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How many scandals in the Obama White House?

The Top Twenty Obama Administration Scandals
by Keith Koffler on May 31, 2013, 9:54 am

It’s easy to forget that the three scandals currently swirling about President Obama are just the latest episodes of potential misdoings by the scandal-plagued Obama administration.

As a refresher, here is a full list of the administration’s most egregious scandals.

1. IRS targets Obama’s enemies: The IRS targeted conservative and pro-Israel groups prior to the 2012 election. Questions are being raised about why this occurred, who ordered it, whether there was any White House involvement and whether there was an initial effort to hide who knew about the targeting and when.

2. Benghazi: This is actually three scandals in one:
  • The failure of administration to protect the Benghazi mission.
  • The changes made to the talking points in order to suggest the attack was motivated by an anti-Muslim video
  • The refusal of the White House to say what President Obama did the night of the attack
3. Watching the AP: The Justice Department performed a massive cull of Associated Press reporters’ phone records as part of a leak investigation.

4. Rosengate: The Justice Department suggested that Fox News reporter James Rosen is a criminal for reporting about classified information and subsequently monitored his phones and emails.

5. Potential Holder perjury I: Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress he had never been associated with “potential prosecution” of a journalist for perjury when in fact he signed the affidavit that termed Rosen a potential criminal.

6. The ATF “Fast and Furious” scheme: Allowed weapons from the U.S. to “walk” across the border into the hands of Mexican drug dealers. The ATF lost track of hundreds of firearms, many of which were used in crimes, including the December 2010 killing of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

7. Potential Holder Perjury II: Holder told Congress in May 2011 that he had just recently heard about the Fast and Furious gun walking scheme when there is evidence he may have known much earlier.

8. Sebelius demands payment: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius solicited donations from companies HHS might regulate. The money would be used to help her sign up uninsured Americans for ObamaCare.

9. The Pigford scandal: An Agriculture Department effort that started as an attempt to compensate black farmers who had been discriminated against by the agency but evolved into a gravy train delivering several billion dollars in cash to thousands of additional minority and female farmers who probably didn’t face discrimination.

10. GSA gone wild: The General Services Administration in 2010 held an $823,000 training conference in Las Vegas, featuring a clown and a mind readers. Resulted in the resignation of the GSA administrator.

11. Veterans Affairs in Disney World: The agency wasted more than $6 million on two conferences in Orlando. An assistant secretary was fired.

12. Sebelius violates the Hatch Act: A U.S. special counsel determined that Sebelius violated the Hatch Act when she made “extemporaneous partisan remarks” during a speech in her official capacity last year. During the remarks, Sebelius called for the election of the Democratic candidate for governor of North Carolina.

13. Solyndra: Republicans charged the Obama administration funded and promoted its poster boy for green energy despite warning signs the company was headed for bankruptcy. The administration also allegedly pressed Solyndra to delay layoff announcements until after the 2010 midterm elections.

14. AKA Lisa Jackson: Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson used the name “Richard Windsor” when corresponding by email with other government officials, drawing charges she was trying to evade scrutiny.

15. The New Black Panthers: The Justice Department was accused of using a racial double standard in failing to pursue a voter intimidation case against Black Panthers who appeared to be menacing voters at a polling place in 2008 in Philadelphia.

16. Waging war all by myself: Obama may have violated the Constitution and both the letter and the spirit of the War Powers Resolution by attacking Libya without Congressional approval.

17. Biden bullies the press: Vice President Biden’s office has repeatedly interfered with coverage, including forcing a reporter to wait in a closet, making a reporter delete photos, and editing pool reports.

18. AKPD not A-OK: The administration paid millions to the former firm of then-White House adviser David Axelrod, AKPD Message and Media, to promote passage of Obamacare. Some questioned whether the firm was hired to help pay Axelrod $2 million AKPD owed him.

19. Sestak, we’ll take care of you: Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel used Bill Clinton as an intermediary to probe whether former Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) would accept a prominent, unpaid White House advisory position in exchange for dropping out of the 2010 primary against former Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.).

20. I’ll pass my own laws: Obama has repeatedly been accused of making end runs around Congress by deciding which laws to enforce, including the decision not to deport illegal immigrants who may have been allowed to stay in the United States had Congress passed the “Dream Act.”

You are not in Kansas fact, you are not even in America

You are in the Obama-Holder Dhimmi-Zone from which you may not emerge alive.

JUDICIAL WATCH: DOJ: Social Media Posts Trashing Muslims May Violate Civil Rights

Doug Ross: IT'S COME TO THIS: Holder Justice Department Says It Will Help Enforce Islamic Sharia Law
In other words, criticizing Islamofascism -- the political strain of Islam -- could very well be criminalized by the Obama-Holder administration. The Islamist term for this crime is "Blasphemy", which may include one or more of the following crimes:

- speaking ill of Allah
- finding fault with Muhammad
- speculating about how Muhammad would behave if he were alive
- drawing a picture to represent Muhammad
- whistling during prayers
- flouting the rules prescribed for Ramadan
- reciting Muslim prayers in a language other than Arabic
- consuming alcohol
- gambling
- being alone with persons of the opposite sex who are not blood relatives
- finding amusement in Islamic customs
- publishing an unofficial translation of the Qur'an
- practicing yoga
- watching a film or listening to music
- wearing make-up on television
- insulting religious scholarship
- wearing the clothing of Jews or of Zoroastrians
- participating in non-Islamic religious festivals
- converting from Islam to Christianity

This crime is, in many cases, punishable by death. In other words, you are no longer living in America.
Pamela Geller writes:
How is this any different than Islamic law in, say, Turkey (Obama's favorite and most trusted ally)? In October, 43-year-old Fazil Say went on trial in Turkey for "denigrating" Islam for a series of tweets earlier that year. In one of his messages he had retweeted a verse from a poem by Omar Khayyám, in which the 11th-century Persian poet attacks pious hypocrisy. This is the same thing.

If the DoJ pursued the vicious, offensive, racist, antisemitic tweets directed at me (and others) by Muslims and leftists, they would be pursuing little else. But they wouldn't and they shouldn't.

Note to the Justice Department -- we will fight you on this every step of the way. We will drag your dhimmi asses all the way to the Supreme Court. This is sharia enforcement, and we are not going to stand for it.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Over 20 Navy seals who killed bin Laden are now dead...coincidence?

Yeah, right.

Remember this?

Whose felony is this anyway?

According to the Weekly Standard, if someone in the Obama administration were to look at a taxpayer's tax records, it would be a violation of a federal law that was enacted in 1976 in response to Watergate.
Although there have been many amendments to the law since that time, the basic statutory scheme established in 1976 remains in place today.
But the Weekly Standard reports that
In August 2010, Austan Goolsbee, serving at the time as economic adviser to President Obama, told reporters during an anonymous background briefing that Koch Industries doesn't pay corporate income taxes.
There is no adequate explanation given why a member of the Obama administration would be privy to that information!

Then we learn that Political Hacks at the IRS Leaked Confidential Information on Conservatives to the Liberal Media Group ProPublica

Keep in mind that the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is under the US Department of the Treasury, in the Executive Branch (currently the Obama administration).

You can read for yourself and see what the IRS can and cannot do:
PUBLICATION 4639 (Rev 10-2012) Disclosure & Privacy Law Reference Guide
If you want a simple explanation of what the stakes are, read what (ironically) the IRS preaches about its own mission:

A distinguishing characteristic and, indeed, one of the strengths of American tax administration, is the self assessment feature of the system. Employees of the Office of Chief Counsel and the IRS must be constantly aware that in fostering this system, there must be public confidence with respect to the confidentiality of personal and financial information given to us for tax administration purposes.

Thus, we must administer the disclosure provisions of the internal revenue laws in accordance with the spirit and intent of the law, ever mindful of this public trust. The law makes the confidential relationship between the taxpayer and the IRS quite apparent. By the single act of filing a tax return, a record is created and also a trust. We are responsible for maintaining both.

There is probably no other government agency having as much contact with as many citizens as the IRS in the course of carrying out its responsibility of collecting the 1-18 revenue. As a result, a vast majority of our records are confidential in the very real sense that they represent information the American people have provided to their government in confidence. The confidential nature of these records requires that each request for information be evaluated in the light of a considerable body of law and regulations that either authorize or prohibit disclosure. The diversity of our records, the size of our organization, and the complexity of our operations, all contribute to the issues we must consider when performing our official duties.
How would YOU (Mr. & Mrs. Citizen) rate the Obama Administration's performance?

Or are you suddenly busy in the bathroom bending over your privy?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eight major studies: gays not born that way

Eight major studies of identical twins in Australia, the U.S., and Scandinavia during the last two decades all arrive at the same conclusion: gays were not born that way.

“At best genetics is a minor factor,” says Dr. Neil Whitehead, PhD. Whitehead worked for the New Zealand government as a scientific researcher for 24 years, then spent four years working for the United Nations and International Atomic Energy Agency. Most recently, he serves as a consultant to Japanese universities about the effects of radiation exposure. His PhD is in biochemistry and statistics.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Beheading in the Name of Islam

Decapitation has become the latest fashion. In many ways, it sends terrorism back to the future. Unlike hijackings and car bombs, ritual beheading has a long precedent in Islamic theology and history.


...there’s another IRS scandal waiting to gain widespread awareness, and this time it undeniably has Shumlan’s [sic] and MIller’s fingerprints all over it. The IRS is unconstitutionally implementing ObamaCare exchange subsidies in states that refuse to establish an exchange.

Roman Polanski blames "The Pill"

Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski on Saturday blamed birth control pills for "masculinising" women...

I tend to agree.

We are born into the natural world in physical bodies. As we find more and more ways to interfere in the natural flow of life, we put blocks between ourselves and reality, between the natural "cause and effect" that exists in life. (There are actually children who think that water comes from metal faucets and meat from shrink-wrapped packages--and we never actually bury our family members.)

And our behaviors do change, that is absolutely true and it is something you can observe in yourself if you are really paying attention over time.

The Bible may have warned "judge not, lest ye be judged" but it commands us all to be "discerning" and discernment flies right out the window when a woman's ability to conceive is circumvented by birth control. A woman will lower her standards--it is subtle, but real--and the quality of her life will change. A man's basic instinct to "go forth and multiply" will see the natural constraints disappear. Life will (and has) slowly tilted away into a wilder, less civilized experience as anyone who pays attention to the news can see.

Liberals seem to think that any constraints on behavior are unfair and and unjustifiable, but things are not better since "free love," abortion, and birth control have become standard.

The article (linked at top) never mentions Mr. Polanski's first wife, the beautiful actress Sharon Tate, who was murdered by the (Charles) Manson "family". I have included a new documentary (Albert Hexum Dwyer Productions, 2013) below for younger readers who are interested or older readers who might enjoy this detailed examination of events in the late 1960's.

A poet, a friend, a tribute

From Kender MacGowan:
It's Memorial Day Weekend. It's not "the start of summer" or National Summer Barbecue Day. It's a day we stop and remember those who have given their last measure in our service. Those who paid the ultimate price for our Liberty. So while you're hanging out this weekend having cookouts with friends and families remember, spread across the country, and indeed around the world, are quiet lawns of green with markers in eternal formation beneath which lie those who helped make it possible for you to have that cookout. So say a little prayer for the peace of their souls and never forget them.
Row Upon Row

The grass is green, the breezes blow
Where soldiers rest, row upon row
The flags in that same breeze do wave
Neath the stones, above the grave
Where Brothers, friends and family go
As soldiers rest, row upon row
Taps and tears and dreams long lost
Upon the storm of history tossed
In foreign lands of sand and snow
Where soldiers rest, row upon row
A cadence called in Heavens glory
Tho' we won't always know the story
They heard the call and had to go
Now honored, rest, row upon row
Trust they did not die in vain
We'll struggle with the loss and pain
And make their tales of valor grow
As soldiers rest, row upon row.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Nothing to see here...

Mark Steyn
Consider how that will play when these guys’ jihadist snuff video is being hawked around the bazaars of the Muslim world. Behold the infidels, content to be bystanders in their own fate.

This passivity set the tone for what followed. In London as in Boston, the politico-media class immediately lapsed into the pneumatic multiculti Tourette’s that seems to be a chronic side effect of excess diversity-celebrating: No Islam to see here, nothing to do with Islam, all these body parts in the street are a deplorable misinterpretation of Islam. The BBC’s Nick Robinson accidentally described the men as being “of Muslim appearance,” but quickly walked it back lest impressionable types get the idea that there’s anything “of Muslim appearance” about a guy waving a machete and saying “Allahu akbar.” A man is on TV dripping blood in front of a dead British soldier and swearing “by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you,” yet it’s the BBC reporter who’s apologizing for “causing offence.” To David Cameron, Drummer Rigby’s horrific end was “not just an attack on Britain and on the British way of life, it was also a betrayal of Islam. . . . There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act.”

"Operation swill" is not swell I’ve had suspicions about this myself in the past, particularly when ordering Jack Daniels. . .

The rise of the fourth branch of government

The growing dominance of the federal government over the states has obscured more fundamental changes within the federal government itself: It is not just bigger, it is dangerously off kilter. Our carefully constructed system of checks and balances is being negated by the rise of a fourth branch, an administrative state of sprawling departments and agencies that govern with increasing autonomy and decreasing transparency.

McKinsey report: 12 disruptive tecnologies that will transform life, business, and the global economy

12 technologies that could drive truly massive economic transformations and disruptions in the coming years:
  1. Mobile Internet
  2. Automation of Knowledge Work
  3. The Internet of Things
  4. Cloud technology
  5. Advanced robotics
  6. Autonomous and Near-Autonomous Vehicles
  7. Next-generation genomics
  8. Energy storage
  9. 3-D printing
  10. Advanced materials
  11. Advanced oil and gas exploration and recovery
  12. Renewable energy

Boston marathon bombing investigation plagued by series of "suspicious" deaths - UPDATE

5/23/13: There have been a series of suspicious deaths surrounding people who were close to the investigation and the arrests.
  1. Two FBI agents, who both belonged to an experienced hostage rescue team that was involved in the arrest of Boston Marathon suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, died in a “fall” from a helicopter in Virginia this week. “They have the same skill sets as SEAL Team 6 and Delta Force.”

  2. Just yesterday we reported that a former MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter was killed by the FBI when they payed him a visit for “questioning.


    Earlier this week Chechan immigrant Ibragim Todashev, 27, was killed by FBI agents but not before he implicated himself and Tsarnaev in the 2011 triple slaying.

  3. It was also reported by on April 29, 2013 that the original bombing suspect, Sunil Tripathi, was found dead in Providence River.

Friday, May 24, 2013

For the record

Daniel Greenfield @Sultan Knish:
Apologists for Islam often quote, out of context, a Koranic verse, which says ‘Whosoever killeth a human being… it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind” as proof that Islam is humanitarian.

In fact this is a Talmudic quote that the Koran appropriates and then uses to spew hate against the Jews and Christians as unbelievers. Hasan, like most apologists, amends the quote removing the exception that you may kill as revenge for a killing or “for creating disorder in the land”. Those who create disorder should “be slain or crucified or their hands and their feet be cut off on alternate sides.”

For a full measure of Mehdi’s perversity, the Koranic verse quoted by the London Beheader advocating an eye for an eye is in Koran 5:46. The one quoted by Mehdi is in 5:33.
Huffington Post UK Director Who Called Non-Muslims Animals, Claims Islam is Not Hateful

Melanin must be a drug

There are real reporters out there--Lemann and Tapper are two, Mike Allen, Dan Balz, Ryan Lizza, Wolf Blitzer, and, yes, Candy Crowley [!@#!] are other non-FNCers who are tough on all comers most of the time--but the resource allocation and story selection trends, as well as the general hard-left tilt of the permanent Manhattan-Beltway media elite has cut the profession off from its strongest source of support among ordinary viewers and voters: the reputation for pursuing every story without fear or favor wherever it leads. That ethic went deep underground in 2008, and it hasn’t come back to the surface in a comprehensive, obvious fashion since. When it does, the outrage at the outrages done the press by Team Obama will travel farther than the Maryland-Virginia suburbs and Midtown.

Perhaps they should join Melanin Anonymous?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

“Last time I checked in America, prayers were still legal."

Wait Until You See the Questions on Prayer Asked of Lt. Col. Oliver North When Lois Lerner Was at the FEC in the 90s!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

NASA report verifies carbon dioxide actually cools atmosphere

(NaturalNews) Practically everything you have been told by the mainstream scientific community and the media about the alleged detriments of greenhouse gases, and particularly carbon dioxide, appears to be false, according to new data compiled by NASA's Langley Research Center. As it turns out, all those atmospheric greenhouse gases that Al Gore and all the other global warming hoaxers have long claimed are overheating and destroying our planet are actually cooling it, based on the latest evidence.



1. $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year.

2. $2.2 Billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens.

3. $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens.

4. $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of English!

5. $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for education for the American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor babies.

6. $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens.

7. 30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens.

8. $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on illegal aliens for Welfare & social services by the American taxpayers.

9. $200 Billion Dollars a year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal aliens.

10. The illegal aliens in the United States have a crime rate that's two and a half times that of white non-illegal aliens. In particular, their children, are going to make a huge additional crime p roblem in the United States

11. During the year of 2005 there were 4 to 10 MILLION illegal aliens that crossed our Southern Border also, as many as 19,500 illegal aliens from Terrorist Countries. Millions of pounds of drugs, cocaine, meth, heroine and marijuana, crossed into the U. S. from the Southern border. Homeland Security Report:

12. The National Policy Institute, "estimated that the total cost of mass deportation would be between $206 and $230 billion or an average cost of between $41 and $46 billion annually over a five year period."

13. In 2006 illegal aliens sent home $45 BILLION in remittances back to their countries of origin.

14. "The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration: Nearly One Million Sex Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants In The United States ".

So using the LOWEST estimates, the annual cost OF ILLEGAL ALIENS is $338.3 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR! So if deporting them costs between $206 and $230 BILLION DOLLARS, if we send them home, we'll be ahead after the 1st year!!!

Please pass this on. Americans need to wake up!

Great news from Texas!

It appears that the Texas has managed to remove the controversial curriculum management program called CSCOPE from the state’s educational system. Texas State Senator Dan Patrick announced the move on Monday morning via a press release and press conference.

“I’m very pleased to announce this morning that the era of CSCOPE lesson plans has come to an end,” he said.

A wonderful, unexpected evening

On Monday my husband tells me that on Tuesday evening we're going to see former congressman Allen West in West Los Angeles (who, on January 3, 2011, took office as the first black Republican Congressman from Florida since Josiah T. Walls left office in 1876 and who recently signed on to Fox News as a contributor).

It was a really nice event with great food and lots of very patriotic people. Fun sitting next to vegan Tegra Little of the Faithful Central Bible Church, too...and many thanks to Mark Reed for the invitation! (And thank you, Veronica: keeper of the tab :-)

American Freedom Alliance
Heroes of Conscience Awards
Tuesday, May 21, 2013
The American Freedom Alliance is a group opposed to the continual and deliberate degradation of the rights afforded to the American people through the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the erosion of civil liberties for the American people, and the ever-growing power of the Federal Government in destroying American sovereignty and ignoring the basic rights of all Americans.

We do not necessarily support taking up arms but we do support the Second Amendment.

AFA believes that the law governing the American people is the U.S. Constitution and no government has the right to amend, erode, or eradicate those rights without the express permission of the majority of the American people. The current actions of the Federal Government in suspending habeus corpus and nullifying the Posse Comitatus Act, as well as the establishment of FEMA camps within the continental United States, is a direct threat to the American people and to American sovereignty, and we will not tolerate it.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Watergate: Step by Step

Sam Donaldson, Cokie Roberts Remember Watergate Step by Step








Dominoes starting to fall...

Uh-Oh: Hillary's Benghazi Scapegoat Speaks Out
Maxwell's decision to challenge Clinton suggests that there may indeed be much more to the Benghazi scandal than is yet known.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Getting rid of feng shui - UPDATES

Some interesting comments about Feng Shui
No one has adequately proven the validity and beneficial results of either Compass or Black Hat Feng Shui, which contradict each other, and each claims to be right. Safe to say, it belongs in the realm of hyper motivational speakers and self-proclaimed experts hawking dubious theories to enrich themselves at the expense of the naive and uninformed.

Besides, if Feng Shui REALLY did work, China would be the richest nation on earth, instead of one of the poorest. That alone is ample evidence of the impotence of Feng Shui.
We might move away from California, so have started going through stuff because, well, you know that moving is a bitch!

Started today with checking out the reviews for this book:

In fact, might get rid of ALL my Feng Shui books!

UPDATE: I'll be keeping this one, though ("This book is a fabulous tool for anyone who develops attachments with their belongings and has a hard time deciding what to get rid of. Mary Lambert's book taught me to be in control of my stuff, rather than letting my stuff be in control of me. Following the suggestions in her book, my home has transformed, and in turn, so has a part of myself. Since I have followed the "clutter-clearing" tips she offers, I feel a giant weight lifted off my shoulders. It is a very liberating feeling to be turned from a "pack-rat" into a "clutter-combator". I highly recommend this book!")


OK, decided to keep this one, too:

I like "The Effects of Clutter":
"You home breathes like a living body. Its breath, or chi, comes in and out through the doors and windows and flows through the corridors and rooms. When it flows unobstructedly it imparts the sensations of ease and comfort. But when its flow is obstructed due to clutter, the opposite happens: your chi becomes obstructed, the elements in your body become unbalanced, and your health and affairs suffer.

In numerous feng shui consultations over the past several years, I have noticed certain common patterns involving clutter. Clutter is related to instincts of self-protection and hoarding, on the one hand, and to feelings of insecurity, on the other. Clutter corresponds essentially to the Earth element. If Earth is negative, you worry. Positive Earth nurtures. The person who clutters needs nurturing, or needs to be provided with nourishment and support. If you tend to clutter, you should ask yourself what you need to feel secure and happy, and what it is that you believe about yourself that prevents you from having it.
And also "Finding A New Home And Making Alterations":
Finding a new home always marks a turning point in life. Sorting things out, throwing away what is no longer useful, packing up, moving out of the old place, and moving into the new lace naturally helps you resolve the past and make decisions for your future.

The time of your move is important and will have either positive or negative effects on your health, career, finances, and relationships...There are many people who unwittingly move to places that cause adverse conditions to develop in their lives, or who move to places that magnify adverse conditions already existing...

The IRS & Executive Order 13522

The questions that should be asked and answered do not stop with the convenient scapegoating of one already-leaving agency head, and a few “rogue” employees.

It will take a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of it.

IMPORTANT: If you are/were a donor to Sheriff Joe Arpaio or at least a resident of Maricopa county, AZ

From Attorney Orly Taitz, Esq. May 19, 2013:

Who has the greatest power to push for criminal prosecution of Obama?

I am explaining it again: the greatest leverage is in the hands of the donors for sheriff Arpaio and citizens of Maricopa county, AZ.

Why so? Because Arpaio already announced that Obama’s BC is a 100% forgery, however he is not willing to file a criminal complaint, as he is supposed to as the chief law enforcement officer of the Maricopa County.

WND, which is a big backer for Arpaio, Zullo and Klayman is talking about an appeal in the Supreme court of AL. first, as WND had a 50/50 split of donations with Kreep there is a high probability that WND and possibly Western journalism connected to WND and possibly PPSimmons got financial compensation from arpaio or his team, either got payment for advertising and fundraising or an outright percentage of donations received. If this is the case, their reporting is highly biased.

Now, as i said before, I really hope that the Supreme Court of AL will rule for the plaintiffs, however even if this appeal is granted in half a year or so, it will not make any difference, as the plaintiffs asked the Secretary of State of Al to ask the Department of Health of HI for a certified copy of Obama’s BC. All HI will do, is certify another copy of the same forgery, of the same computer generated forgery and you are in square one.

On the other hand there is a way to proceed immediately with the criminal complaint.

As I said, for nearly 3 years Arpaio and Zullo were making press conferences saying that they are conducting a criminal investigation and now after 3 years of raising money for their alleged criminal instigation they are refusing to file a criminal complaint, saying that they do not have jurisdiction to file, even though they have 100% proof that Obama’s BC is a forgery.

So, we are seeing the same passing the buck, same kicking the can.

What can be done? People who donated to Arpaio have now all the power and all the leverage. They can demand that Arpaio file his findings or they will file a legal action against Arpaio and seek 2 things:

1. An injunction, an order of specific performance, a writ of mandamus from the court ordering Arpaio to file this criminal complaint with proper prosecutors.

2. refund of all the donations due to lack of performance and due to solicitation of donations under false pretenses.

What is happening now is that Arpaio is afraid of Obama, just like judges are afraid when they claim that they have no jurisdiction, however in this situation Arpaio will be afraid of the donors more than he will be afraid of Obama.

Why so?

Normally law enforcement officer has a prosecutorial discretion, however the discretion is whether there is enough evidence to convict. When Arpaio stated that Obama’s BC ia a 100% forgery, then it is beyond discretion.

In this situation Obama does not have any any cards in his deck, however the people hold all the aces.

Obama will not be a defendant in this case and he will not be able to bring his attorneys to challenge on his behalf. This will be a private action, so Arpaio will have to respond personally. This will give a lot of publicity to the issue of Obama’s forged IDs and Obama will not be able to do anything about it.

I know that Arpaio is afraid that Obama will retaliate against him, however what can Obama do?

1. If Arpaio thinks that Obama might refile his law suit against Arpaio for violation of civil rights of Hispanics this will not happen, as it will be a very obvious retaliation. The feds dismissed their case against Arpaio last August saying that there was not enough evidence. So what will the feds say? Will they say that they had an understanding that they will dismiss their case against Arpaio and Arpaio will never file his criminal complaint against Obama? They can’t say that, they will have to stay quiet.

2. I don’t know if Arpaio received any financial considertion not to file a criminal complaint against Obama, to say that he has no jurisdiction after nearly 3 years of criminal investigation and after receiving millions in donations for this criminal investigation I hope that there was no financial consideration. But if arguendo, one were to believe that there was some type of a consideration, what will Obama do? Do you think he file file a law suit saying “I want my money back?” He can’t.

3. Obama is now weakened and his henchmen in IRS and DOJ are weakened by scandals. We are getting stronger.

So, please, if you are a donor to Arpaio or at least a resident of Maricopa county, AZ, demand a meeting and demand that he stop the nonsense. He is a chief law enforcement officer of his county. People turned to him as a law enforcement officer. You do not enforce the law by doing press conferences and just talking to people. You enforce the law by filing a criminal complaint. Please, keep up the pressure and tell Arpaio that after he stated that Obama’s BC is a 100%forgery, he, as a chief law enforcement officer, has a duty to file a criminal complaint that fraud was committed and that Obama ran for office in his jurisdiction using forged and fraudulently obtained IDs as a proof of his identity. Anybody else would be in prison for that and so should Obama. Tell Arpaio that if he does not file a criminal complaint and show a copy of the signed, dated and stamped criminal complaint, donors will file a complaint against Arpaio for:

1. soliciting and accepting donations under the false pretenses

2. misappropriation of donations.

3. violation of oath of office

4. denial of honest services under the color of authority

5. deprivation of civil right to a lawful law enforcement, redress of grievances, egual protection under the color of authority.

Demand that Arpaio and Zullo file the criminal complaint ASAP. You have the most leverage: use it or lose.

Who wants to impeach Obama?



Saturday, May 18, 2013

Disabled Veterans Have Checks Stolen By IRS

The IRS is still figuring out ways to get to a veteran’s disability money. How do I know? Recently, it happened to me.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Child sacrifice in America - UPDATES

Hiring Better Teachers May Be Racist, Say Bad Teachers

The pedophiles celebrated their greatest success in March 1985 at the Greens’ state manifesto conference in Lüdenscheid, in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia. There, the party approved a position paper that sought to generally allow “non-violent sexuality” between adults and children.
"In America, it will be the Democrats."

...a fetus that Karpen thought was dead suddenly 'opened its eyes and grabbed (the doctor's) finger' after he wrenched it from the womb...

A citizen's poem

Barack Hussein Obama, Shut the F*** Up

My job is gone

My bills go unpaid

Everyday I fear

A government raid

The border is open

The factories are closed

Our economy and Freedom

Have both been hosed

This hope and change

Is surely no fun

While the President golfs

I cling to my gun

He says to be happy

With my half empty cup

Barack Hussein Obama

Please shut the fuck up

It's all due to him

When something is well

He'll blame someone else

When it all goes to hell

He jumps on TV

Just to tell us all lies

He's smooth as can be

'Til the teleprompter dies

He gives private plane rides

To his purebred pet pup

Barack Hussein Obama

Please shut the fuck up

He says bring a gun to the fight

Hit back twice as hard

While every so often

He'll play the race card

Saying come for the ride

You conservative hack

You're welcome of course

Just sit in the back

His minions get raises

While the rest of us pray

We can pay all our bills

At the end of the day

So it's time we all said

As the country goes south

Barack Hussein Obama

Shut your big fucking mouth


Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups...especially on election day."

IRS: “What was the content of your prayers?” - UPDATE

Hugh Hewitt: THE HEARING

Wow. This was an amazing speech by Rep. Mike Kelly as he puts this IRS scandal in the proper perspective, even questioning why the IRS Commissioner isn’t outraged by this. He tells the commissioner that this is a huge scandal because it reconfirms to the American people the things they fear about dealing with the IRS and calls it a huge blow to the faith and trust the American people have in their government.

Kelly’s speech was so good he gets a standing ovation at the end. Watch:


MORE VIDEOS from Legal Insurrection.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

@hotairblog - Answer to Allahpundit's question

Re: Joseph Grant, retiring IRS official

From IRS website:
Grant, Kay Named to IRS Leadership Posts IR-2013-47, May 8, 2013 — The IRS announced the selection of Joseph H. Grant as commissioner of the Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division and Sheldon Kay as Chief of Appeals.

Joseph Grant had been Deputy Commissioner and previously, Acting Commissioner, Tax-Exempt Government Entities

Was he promoted from acting commissioner to commissioner, or from some lower rank to acting commissioner? I can’t find any personnel announcement online. The distinction is important, as one suggests this is a legit scalp-taking and the other suggests it’s a farce. If he was installed as permanent commissioner only to “retire” now, then obviously he was pushed out against his wishes. If he was merely promoted to acting commissioner, then it looks like he was elevated for the purpose of taking the fall. If anyone has a link, please send it.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why did police and social services allow a Muslim child sex trafficking ring to sexually torture girls as young as 11 for eight years?

Because law enforcement didn't want to offend Muslim sensibilities, or worse, be accused of racist-islamophobic-bigotry.
They used knives, cleavers and baseball bats to inflict severe pain on the girls for their twisted pleasure.

The arrival of "the smoking gun?"

Obama administration may have even secretly obtained phone records for members of Congress is going to be a bombshell if true.
This S— Just Got Real

Hugh Hewitt:
"Wow. . .I did not know that, and that is a stunner."

Tuesday, May 14, 2013



09:24 "They're trying to squeeze out as much money as possible.

With MF GLOBAL and JOHN CORZINE: That was a Beta test to see if they could take secured customer funds and get away with it AND THEY DID.

They're coming for our private checking accounts next.
Susanne Posel

Scandal? Have I got a scandal for YOU!

Jonathan Bernstein over at the Washington Post wants you to know that of course he knows about that (phony) Benghazi thingie, not to mention all the to-do about the IRS that, while "apparently" real, is only just a tiny little one (scandal).

But have you HEARD about those Senate REPUBLICANS?  They're "continuing, and possibly accelerating, obstruction of executive branch nominees" as we speak!
Yes, I know that in the way Washington works, this kind of routine disruption of normal government procedures doesn’t qualify as a Scandal! But it should. And while it’s quite proper for those concerned about good government to be outraged by the IRS story, this one is a much bigger deal, and the facts of it are plain for all to see — in fact, the people responsible are openly bragging about what they’re doing.

Now that’s a scandal!

So, folks, don't waste your time on all these can't-keep-track-of-'em-'cause-there's-so-many-of-'em scandals swirling around Obama's head (along with all those flies) because you just might miss out on the REALLY big one over at the Senate with, who else, the Republicans.

I'm sure he tried to squeeze George W. Bush in there somewhere...or Rush Limbaugh...or Sarah Palin...

But anyway, "Republicans...make it impossible for the normal machinery of government to function" don'tcha know?

(Don't pay any attention to the Stimulus or Obamacare or Dodd-Frank, though...)

Monday, May 13, 2013

IRS attorney posted threats that if attorney Taitz discloses her identity “men in black will pay her a visit and this visit will not be friendly and will not be pleasant”.

I, Orly Taitz, am a licensed attorney and President of Defend Our Freedoms not for profit CA Corporation dedicated to exposing corruption in the government and judiciary and educating the public about their constitutional freedoms and ways to fight lawlessness and corruption in the government. I attest that following is true and correct to the best of my knowledge:

McConnell: IRS Revelations 'Just The Beginning'

“The Obama effort to shut up opponents isn’t limited to the IRS,” he stated. “It applies to the FCC [Federal Communications Commission], SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission], FEC [Federal Elections Commission], HHS [Department of Health and Human Services] ….

And you remember, the Obama campaign last year published a list of eight businessmen who it believed were enemies.”

Sunday, May 12, 2013

New information on who killed JFK

Legendary Republican operative Roger Stone claims in his new book that Lyndon Johnson arranged John F. Kennedy’s assassination, and that Richard Nixon and Johnson had a documented relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald’s killer, Jack Ruby, years before Ruby shot Oswald in the basement of Dallas police headquarters in 1963.

* Never before revealed: I worked at Universal Studios for sixteen years during the 1980's and the 1990's. Sometime during the 1990's when I was eating at the "Texaco" building's cafeteria on the lot at Universal, I got into a lunchtime conversation with a tour bus driver from out of town.

He revealed that he used to go to the same bar that Jack Ruby owned and had seen Jack there with Lee Harvey Oswald on more than one occasion.

If true, it changes the official story in a big way!
In late 1959, Jack Ruby became a partner of Joe Slatin in establishing the Sovereign Club, a private club that was apparently permitted by Texas law to sell liquor to members. Since Slatin was troubled about Dallas news stories describing police raids on a private club that permitted gambling, he felt he needed more capital. Ruby invested about $6,000 which he borrowed from his brother Earl and perhaps some of his own money.

Experiencing difficulty in recruiting sufficient members, Ruby soon found himself again unable to pay the Sovereign's monthly rent of $550. Again he turned to Paul, who loaned him $1,650 on the condition that he change the club's method of operation. Paul insisted that Ruby discontinue club memberships, even though this would prevent the sale of liquor, and offer striptease shows as a substitute attraction. Ruby agreed, and the Sovereign's name was changed to the Carousel Club. It became one of three downtown Dallas burlesque clubs and served champagne, beer, "setups" and pizza, its only food. The Carousel generally employed four strippers, a master of ceremonies, an assistant manager, a band, three or four waitresses, and a porter or handyman. Net receipts averaged about $5, 000 per month most of which was allocated to the club's payroll. Late in 1963, Ruby began to distribute "permanent passes" to the Carousel; however, the cards were apparently designed solely for publicity and did not affect the club's legal status.


Obama’s Department of Education Eliminates “Father” and “Mother” From Student Aid Forms

So, instead of "Father's Day" or "Mother's Day" it'll be:


Hillary Clinton fired for lies, unethical behavior
The now-retired general counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee, who supervised Hillary when she worked on the Watergate investigation, says Hillary’s history of lies and unethical behavior goes back farther – and goes much deeper – than anyone realizes.

Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, supervised the work of 27-year-old Hillary Rodham on the committee. Hillary got a job working on the investigation at the behest of her former law professor, Burke Marshall, who was also Sen. Ted Kennedy’s chief counsel in the Chappaquiddick affair. When the investigation was over, Zeifman fired Hillary from the committee staff and refused to give her a letter of recommendation – one of only three people who earned that dubious distinction in Zeifman’s 17-year career.


“Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said in an interview last week. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

MSM covers Obama administration's newest scandal - UPDATE

Thanks to a post over at Legal Insurrection, I'm posting two -- get this -- MSM (MAIN STREAM MEDIA) articles about the newest Obama administration scandal:

Washington Post [Editorial Board]
The agency said that it now has rules in place to make sure this sort of thing never happens again. How could such basic safeguards not have existed in the first place? And what are the new rules? In response to our questions, officials did not say.

Thankfully, it’s a safe bet that the decision on whether to answer such questions won’t rest solely with the agency for much longer.
and the New York Times
The historical term for this kind of anxiety is “Brown Scare” — an inordinate fear of a vast far-right conspiracy, which resembles the anti-Communist panics of our past.
The New York Times obtained a 12-page timeline from the inspector general’s audit on Sunday. It suggests that the effort to single out Tea Party groups goes back to March 2010. . .

HAT TIP: Hugh Hewitt

Saturday, May 11, 2013

It was a hit, pure and simple

On Benghazi and 'Expendable Faggots'
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - May 10, AD 2013 5:16 AM MST

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, along with the rest of the regime players, murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens. It was a hit. It wasn't incompetence. It wasn't deer-in-the-headlights collective inaction. It wasn't a kidnapping plot gone wrong. It was a hit.

The whole incompetence argument is simply the domain of moral and intellectual cowards who insist upon seeing the world through rose colored glasses and deny objective reality. My contempt for these people knows no bounds. It's one thing to be stupid. It is quite another to be a coward. Cowardice is a pure moral choice. This is why courage is the fruit of the Third Sorrowful Mystery (the crowning with thorns). If courage was a genetic phenotype, as baseline intelligence largely is (as opposed to willful ignorance), then Our Lord would not desire that we pray for the grace of courage every day. Show me someone arguing that the Obama regime is incompetent and I'll show you a quivering little coward.

Next is the whole "kidnapping plot gone wrong" argument. Sorry. It doesn't hold water. First, the theory that Obama wanted to do a prisoner exchange of Ambassador Stevens for the Blind Sheik right before the election in order to look like some sort of hero is simply ludicrous. Americans would have been repulsed and disgusted by such a move. Americans don't cotton to capitulation to kidnappers. And releasing the Blind Sheik? No, this would have worked against Obama in public opinion. The fact of one of our Ambassadors being kidnapped at all would have come off as a sign of profound weakness, and releasing the Blind Sheik would have pegged the needle on the ol' wimp-o-meter.

Next, this kidnapping scenario assumes that the Obama regime was relying on fairly contested elections, had no election fraud teams in place in the major metro areas of the swing states, and/or was truly Nixonian in its desire for a unanimous victory. Again, nope. They clearly weren't going for a unanimous or near-unanimous electoral college sweep as Nixon was trying to do. They were all about targeted fraud in the swing states. They had no care or concern about winning Kansas, Wyoming or Oklahoma. The motives simply don't match up.

Finally, we have to ask why the Clintons were co-conspirators in the murder of Stevens. WHY are the Clintons (a) participating in the initial murder of Stevens and (b) not throwing Obama and Jarrett under the bus? The Obama machine stole the 2008 primaries from Hillary, and both Bill and Hillary personally loathe Obama and his Chicago crew. Why this unholy demonic alliance?

Because Chris Stevens was a lynchpin in the running of arms by the Obama regime and Clinton's State Department in full cooperation with each other to the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda through Libya. And yes, it is absolutely sane and appropriate to assume that Huma Abedin (Hillary's consigliere and daughter of high-ranking Muslim Brotherhood leaders) figures into this. Both Obama's White House and Hillary's State Department were mutually and equally tied to this arms running, and both of their bacons were equally in the fire. The Obama White House, I am convinced, has plans for the retention of power beyond 2016 (Michelle?), and Hillary thinks she is going to be POTUS from 2017-2025. The bottom line is that the duumvirate of the most dangerous, evil psychopaths on the face of the earth decided for slightly different reasons that Ambassador Stevens needed to be dead in order to cover the gunrunning to the Muslim Brotherhood, and so together, they killed him. They withdrew all of his security (at the behest of the State Department), told the Muslim Brotherhood that it was all-clear, guaranteed that there would be no response or retaliation to an attack (only the Oval Office could issue the stand-down order), and even put the cherry on top by instantly framing the entire hit as some sort of musloid blasphemy propaganda. That was just gratuitous. Sickeningly gratuitous.

If it had been a kidnapping plot, Chris Stevens would have been KIDNAPPED. Remember, he had almost no security in the end. He wouldn't have been gang raped, killed and then had his dead body gang raped again.

The Clintons have a long history of having people murdered, all the way back into the early 1980's in Arkansas. Vince Foster. Ron Brown. These people are psychopaths and murderers. You have to deal with this.

The Obama machine, being neo-Stalinist, is also murderous, having seen to the assassination of at least three of Barry's sodomy partners from Trinity UCC cult on the South Side of Chicago. Purely as an aside, don't you think that it is odd that an attention whore like Jeremiah Wright saw three members of his cult murdered within just a few weeks of one another and never said a WORD publicly about that? No demands for a full FBI investigation on the front steps. No march through the streets with Jesse Jackson and Fr. Pfleger demanding that justice be done and that the targeted killings of his flock be given the highest priority by law enforcement. Nope. Nothing. It's almost as if Wright was neither surprised nor alarmed by the rapid serial killing of his "parishioners". I wonder what POSSIBLE EXPLANATION there could be for that?

Sadly, Chris Stevens was just another "expendable faggot" in the eyes of the Obama-Clinton machine. He was a dead man the day he accepted the position. And doesn't it seem odd that the Obama-Clinton machine would send a known sodomite man to be the ambassador to an unstable, backward muslim country to begin with? Again, it was probably done intentionally as a last-ditch hedge, an ace-up-the-sleeve as it were. Stevens could be killed, and then turned into some sort of sodomite martyr as a last-ditch plan. But, they didn't need that. They had the "blasphemy video". Eyeroll.

Finally, I would like to reiterate that the ultimate "expendable faggot" is Barry himself. I worry. I worried terribly after he showed up stoned to the first debate. I continue to worry now. Barry the man is in no way any sort of intellectual driver behind the regime. He is a puppet, a facade, a lazy imbecile and sodomite and nothing more. If the drivers decide that he is worth more dead than alive, assassinating their "expendable faggot" would be the mother of all Reichstag Fires, and would likely result in instant suspension of the Constitution and martial law. IF BARRY IS ASSASSINATED, THE FIRST THING THAT A TEXAS, A KANSAS, AND ANY OTHER REMNANT STATES LOYAL TO THE CONSTITUTION SHOULD DO IS SECEDE. LIKE, WITHIN MINUTES.

And you people keep paying taxes into this.

Kyrie eleison.
Christe eleison.
Kyrie eleison.

REPORT: Senior IRS officials knew that agents were targeting conservatives since 2011

And that IRS spokespersons are lying suggests how far up the conspiracy goes.

Friday, May 10, 2013

10 worst states for retirement



Our "Commander in Chief" BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA

Family members and former military personnel claimed President Obama turned the SEALs group into a Taliban target after the administration revealed they had conducted the bin Laden raid...

Many military experts at the time, including some of Obama’s top military advisers, had questioned the White House’s public praise of SEAL Team 6 and said it put members in danger. Three months after bin Laden’s death, members of the SEAL Team 6 force — though apparently not the same ones who carried out the bin Laden raid — were on board the CH-47 Chinook transport helicopter, along with its Army National Guard aircrew, several support personnel and seven Afghan commandos. In all, 38 people died that night after the chopper was shot down by a Taliban-owned rocket-propelled grenade –or RPG – over the Wardak Province on Aug. 6, 2011.
US Military allows Muslim cleric to curse fallen US soldiers during their funeral service after they died in Afghanistan.

04:46 - 05:46

The Benghazi hearings sucked most of the oxygen in the room on the right, which is why the press conference on the next day by SEAL families and military experts on the Seal Team Six attack got little attention from the conservative media.

Those that did write about it focused mainly on the Muslim prayer, but not on the bigger issues involving the Rules of Engagement. And those issues, believe it or not, are bigger than Benghazi.

A reader sent in two articles that he felt belonged with this post:

Radicalizing the Military
Will the Left Radicalize the Military?


Although he says he's not calling this a "cover up," there really is no other description for what this news story is about!
Jon Karl reports that Obama administration talking points on Benghazi underwent 12 revisions.
Benghazi Documents Scrubbed of Terror Reference: ABC News Digital Report

Thursday, May 09, 2013


It’s a Woman’s Fault If She Is Murdered For Talking Too Much

CHECHNYA: What is yet to come

We have had our first, slightest brush with the Chechen style of terrorism on our own soil. With the knowledge of what has occurred in the past, along with the stated goals of our enemies in the present, one must conclude that it will not be the last or the most significant.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Hugh Hewitt says that sending this message will cause them to have to take action: OR CALL, OR WRITE, OR EMAIL...JUST DO SOMETHING!

Nail in the coffin?

...we have also now heard through a few sources that Obama has sent letters to certain people, informing them that if they did not do as he wished, they would be held to a much stronger line than ever before; in other words, Chicago politics at its worst!

Allen West on the Benghazi hearings today

Allen West's post on FB today:
House Oversight Committee on Benghazi hearing today, and yes, it does make a difference. The difference is, have certain individuals become so focused on winning political offices that they will lie, deceive, and mislead the American people? Are we so willing to sacrifice the lives of four Americans just so we can have a president we like and set up a presidential run for someone we feel is entitled? Losing an Ambassador cannot be the new normal. Abandoning two former US Navy SEALS engaged in mortal combat is reprehensible. Warning to the MSM, if you maintain your normal political bias in this case you will never be forgiven. Furthermore, you will have surrendered your journalistic integrity, assuming it ever existed. President Richard M. Nixon resigned over breaking and entering. The trail of deceit in the Benghazi incident leads back to the White House. Video, what damn video? President Obama, I recommend you search your soul for honesty because no silver-tongued teleprompter speech is acceptable. Salvage your honor, what little there is, or face the eventual wrath of the American people: yes, impeachment.

The other cover up...

Report: CBS News Bosses Irked by Correspondent's Thorough Benghazi Reporting

Tuesday, May 07, 2013





Retailers are cutting worker hours at a rate not seen in more than three decades

Thanks Barack… Retailers Cut Hours At Rate Not Seen in 3 Decades – Due to Obamacare

Monday, May 06, 2013


Breaking: Sharyl Attkisson tweets reveal Obama admin lies; US Special Forces stopped from going to Benghazi; Update: ‘Might have saved American lives’

New addition to "Military"

Real Clear Defense

Just added under category "Military" (scroll way down, right panel).

There's a series of "Real Clear" websites: Politics, Economics, World, Sports, etc.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Benghazi timeline spreadsheet

The Complete Benghazi Timeline in Spreadsheet Format
a) Hillary Clinton lied under oath to Congress.

b) Barack Obama went to sleep knowing that a U.S. Ambassador and other Americans were under terrorist attack.

c) Barack Obama awoke refreshed the next day to begin fundraising.

d) The entire Executive Branch lied repeatedly to the American people to save Obama's chances for reelection.

Obama's secret Benghazi timeline exposed

A top-secret timeline from inside the Obama administration shows how the U.S. government heavily altered talking points about the Benghazi consulate attack that left four Americans dead, despite having clear intelligence reports from Libya indicating that an al Qaeda-linked terror group 'claimed credit' for destroying the diplomatic outpost.

According to a report scheduled for publication May 13 in The Weekly Standard, Deputy CIA Director Mike Morrell cut or changed four of the six paragraphs - removing 148 of the 248 words - in a classified assessment of what happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

The Weekly Standard released its article online Thursday, likely to make it public before a May 8 House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing about the terror attack.

Saturday, May 04, 2013


PREP CANDY FROM Instapundit: Blog Forum

Top ten worst cities for traffic congestion

  1. Los Angeles

  2. Honolulu

  3. San Francisco

  4. Austin

  5. New York

  6. Bridgeport

  7. San Jose

  8. Seattle

  9. Washington, D.C.

  10. Boston

Are you an intolerant weedophobe?

Or are you sitting in Bill Maher's hot tub?

Friday, May 03, 2013

Punishment for reading Bible in a muslim country

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Say goodbye to an angel

If you click here you will see one of the most beautiful pictures of a woman you've ever seen!

Sadly, Carol (aka Amusing Bunni) lost her battle with a very aggressive form of cancer that was diagnosed last fall.

While she was without a family, her online family really stepped up and made sure she was able to stay at home until her very last day on earth.


Wednesday, May 01, 2013

EXAMINER: Obama document fraud case on the move

‘We recently discovered new irrefutable evidence, which confirms, hands down, the document is a fraud’
CAVE CREEK – On Tuesday, Cold Case Posse lead investigator Lt. Mike Zullo told Sonoran News there is a movement underfoot toward prosecution of the Obama document fraud they uncovered during their investigation.
According to Zullo, there is an increased number of people, whom he would only refer to as “VIPs,” that will not only bring the case to the public light, but to prosecution.
Zullo also stated, “We recently discovered new irrefutable evidence, which confirms, hands down, the document [birth certificate] is a fraud.”
“The problem isn’t the evidence,” said Zullo, “It’s getting people who can do something about it to attend an evidence presentation.”
But, he said, that all appears to be changing and there is increased interest in exposing the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.
Attorney Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, currently has an Obama eligibility case on appeal in the Alabama Supreme Court before Judge Roy Moore.


11/29/06: Glenn Reynolds - A Second American Civil War?

Guess who is to blame for the Boston Marathon bombing?

The one thing that needs to be done – an official acknowledgement of the reality and magnitude of the global jihad, and the commitment of U.S. intelligence to understanding and combating it – is the one thing that will not be done.

After all, the Administration official Obama has charged with ferreting out the lessons of Boston is none other than his director of national intelligence, James “Clueless” Clapper, who thinks the Muslim Brotherhood is “largely secular.”

So far, not one single case challenging the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the office of president was heard on the merits

Press Release: Appellant’s opening brief filed in Taitz v Obama, Feinstein and Emken:
Second part of the case provides over 100 pages of sworn affidavits of top law enforcement officials and official records, showing that Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Soebarkah committed fraud and ran for the position of the U.S. President and established his eligibility for the position of the U.S. President based on all forged and fraudulently obtained IDs: E-verify and SSNVS records showed that Obama used a CT Social Security number xxx-xx-4425, which was never assigned to him, forged birth certificate, forged Selective Service certificate, last name not legally his and Indonesian citizenship. Not only Obama never had any valid IDs to show him as a natural born citizen, as required based on Article 2, section1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution, all of the evidence showed that he never had any IDs to show any citizenship and any legal status for him. While the evidence against Obama and evidence of elections fraud was gradually developed and it evolved during the past 4 years, one thing remained constant: desire of courts to use any and all excuses to cover up elections fraud and cover up Obama’s use of forged and stolen IDs.

There were multiple challenges filed all over the country by some 45 licensed attorneys and hundreds of pro se litigants. So far not one single case was heard on the merits. Obama consistently refused to comply with any and all subpoenas by all the attorneys and litigants and so far not one single judge held Obama accountable, not one single judge issued an order to compel production of the original wet ink vital records of Obama while all of the copies released to the public were deemed by dozens of experts to be crude laughable forgeries.

In general we are seeing a vicious cycle and all three branches of the government not acting as independent branches that are supposed to provide a system of checks and balances. We are seeing reports of FBI and CIA agents and informers working as aids for congressmen, editors of major papers and as staff attorneys and attorney-law clerks for highly positioned judges. This provides an unprecedented level of censorship which was exacerbated by 9/11.

This system leaves the U.S. citizens effectively deprived of their First Amendment right for Redress of Grievances, and often elections fraud cases, particularly ones dealing with the usurpation of the U.S. Presidency by Obama, are being dismissed on technicalities, excuses. There were instances of retaliation by members of the judiciary against members of the U.S. military and civil rights leaders and attorneys seeking to end elections fraud and seeking an adjudication on the merits in relation to Obama’s forged IDs.