Sunday, May 12, 2013

MSM covers Obama administration's newest scandal - UPDATE

Thanks to a post over at Legal Insurrection, I'm posting two -- get this -- MSM (MAIN STREAM MEDIA) articles about the newest Obama administration scandal:

Washington Post [Editorial Board]
The agency said that it now has rules in place to make sure this sort of thing never happens again. How could such basic safeguards not have existed in the first place? And what are the new rules? In response to our questions, officials did not say.

Thankfully, it’s a safe bet that the decision on whether to answer such questions won’t rest solely with the agency for much longer.
and the New York Times
The historical term for this kind of anxiety is “Brown Scare” — an inordinate fear of a vast far-right conspiracy, which resembles the anti-Communist panics of our past.
The New York Times obtained a 12-page timeline from the inspector general’s audit on Sunday. It suggests that the effort to single out Tea Party groups goes back to March 2010. . .

HAT TIP: Hugh Hewitt

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