Friday, May 17, 2013

A citizen's poem

Barack Hussein Obama, Shut the F*** Up

My job is gone

My bills go unpaid

Everyday I fear

A government raid

The border is open

The factories are closed

Our economy and Freedom

Have both been hosed

This hope and change

Is surely no fun

While the President golfs

I cling to my gun

He says to be happy

With my half empty cup

Barack Hussein Obama

Please shut the fuck up

It's all due to him

When something is well

He'll blame someone else

When it all goes to hell

He jumps on TV

Just to tell us all lies

He's smooth as can be

'Til the teleprompter dies

He gives private plane rides

To his purebred pet pup

Barack Hussein Obama

Please shut the fuck up

He says bring a gun to the fight

Hit back twice as hard

While every so often

He'll play the race card

Saying come for the ride

You conservative hack

You're welcome of course

Just sit in the back

His minions get raises

While the rest of us pray

We can pay all our bills

At the end of the day

So it's time we all said

As the country goes south

Barack Hussein Obama

Shut your big fucking mouth


Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups...especially on election day."


kender said...

thank you

kender said...

Thank you....