Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Republican Senator Marco Rubio attacks Michele Bachmann

Caroline Glick: The Muslim Brotherhood's American defenders
For their efforts to warn about and perhaps cause the administration to abandon its reliance on Muslim Brotherhood front groups to inform it about the nature of the Muslim Brotherhood, Bachmann and her colleagues have been denounced as racists and McCarthyites. These attacks have not been carried out only by administration supporters. Republican Senator John McCain denounced Bachmann from the floor of the Senate. Republican Senator Marco Rubio later piled on attacking her for her attempt to convince the administration to reconsider its policies. Those policies again place the most radical members of the US Muslim community in charge of the US government's policies toward the Muslim Brotherhood and other jihadist movements.

It is clear that the insidious notion that the Muslim Brotherhood is a moderate and friendly force has taken hold in US policy circles. And it is apparent that US policymaking in the Middle East is increasingly rooted in this false and dangerous assessment.

In spearheading an initiative to investigate and change this state of affairs, Rep. Bachmann and her colleagues should be congratulated, not condemned. And their courageous efforts to ask the relevant questions about the nature of Muslim Brotherhood influence over US policymakers should be joined, not spurned by their colleagues in Washington, by the media and by all concerned citizens in America and throughout the free world.

He's not a "natural born" citizen and he's on the wrong side of a very important national security issue...not a good combination!

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