Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Scandal? Have I got a scandal for YOU!

Jonathan Bernstein over at the Washington Post wants you to know that of course he knows about that (phony) Benghazi thingie, not to mention all the to-do about the IRS that, while "apparently" real, is only just a tiny little one (scandal).

But have you HEARD about those Senate REPUBLICANS?  They're "continuing, and possibly accelerating, obstruction of executive branch nominees" as we speak!
Yes, I know that in the way Washington works, this kind of routine disruption of normal government procedures doesn’t qualify as a Scandal! But it should. And while it’s quite proper for those concerned about good government to be outraged by the IRS story, this one is a much bigger deal, and the facts of it are plain for all to see — in fact, the people responsible are openly bragging about what they’re doing.

Now that’s a scandal!

So, folks, don't waste your time on all these can't-keep-track-of-'em-'cause-there's-so-many-of-'em scandals swirling around Obama's head (along with all those flies) because you just might miss out on the REALLY big one over at the Senate with, who else, the Republicans.

I'm sure he tried to squeeze George W. Bush in there somewhere...or Rush Limbaugh...or Sarah Palin...

But anyway, "Republicans...make it impossible for the normal machinery of government to function" don'tcha know?

(Don't pay any attention to the Stimulus or Obamacare or Dodd-Frank, though...)

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