Sunday, April 08, 2012

Our homosexual president

The following article is the most complete summary of Obama's years as a gay man that I've ever found. It complements the original stories I've posted from the famous, now conservative, gay Chicago "Puma's" at HillBuzz. Take note of the list of associations at the end of the article:
The DC Post (8/10/10): Is Obama Gay?
ALTERNATE LINK FOR THE ABOVE ARTICLE SINCE "THE DC POST" IS DEAD (sorry, the pictures are gone, but the original text is here)
The next article is about the persecution of Larry Sinclair and his subsequent vindication  (in court) including that of his lie detector test:
Just4America (3/1/12): Four Years After YouTube & Parisi "Lie Detector", Larry Sinclair Wins a "Big Victory"
Previous articles I've posted on my blog already:

HillBuzz (11/10/11):  Is Barack Obama Gay
[formerly in the right panel under "Presidential Eligibility Issues"]

lgstarr (5/23/10): Shocking new evidence emerging: Obama (and Rahm) on the down low?

lgstarr (2/27/11):  DownLow Productions Presents

Update (forgot to add this before):

lgstarr (11/10/11): Obama's boyfriend in college

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