Saturday, March 17, 2012

More info on Obama

From Orly Taitz, Esq.:
Yesterday [3/16/12] at a 9/12 group meeting, where most of the members are big supporters of mine, I listened to a presentation by Dr. John Drew.

He was saying that media interviewed him about his encounters with Obama at Occidental college, but main stream media simply didn’t report a word of truth of what he was saying.

He said that he knew Obama from Obama’s days at Occidental college. His opinion was following:

1. Obama did not associate with Christian black students, he associated himself mostly with rich Muslim exchange students. His closest friend was a Muslim student from Pakistan Hassan Shandu. Obama was mostly drawn to those students who were flushing lots of money, expansive cars and cocaine. He remembers him as a militant Marxist, who believed that this country will have to undergo a communist revolution.

2. It was really suspicious that Obama did not hold any jobs while being a student. Obama claims that he came from a poor family with a single mother and no father. Dr. Drew was saying that he (Dr. Drew) came from a poor family, was a top student in academics and athletics and he had a full scholarship to Occidental college, and he had to work to support himself and make ends meet. Obama was not a good student at Occidental, so where did he get the money to sustain himself? Clearly somebody was giving him money. Dr. Drew suspected that money was coming from his rich Muslim Pakistani friends. Obama kept friendship with them for years. 11 years later Shandu was at his wedding

Dr. Drew’s first impression of Obama and Shandu was that they were a gay couple. He said that they stayed very close and behaved like a gay couple. He was saying that the fact that for some ten years, from age 9-19 Obama was in close contact with a known bisexual pervert and suspected pedophile Frank Marshall Davis, leads him to suspect that Obama was molested by Davies and leads him to believe that Obama is indeed gay or bisexual and his whole person is a show, a cover.

My personal position is that the problem is not in his orientation, whatever it might be, but the extent to which he reportedly went and will go to cover up the truth. There is a group called “Log Cabin Republicans”. This is a group of gay Republicans. They are openly saying that they are gay, they believe in a free market economy, they don’t want a fascist Marxist state, they don’t want Shariah law. Whether you agree with them or not, you get what you see. With Obama it is all a shem, all a show and a fraud, every aspect of his life, starting from his IDs, to his religion, to his political goals and orientation is a fraud. People who have a lot of skeletons in the closet will go to any extent to keep those skeletons in the closet.

We need to find out who supported Obama while at Occidental.

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