Saturday, March 03, 2012

Connecting the Dots on Fast and Furious

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Last part of the March 2nd "American Thinker" article:
So now the current issue is whether Eric Holder should be held in contempt. The EPA scandal of the Reagan years, and other issues such as the Travel Office and U.S. attorney firings, pale in comparison to the deadly Fast and Furious scandal, along with its apparent cover-up.

Since the gun-walking scandal has been linked not only to the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in 2010, but also to the death of U.S. Immigration Agent Jaime Zapata in 2011, as well as to the deaths of 300 Mexicans, there is absolutely no reason for Eric Holder not to comply with the subpoena.

The public, as well as the victims of the deadly government operation, deserves to know the truth. Last June, in hearings before the House Oversight Committee, members of Brian Terry's family spoke, and Terry's cousin, Robert Heyer, said that other members of the Border Patrol nicknamed the former Marine "Superman."

During training for the elite tactical BORTAC unit, Terry was assigned to write something about himself. It was a poem entitled, "If This Is To Be The Day, So Be It." Terry wrote of being trained and ready to give everything he had to give, and willing to die, if necessary.

"I do not fear death," he wrote, "for I have been close enough to it on enough occasions that it no longer concerns me. But I do fear the loss of my honor, and would rather die fighting than to have it said that I was without courage."

Heyer concluded that Terry had lived a life of honor, duty, and sacrifice. "It is now up to all of us to put honor first and to remain faithful in the quest for justice."

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