Friday, May 24, 2013

Melanin must be a drug

There are real reporters out there--Lemann and Tapper are two, Mike Allen, Dan Balz, Ryan Lizza, Wolf Blitzer, and, yes, Candy Crowley [!@#!] are other non-FNCers who are tough on all comers most of the time--but the resource allocation and story selection trends, as well as the general hard-left tilt of the permanent Manhattan-Beltway media elite has cut the profession off from its strongest source of support among ordinary viewers and voters: the reputation for pursuing every story without fear or favor wherever it leads. That ethic went deep underground in 2008, and it hasn’t come back to the surface in a comprehensive, obvious fashion since. When it does, the outrage at the outrages done the press by Team Obama will travel farther than the Maryland-Virginia suburbs and Midtown.

Perhaps they should join Melanin Anonymous?

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