Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A great review of OBAMA'S AMERICA - 2016: THE MOVIE

2016 – My Review
by Rick Moore

I went to see this movie with a little trepidation, not because I’m any sort of fan of Obama, but because I have no patience whatsoever for conspiracy theories. I want to see something based on more than tinfoil hat conjecturing.

Well, this is it. Dinesh D’Souza has done a remarkable job of explaining the motivations and mentors that shape Obama’s politics and worldview. If I say Obama is not one of us, don’t get offended. I’m not talking about his ethnicity or ancestry or the time he spent living abroad, I’m talking about a view of America that the vast majority of Americans would not recognize. To Obama America is not the “shining city on the hill” of Ronald Reagan’s world, it’s a power that has become rich by taking from the poor nations of the world, and Obama sees it as his duty to balance the scales once again.

To do that he must reduce America’s influence in the world, reduce her wealth, her military power, and her ability to operate independently from other nations. He wants America to be just another nation among nations, not a superpower where people like Mitt Romney can become wealthy by using the tools of capitalism and smart business. This attitude explains an awful lot of Obama’s policies and executive decisions, such as blocking the Keystone Pipeline and banning drilling in American waters while at the same time giving millions in taxpayer funds to support oil drilling by nations like Mexico, Columbia and Brazil.

The anti-colonial worldview of Barack Obama was heavily influenced by a false impression of who his father was (given him by his mother), and mentors from anarchists to card-carrying communists to domestic terrorists to anti-Zionist professors. This attitude can be seen in everything from little things like giving back the bust of Winston Churchill to big things like supporting Argentina against the British in the Falkland Islands.

Dinesh has done a very scholarly job of putting this altogether, including interviews with key people who knew Obama’s father and family, with the whole movie guided by Obama’s own words in his book “Dreams From My Father”.

This movie is a must-see for anyone who is serious about understanding what we’re facing in this 2012 election. Millions of Americans fell for the hype and voted for Obama without knowing anything more about him than that he was black and articulate. It was a perfect storm in his favor, but we can’t afford to do that again. The America we grew up with may not exist by the time Obama leaves office if we give him another term.

Go see it, and take an Obama voter with you.

Shortly after Obama was elected I wrote a piece entitled “Face It, America, Obama Was Raised to Hate You”. This movie pretty much confirms everything I wrote back then and I have attached it to this review.

Reprinted with permission

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