Sunday, May 26, 2013

A poet, a friend, a tribute

From Kender MacGowan:
It's Memorial Day Weekend. It's not "the start of summer" or National Summer Barbecue Day. It's a day we stop and remember those who have given their last measure in our service. Those who paid the ultimate price for our Liberty. So while you're hanging out this weekend having cookouts with friends and families remember, spread across the country, and indeed around the world, are quiet lawns of green with markers in eternal formation beneath which lie those who helped make it possible for you to have that cookout. So say a little prayer for the peace of their souls and never forget them.
Row Upon Row

The grass is green, the breezes blow
Where soldiers rest, row upon row
The flags in that same breeze do wave
Neath the stones, above the grave
Where Brothers, friends and family go
As soldiers rest, row upon row
Taps and tears and dreams long lost
Upon the storm of history tossed
In foreign lands of sand and snow
Where soldiers rest, row upon row
A cadence called in Heavens glory
Tho' we won't always know the story
They heard the call and had to go
Now honored, rest, row upon row
Trust they did not die in vain
We'll struggle with the loss and pain
And make their tales of valor grow
As soldiers rest, row upon row.


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