Sunday, May 19, 2013

IMPORTANT: If you are/were a donor to Sheriff Joe Arpaio or at least a resident of Maricopa county, AZ

From Attorney Orly Taitz, Esq. May 19, 2013:

Who has the greatest power to push for criminal prosecution of Obama?

I am explaining it again: the greatest leverage is in the hands of the donors for sheriff Arpaio and citizens of Maricopa county, AZ.

Why so? Because Arpaio already announced that Obama’s BC is a 100% forgery, however he is not willing to file a criminal complaint, as he is supposed to as the chief law enforcement officer of the Maricopa County.

WND, which is a big backer for Arpaio, Zullo and Klayman is talking about an appeal in the Supreme court of AL. first, as WND had a 50/50 split of donations with Kreep there is a high probability that WND and possibly Western journalism connected to WND and possibly PPSimmons got financial compensation from arpaio or his team, either got payment for advertising and fundraising or an outright percentage of donations received. If this is the case, their reporting is highly biased.

Now, as i said before, I really hope that the Supreme Court of AL will rule for the plaintiffs, however even if this appeal is granted in half a year or so, it will not make any difference, as the plaintiffs asked the Secretary of State of Al to ask the Department of Health of HI for a certified copy of Obama’s BC. All HI will do, is certify another copy of the same forgery, of the same computer generated forgery and you are in square one.

On the other hand there is a way to proceed immediately with the criminal complaint.

As I said, for nearly 3 years Arpaio and Zullo were making press conferences saying that they are conducting a criminal investigation and now after 3 years of raising money for their alleged criminal instigation they are refusing to file a criminal complaint, saying that they do not have jurisdiction to file, even though they have 100% proof that Obama’s BC is a forgery.

So, we are seeing the same passing the buck, same kicking the can.

What can be done? People who donated to Arpaio have now all the power and all the leverage. They can demand that Arpaio file his findings or they will file a legal action against Arpaio and seek 2 things:

1. An injunction, an order of specific performance, a writ of mandamus from the court ordering Arpaio to file this criminal complaint with proper prosecutors.

2. refund of all the donations due to lack of performance and due to solicitation of donations under false pretenses.

What is happening now is that Arpaio is afraid of Obama, just like judges are afraid when they claim that they have no jurisdiction, however in this situation Arpaio will be afraid of the donors more than he will be afraid of Obama.

Why so?

Normally law enforcement officer has a prosecutorial discretion, however the discretion is whether there is enough evidence to convict. When Arpaio stated that Obama’s BC ia a 100% forgery, then it is beyond discretion.

In this situation Obama does not have any any cards in his deck, however the people hold all the aces.

Obama will not be a defendant in this case and he will not be able to bring his attorneys to challenge on his behalf. This will be a private action, so Arpaio will have to respond personally. This will give a lot of publicity to the issue of Obama’s forged IDs and Obama will not be able to do anything about it.

I know that Arpaio is afraid that Obama will retaliate against him, however what can Obama do?

1. If Arpaio thinks that Obama might refile his law suit against Arpaio for violation of civil rights of Hispanics this will not happen, as it will be a very obvious retaliation. The feds dismissed their case against Arpaio last August saying that there was not enough evidence. So what will the feds say? Will they say that they had an understanding that they will dismiss their case against Arpaio and Arpaio will never file his criminal complaint against Obama? They can’t say that, they will have to stay quiet.

2. I don’t know if Arpaio received any financial considertion not to file a criminal complaint against Obama, to say that he has no jurisdiction after nearly 3 years of criminal investigation and after receiving millions in donations for this criminal investigation I hope that there was no financial consideration. But if arguendo, one were to believe that there was some type of a consideration, what will Obama do? Do you think he file file a law suit saying “I want my money back?” He can’t.

3. Obama is now weakened and his henchmen in IRS and DOJ are weakened by scandals. We are getting stronger.

So, please, if you are a donor to Arpaio or at least a resident of Maricopa county, AZ, demand a meeting and demand that he stop the nonsense. He is a chief law enforcement officer of his county. People turned to him as a law enforcement officer. You do not enforce the law by doing press conferences and just talking to people. You enforce the law by filing a criminal complaint. Please, keep up the pressure and tell Arpaio that after he stated that Obama’s BC is a 100%forgery, he, as a chief law enforcement officer, has a duty to file a criminal complaint that fraud was committed and that Obama ran for office in his jurisdiction using forged and fraudulently obtained IDs as a proof of his identity. Anybody else would be in prison for that and so should Obama. Tell Arpaio that if he does not file a criminal complaint and show a copy of the signed, dated and stamped criminal complaint, donors will file a complaint against Arpaio for:

1. soliciting and accepting donations under the false pretenses

2. misappropriation of donations.

3. violation of oath of office

4. denial of honest services under the color of authority

5. deprivation of civil right to a lawful law enforcement, redress of grievances, egual protection under the color of authority.

Demand that Arpaio and Zullo file the criminal complaint ASAP. You have the most leverage: use it or lose.

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