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Two Americas

Friday, June 27, 2008
Two Americas

John Edwards was right, or at least half right, anyway.

There are two Americas fighting for dominance in this country and they aren't the America of the wealthy and the America of the downtrodden. If the wrong America wins it will be just that and then John Edwards will look like a seer.

The first of the two Americas I speak of is Classic America, the one most folks on the Right think of when they think of America. It's the one we are fighting so hard to keep from slipping into the dustbin of history.

It is the America of John Wayne, Audie Murphy, Frank Sinatra and countless other Real Men who knew honest work was a good thing for a man's soul, and that accepting or relying on charity, no matter how freely given, lessened a man. Men used to do everything they could to avoid having to accept charity.

It is the America of June Cleaver and the stay at home mom, the America of women who knew their highest calling was to raise the kids and take care of the house and her husband. Generations of women just like this raised up generations of great men and women. They were the women that raised the children that went on to beat the Brits in the Revolution, save the Republic in the Civil War and beat down Hitler and Tojo in WW2. It was women such as this who raised the men that built this country into the greatest country yet seen on this little blue globe.

It is the America of the self made man and The Buck Stops Here instead of the America of begging for the governments help for each little bump and bruise and blaming everyone and everything for all of the ills that befall you in life.

Life Is Not Fair, and to steal a great quote from a famous flick, anyone that tells you differently is trying to sell you something.

Now we have another America vying to BE America and all she stands for.

This New America, or America Lite, is represented by folks such as Sean Penn, Janeane Garafalo, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and countless other empty headed cretins that push a socialist agenda on this country using false, unearned guilt.

It is an America where the government takes care of all your needs, instead of you taking care of yourself.

It is an America where the Government controls your access to healthcare, instead of you deciding which healthcare you wish to buy, or if at all.

It is an America where the government regulates everything: the emissions from your car, what kind of paint a store can sell and how you must act as an adult by forcing you to wear helmets and seat belts.

There once was a time when this country was filled with citizens who understood that you reap what you sow, you get what you earn, good or bad, that actions had consequences and you paid the price for them either way.

Die in a motorcycle accident from not wearing a helmet?

Sorry you're dead, but dude, you asked for it.

End up crippled because of that accident? It's the responsibility of you and your family to take care of you, not the government's (i.e. everybody else)

As a result of this, people acted more responsibly, because they knew there were consequences to be paid for their actions.

Get a girl pregnant? You will suddenly find yourself with a wife. Not to mention in-laws who probably don’t think much of you and probably won’t for many years but you took responsibility for your actions and stuck it out and you raised your children into good citizens because that’s what was expected of you.

In America Lite dads leave without a second thought. This situation has gotten so bad that deadbeat dad laws will utterly destroy a man’s life if his children’s mother decides to go the easy route and take welfare and he doesn’t take responsibility by paying for his progeny.

Once upon a time in this country men did the right thing because it was the right thing to do, not because the law threatened to destroy their ability to make a living.

Now, when something bad happens to somebody the questions immediately fly about "Why wasn't something done to avoid this?" and "Where was the government?" when the questions that should be asked are "What can I do to help this poor soul?" and "What was that person thinking?" and maybe even "Did you see what happened to that dumbass? He sure got what he had coming, huh?"

The America I know and love, the America whose return MUST occur, is in a pitched battle with the America Lite, which is a country that sports the Stars and Stripes but whose Faith, Patriotism and Freedom rings hollow to this mans ears. America Lite chooses instead a socialist path that steals Liberty and crushes the greatness of the Human Spirit, making away with the Rights granted by our Creator like a thief in the night. The end result of this vileness is a population who are simply wards of the state, children to be taken care of at each turn, from cradle to grave.

The America I know and love, Classic America, the America where a man is known for his actions, where he takes pride in his work and his word, where he chooses the most menial work if that's all that is there instead of demanding to be taken care of by his fellow man by threat of government force is slowly dying off. As each succeeding generation is brought up in a school system that teaches them a test, skims the great history of this country and pounds guilt for being a citizen of the best country ever into their little mush filled skulls, we get people so empty headed as to follow the most inexperienced, liberal, anti-American person to ever run for the White House on a major party ticket as if he is the second coming of the Christ.

Is there hope?


If that American Spirit can be brought back to full bloom, If people once again are taught that having pride in themselves and taking responsibility for their lives is the way to success in life. If people are once again taught that success is not measured by how large a house one has, or how expensive your car or clothes are, but rather how you live your life and how you treat other people.

The theft of my liberty for your comfort, no matter how necessary that comfort may be, is still the theft of my liberty. Three generations of Americans don't seem to understand that, and they demand that our government do more for them, never realizing that with each thing the government does, someone's liberty has been stolen in their name and vice versa.

These are the Two Americas.

In November you get to choose which America you want to have. Classic America, the America that Saved the World (twice at least) and is mostly responsible for the current amenities and freedoms the world enjoys or America Lite, a pale and ugly shadow that is bound to failure and the destruction of True Freedom and the Greatness of Man.

It is that simple.

Choose wisely, my friends. If you remember the scene in Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail where the American chose the wrong Grail and instantly withered away to dust, then you get an idea of what will happen if you choose poorly.

We are that man, and we are standing in front of two cups, but only one can bring us back to the greatness we once knew, the Freedom we once would fight to defend, the Pride in simply BEING an AMERICAN. The other will certainly cause us to whither away to dust.

As I said, choose wisely.
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Yvette said...

I stopped reading once I realized how pointless it would be.

"It is the America of June Cleaver and the stay at home mom, the America of women who knew their highest calling was to raise the kids and take care of the house and her husband."

Yea, that isn't sexist at all.

So you're saying the best women can aspire to is being men's slaves and being housewives? While big, grown up men make all the decisions and women stay at home and let the men take care of everything. Because that's all they'll ever be good for, right?

And by the way--I'm guessing you're one of those right wing Christians. Well, think on this--the current healthcare system KILLS CHILDREN who's parents cannot afford healthcare. That's right, your wonderful perfect idea of America murders children because it doesn't think children deserve it.


kender said...

Wow blue, could you be any more of an idiot and still continue to draw breath without concentrating on it?

I never said women couldn't go out and work, but then who raises the children? Stay at home dads? Good idea IF the woman can make a better living, and hence provide a better lifestyle to the family. Most men, however, make more than most women simply due to the fact that men will go to work and do the job, whereas most women that work have children, and they need time off for sick kids, parent teacher conferences etc etc....add in the fact that so many women are raising children alone and you get even more excuses for women to duck out on work, costing the company money, and it is illegal to fire these women for not doing their jobs.

So say a woman has a job doing what have you....chances are, unless she is a world changing scientist or doctor that makes history by creating a new life saving procedure that she is making much less difference in the world than she would by being a stay at home mother and raising her children to be good citizens.

The fact that the left has denigrated motherhood as "beneath" a "real woman" leaving millions of children to be raised by people who don't love them like their mothers is a sad statement on the left and how they view women.

As for the healthcare system killing children I refer you back to the question regarding your ability to breathe without concentrating on it? Is it possible you could be any stupider?

Our healthcare system is already set up so that you need no insurance. Simply go to the ER as every illegal does.

I will be stopping by your pitiful excuse for a blog to smack you around there also, loserblue, so don't worry about responding to this.

Yvette said...

Go for it, give me a laugh.

The fact of the matter is, you said the highest calling of women is to take care of kids and women. That's insulting.

You're forgetting that left America feels that mothers and fathers should have equal time raising the children. Instead of making the children OMG CRAZY because mom isn't the only one home to take care of them, it makes the family more equal and makes sure the kids have more time with their parents.

And you know what? Screw you. Raising children is NOT the highest calling of a woman. Sure, it's important, but for men and women--and the right's blatant sexism and desire to cling to an old and broken system is why it has been disappearing from America. How about I use the right's own argument against it--if you don't like the way women are treated equal in America, then you can go to a country like Iraq or Africa where the best women can hope for is raising children and taking care of their husbands. Because you'll be surrounded by like-minded people then, won't you?

As for the healthcare remark, sorry, that doesn't work and you know it. People are denied healthcare because they cannot pay--in this country we deny healthcare to CHILDREN if their PARENTS cannot pay the fees. This is murder and you support it.

And yea, I could be more stupid. I could be you--grow up and learn to argue the point instead of resorting to insults like the rest of the GOP.

kender said...

Blue, the fact that you don't understand the post is inherent in your response, but I chalk it up to your age and inexperience.

This country used to turn out generation after generation of responsible citizens that went on to raise another generation of responsible citizens, but now we churn out one generation of idiots after another that think the government owes them a place to live, food to eat, healthcare, retirement and money to spend when they don't have a job.

Add in the destruction of the traditional family by the left and feminists who have convinced three generations of women that it is more important for them to have a job than it is to raise the children they bring into this world and this madness will not end.
We have millions of children that are latchkey kids who fail to learn what parents are supposed to be there to teach them, and for what?

So women can "feel empowered" by having a "career" that steals all of their time and leaves their children to grow up and learn to be good humans by themselves?

How are children supposed to learn those things when they have nobody to teach it to them?

As for the healthcare system, it works in a simple way. If you have the assets to pay for it then you pay for it. If you don't then the government has plenty of programs to pay it for you. Any children that are denied healthcare because their parents don't have the money to pay are denied that healthcare because their parents don't qualify for the government programs.

The reason one cannot qualify for thso prgrams is because one has assets that could be used to pay for that healthcare, which is how it should be. The government should not give away healthcare while letting people keep assets they could be using for that healthcare.

The government is not there for a free ride.

Live a little, grow up and learn how the world works, little girl, before you start cramming your foot in your mouth in a battle with this old man. I am intimately involved in the healthcare system, an d have been my entire life. I knwo what's there, and nobody in this country goes without.

Yvette said...

Thanks again for the insults. Feeling threatened?

This country was not and has never been a factory for good citizens. These so called good citizens that were being pumped out by women FORCED to live a life of slavery for their fathers and sons actually:
-were slaveowners
-were racists who opposed de-segregation
-opposed free shots for an epidemic because it was too 'socialist'
-threw Japanese Americans into camps simply because of their lineage
-drafted young men for a pointless war in Vietnam
-opposed the rights of women to vote, own property and have equality
-and more

Just because you were raised in a family where questioning what you were told got you a spanking and where women were treated like slaves doesn't mean that's the way the world has to be. Historically conservatives have always opposed equality and you're proving it to be true. Mothers and fathers can BOTH take equal parts in raising their children, or the father can raise the children instead of the mother, if he likes. There is no reason women should be forced to live this way simply because you're uncomfortable with the idea of women having power. And beyond that, many women put off having children while they are pursuing a career, because they know they would not be able to take care of a child. This is their PERSONAL choice.

As for healthcare, what is the purpose of a government? To protect the rights of the people. Which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Which means that even if you make mistakes, you deserve a life because all humans do--it's simple morality. There's nothing that says the government has to keep them off the streets, though programs to help them are good--the point is to keep as many people as possible ALIVE, which should matter more than your silly ideas of who deserves it or not.

Now, what I find frankly hilarious in your comment about free healthcare is you say, if they can't pay for healthcare then there are government programs to pay for it for them. I'm sorry, but isn't that the EXACT THING you are arguing against? That's socialism. And that payment apparently isn't as easy to get as you suggest, because hospitals will turn away those who cannot pay, dumping them on the streets or letting them die.

Oh, and by the way old man? If not for us uppity young people, you'd be having no one to pay for you when you retire, if you're not already. The younger generations have always brought GOOD change and new ideas to the country, like abolishing slavery, de-segregation, women's suffrage and more. You're welcome.

kender said...

Blue, you poor misguided and ignorant child of a horrid education system let me set you straight on a few of these straw men you have tossed up for our enjoyment.

First off we haven't had slave owners in this country for over a hundred and forty years, so get over that old tale already and live in the present.

Second, it was the democrats that fought against desegregation and the civil rights movement. They really didn't teach you any honest history in school did they? I just bet you're a graduate of public schools. It really shows dear, and maybe you should get some help for that.

And you'll have to be more specific about the vaccinations. Many unproven vaccines have shown themselves to be useless or dangerous when applied without the proper studies being done on their safety beforehand.

Giving women the right to vote, I hate to tell you, was the beginnings of the downfall of our system of freedom and limited government. Look at the history. After women were given the vote social programs expolded. Social programs steal liberty by forcing people to pay more taxes in support of programs that, quite frankly, the federal government has no business being involved in. It all goes back to that pesky Constitution and the limits placed upon the federal government by same.

But being a product of a socialist education that drilled freedom hating values into your head you won't understand that point either. I simply make it to show you up for the ignorant, liberty thieving cretin you are.

(BTW, did you notice the insults continued? They will continue because you have earned them--be happy about that, you finally EARNED something that the government didn't have to forcibly steal my money to give you, so yaa for you girly)

As for my upbringing, I was raised in a family where people could question authority, but suffered the consequences for their actions, and reaped the rewards for them as well. Speaking of that, I have one sister that is a stay at home mom, with a business run out of her home, another sister that is a career woman with her college degrees and a mom and yet another sister that is also a career woman with degrees and a mom herself, but they made a choice about how to run their lives and did it without government aid.

But ask them and they will say that the career is what they want to do with their lives, and being a mom is first priority.

Women today that only want to stay at home with the kids are looked upon as less than whole women by our society, as if being a mother is not an honorable calling, while I am saying no higher calling is possible for a woman than to bear children that become the next generation of productive citizens.

You, on the other hand, seem to look upon motherhood as some kind of slavery, some onerous burden to be avoided at all costs. I know a woman that concentrated on her career, who is now in her late 30's, and now, when she is set financially, her and her husband want children, but it's too late for her as she is unable now to bear children. She is questioning her choices and asking herself "What if?" and I can tell you that she regrets her choices now and only has herself and the leftist culture that denigrates motherhood to blame.

She is going to grow old alone, and probably will get divorced when her husband realizes that if he wants children he must find a suitable mate and not one that has spent her life badly with nothing in the long run to show for it, no children, no grandchildren, no legacy.

It's a sad tale to be sure, but one that you will most likely find an excuse for, maybe by pointing out that she lived her life as she wanted and did what she wanted, but her life is only half over and she is at a dead end, laid off from that career she worked so hard for, unable to provide her husband with the legacy he seeks and for what?

So she could feel "empowered?" I wonder what she's feeling right about now? I'd wager "empowered" is not one of the words that would spring to mind if you asked her.

As for healthcare, hospitals are a business, and hospitals that are private have a right to turn away people that cannot pay for services and a duty, in fact, to their stockholders to do just that. There are plenty of hospitals that provide services for the indigent. And yes it is socialism, and I would prefer it if the government was out of healthcare entirely except for veterans services.
But they aren't, and they provide, at enormous expense, healthcare to millions.

BTW, I am not retired, and won't be for years, but when I do retire you can be assured that social security won't be my main source of income, as I don't consider it the governments job to secure my retirement. It is my job to secure it. Young people do bring fresh ideas, but the current crop of young people (such as yourself) are bringing a socialist quagmire that will ruin this country and steal the last bits of liberty we possess.

You should be damned ashamed of yourself for that position, but I realize that todays youth have no shame when it comes to demanding that the government steal my liberty for their comfort.

Yvette said...

You can thank me for the most activity your blog has gotten. You're welcome.

Actually, I wasn't referring to Democrats, I was referring to liberalism vs. conservatism. Liberal ideas pushed for change and desegregation, not conservatism--you're completely ignoring the fact that it was the Bible Belt South that is and was the center of conservatism, not the north. That is where the slaveowners were and the ideas are the same--the white, rich, Christian men are in charge, and the rest of us are left to do what we can to survive.

Someone as sexist as you, I wonder how your mother would feel knowing that you value the opinions of women to be worthless. People like you are exactly the opposite of what this country was founded on--equality and freedom of speech. Everyone deserves a vote, except perhaps crazy old men who are still living in the past.

I do not look at motherhood as slavery--in fact I look forward to it someday myself, with someone who is willing to share the burden, not dump it on me irresponsibly like you want men to do. However, taking care of the children, the house and the husband is not something a woman should be pressured into doing--that's sexism. Congratulations. Just because someone was born with breasts and a vagina (oh my! I said it!) doesn't mean they shouldn't have a choice in life about what they want to do. Women do NOT have to be mothers. You are completely out of your rights to tell anyone else how to live--if someone wants to have children, they can and good for them. That's their calling and their choice. If a woman or man DOESN'T want to have children or doesn't want to be the sole caretaker, that's their choice, too. You see, you want to restrict people's freedoms--the very idea America was founded to fight AGAINST.

You act as if a woman's sole purpose is to bear children and serve men. This objectifies women and destroys their liberty and identity.

You also act as if socialism is this terrible evil. You can thank socialism for all of the things you take for granted--access to a library, firefighters willing to fight for you, police officers willing to patrol and protect you, roads laid down so you can get to work, public schools where you can get educated, a postal service so you can pay your bills, a national television network and more. All of these things you take for granted are here because they are socialist ideas--the government helping the people out, standardizing things, using taxes to pay for public services.

But what would you prefer? If a woman has been raped, she has to pay the police to take down her killer? If a fire is approaching someone's house, they have to pay the firefighters first, while the firefighters let the fire destroy acres of valuable land? If you want to send your child to school, you have to pay for private schooling?

You're forgetting that your wonderfully imaginary perfect world before change wasn't quite so perfect--there was no public schooling and children were fastly undereducated than you claim I am, there was no standard for journalism and newspapers could simply make things up, women and minorities were treated as animals (wait, that is perfect for you, isn't it? Nevermind.), children were working in factories in horrible conditions (wait, that's perfect for you too...because after all these eight year olds had to EARN their right to live!), not to mention a great number of other problems.

But that's right...I'm just some silly, dumb, young woman and so nothing I say can have any basis in fact. Maybe if I agreed with you, but we all know that women are always wrong, so that's not possible.

I guess I'll just go back to the kitchen and get pregnant while I'm at it, because that's the best I can hope for out of life!

Big Dog said...

Kender never said that a woman's sole purpose was to bear children, he said it was the most important. Quite a difference.

It was a conservative who introduced civil rights legislation that was opposed by the liberals. The South you talk about was Democrat at the time and they opposed it.

I am a health care professional and have never seen any child denied a vaccine. Matter of fact, the children who do not get them usually miss out because their parents neglect to take them (assuming they have two parents). We offered free vaccines for school and set up shop for 2 weeks. Lots of publicity and fliers, all the right stuff. A fraction of eligible kids showed up.

Not bad health care, bad parents. No one is denied health care because they cannot pay. Most people do not want to pay and think it should be free. They don't have the money for it because they need to pay their cell bill, cable bill, 2 car payments, smokes and alcohol.

It is all about personal responsibility.

kender said...

Blue, (again, this is not my blog...) why can't you grasp reality dearie, and learn some history, and go look up who it was pushing desegregation and the civil rights movement? It wasn't the democrats. Go ahead...go do the research. Do you like your crow deep friend or in a soup?

My mother agreed with most of what I said, thank you. It was she that instilled in me a healthy respect for women and the men in my life (grandpa, Dad and uncles) that taught me how to be a man and not a whiny metrosexual wuss like the lads of today. I believe in equality and free speech. I also believe that men and women are different and have different jobs within society.

ANd I also believe if someone doesn't want children that is their right, but I also believe if you have children you raise them, the mom AND dad. One of them should stay home and take care of the house and kids, and one should go be the bread winner. It is usually the man that can make more "bread" than the woman, and women are naturally more nurturing then men, and that's why things used to be as they were.

And I never said a womans sole purpose was to have kids and serve man. I said their highest calling was being a mother. In a mature relationship each partner has roles, the woman nurtures watches over the children while the man makes certain they are provided for. This situation can be reversed but women are better at nurturing than men are in most cases.

(BTW, the line about a raped women paying the police to take down her killer is funny---you should try to keep your analogy straight, girl--and the national TV network? Private business. Oh sure the feds figured they could make licensing fees from the airwaves and created the FCC but radio and TV? Private businesses that exist with one make's called capitalism and it's why this country is so stinking rich that we can afford to take care of so many people.)

In a capitalist society you would still have roads, libraries, schools, firefighters and police, b ut they'd all be paid for by local and state taxes.

By the way, do you know who is responsible for many of the libraries in this country? Not the government. Andrew Carnegie, fellow Scot and very successful capitalist who paid for many many libraries to be built in this country because that's what capitalists do. They make money and take care of the community.

And I think having "fastly" undereducated people is a sad situation. We should under educate them slowly, doncha' think?

Yvette said...

Oh, goodness me, have I made another ONE typo out of so many words? I must be a real idiot. Riiiight.

Sorry, kender, but you yourself revealed you have NO respect for women after all when you said that their being allowed to vote was destroying this country.

Big Dog: Actually, for the second time, I never said anything about Democrats in reference to slaveowners. Read what I wrote instead of listening to your buddy, hm? What I wrote was that Kender's lovely old-time USA had some serious moral problems that tradition said was a-okay.

The South may have been Democratic at the time but it certainly was not liberal, and there's no way in hell you're going to be able to shove that crazy idea down my throat. Conservatives historically stand against racial inequality, sexual inequality, and just about anything that goes against tradition.

As for the rest, I'm not going to even bother anymore. I've said my piece, and if someone is crazy enough to think sexism is a-okay, they're crazy enough to believe anything.

kender said...

Blue, look at the historical record and then tell me women having the vote didn't increase public spending.

Why you cannot come to terms with reality and facts is beyond me...well, not are a very young liberal girl with no life experience who has been brainwashed.

I didn't say women shouldn't vote, I said giving them the vote increased public spending.

Now I was gonna give you props for getting something right, namely this;
"Conservatives historically stand against racial inequality, sexual inequality,"

But then you finished with "and just about anything that goes against tradition."

Conservatives do stand against the things you outlined, but they also stand on traditions, such as the tradition of Christmas to name one.

At least you realize that conservatives stand against those things and try to uphold tradition.

Good on ya lass, you're getting there.