach interpreted the man’s words, I saw Wallach go blank and silent. He stopped interpreting for a moment. I asked Wallach, “What did he say?” Wallach said that at these luncheons, the families were sat down to eat. And then their boy was brought in with his mouth stuffed. The boy had been baked. Al Qaeda served the boy to his family.

Baqubah Update: 05 July 2007

Can a good Muslim be a good American?

Someone I know sent this question to a friend who had worked in Saudi Arabia for 20 years. The following is his reply:

Theologically - no.

Because his allegiance is to Allah, the moon God of Arabia.

Religiously - no.

Because no other religion is accepted by his Allah except Islam (Quran, 2:256)

Scripturally - no.

Because his allegiance is to the five pillars of Islam and the Quran (Koran).

Geographically - no.

Because his allegiance is to Mecca, to which he turns in prayer five times a day.

Socially - no.

Because his allegiance to Islam forbids him to make friends with Christians or Jews.

Politically - no.

Because he must submit to the mullah (spiritual leaders), who teach annihilation of Israel and Destruction of America, the great Satan.

Domestically - no.

Because he is instructed to marry four women and beat and scourge his wife when she disobeys him (Quran 4:34).

Intellectually - no.

Because he cannot accept the American Constitution since it is based on Biblical principles and he believes the Bible to be corrupt.

Philosophically - no.

Because Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran do not allow freedom of religion and expression. Democracy and Islam cannot coexist. Every Muslim government is either dictatorial or autocratic

Spiritually - no.

Because when we declare "one nation under God," the Christian's God is loving and kind, while Allah is NEVER referred to as heavenly father, nor is he ever called love in The Quran's 99 excellent names.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

Launching over 300 investigations within 100 days, Democrats are busy fighting which of the following:

1) The War On Terror

2) Poverty

3) George W. Bush

Take a wild guess.

Whitehouse spokesman Scott Stanzel said Congress has "a lot to show in terms of activity and requests and letter-writing, and that sort of thing, but not much to show in the way of real legislation."

Monday, July 02, 2007

Mad about Libby? This ought to shut you up real quick.

Now, this list is really unbelievable!


His reasons for his pardons

Why it's dangerous to be a liberal today

It staggers the mind to know that liberals repeatedly attack Bill O'Reilly for advice that, if followed, would have most likely prevented the following two tragedies (see below) which are horrendous.

The advice? Well, I'm paraphrasing here, but he basically pleads over and over again with people not to let themselves get involved in illegal and/or dangerous activities--and that definitely includes all the drugs listed in the stories below.

The logic? You will set yourself up to be vulnerable to death, disease, and physical harm from others. Not that you are a bad person (he always lets the Deity sort that out), but that bad things will happen to you. And guess what, folks...they do!

Now, I absolutely cannot figure out how Mr. O'Reilly, who gives out the kind of advice that used to be given out by parents, can be faulted for this or for any of his magnificent efforts at getting Jessica's Law passed in many states and for his work trying to protect vulnerable children from pedophiles.

This is why I believe that it is dangerous to be a liberal today: They will not make judgments and they will not protect people from harm (or let anyone else do it either). If you don't believe this, just watch Bill O'Reilly for awhile and you'll see that it is true...liberals attack HIM and ignore the vicious perpetrators of these crimes.
Trial testimony revealed Ritcheson and Gus Sons, whom he'd befriended at an alternative school for students with disciplinary problems, met up with Tuck and Turner at a crawfish festival in Spring the night of the attack. From there, they went to Sons' house, where they drank vodka, smoked marijuana and used cocaine and Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug.

Sons testified that Tuck and Turner attacked Ritcheson because they believed he stole some drugs and tried to kiss Sons' 12-year-old sister.

Tuck and Turner dragged Ritcheson, who was Hispanic, into the backyard, where they taunted him with racial slurs, punched and kicked him in the head and burned him 17 times with cigarettes. They tried to carve a swastika into his chest.

His attackers poured bleach on his face and body and left him for dead. No one called for an ambulance until well after daybreak.

The former Klein Collins High School running back and freshman homecoming prince spent three months and eight days in the hospital and endured more than 30 surgeries.

Teen victim of Spring pipe attack dies after apparent jump from ship
And this:
He was also becoming increasingly paranoid and deluded due to a lethal mix of steroids, pain killers, anti-depressants and the medication he was taking for his blood pressure brought on by decades of steroid abuse.

Benoit wrestle hold killed son