Sunday, May 19, 2013

Getting rid of feng shui - UPDATES

Some interesting comments about Feng Shui
No one has adequately proven the validity and beneficial results of either Compass or Black Hat Feng Shui, which contradict each other, and each claims to be right. Safe to say, it belongs in the realm of hyper motivational speakers and self-proclaimed experts hawking dubious theories to enrich themselves at the expense of the naive and uninformed.

Besides, if Feng Shui REALLY did work, China would be the richest nation on earth, instead of one of the poorest. That alone is ample evidence of the impotence of Feng Shui.
We might move away from California, so have started going through stuff because, well, you know that moving is a bitch!

Started today with checking out the reviews for this book:

In fact, might get rid of ALL my Feng Shui books!

UPDATE: I'll be keeping this one, though ("This book is a fabulous tool for anyone who develops attachments with their belongings and has a hard time deciding what to get rid of. Mary Lambert's book taught me to be in control of my stuff, rather than letting my stuff be in control of me. Following the suggestions in her book, my home has transformed, and in turn, so has a part of myself. Since I have followed the "clutter-clearing" tips she offers, I feel a giant weight lifted off my shoulders. It is a very liberating feeling to be turned from a "pack-rat" into a "clutter-combator". I highly recommend this book!")


OK, decided to keep this one, too:

I like "The Effects of Clutter":
"You home breathes like a living body. Its breath, or chi, comes in and out through the doors and windows and flows through the corridors and rooms. When it flows unobstructedly it imparts the sensations of ease and comfort. But when its flow is obstructed due to clutter, the opposite happens: your chi becomes obstructed, the elements in your body become unbalanced, and your health and affairs suffer.

In numerous feng shui consultations over the past several years, I have noticed certain common patterns involving clutter. Clutter is related to instincts of self-protection and hoarding, on the one hand, and to feelings of insecurity, on the other. Clutter corresponds essentially to the Earth element. If Earth is negative, you worry. Positive Earth nurtures. The person who clutters needs nurturing, or needs to be provided with nourishment and support. If you tend to clutter, you should ask yourself what you need to feel secure and happy, and what it is that you believe about yourself that prevents you from having it.
And also "Finding A New Home And Making Alterations":
Finding a new home always marks a turning point in life. Sorting things out, throwing away what is no longer useful, packing up, moving out of the old place, and moving into the new lace naturally helps you resolve the past and make decisions for your future.

The time of your move is important and will have either positive or negative effects on your health, career, finances, and relationships...There are many people who unwittingly move to places that cause adverse conditions to develop in their lives, or who move to places that magnify adverse conditions already existing...

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