Monday, July 16, 2007

One-Child ‘Terror Campaign’ Continues in China

Riots have broken out in a number of Chinese towns in protest over the Communist government’s policy of limiting families to one child — a campaign that has included the forced termination of late-term pregnancies.

Steven Mosher, president of the pro-life Population Research Institute, said that in 1979-80, he witnessed local officials in Guangdong province arresting hundreds of pregnant women and aborting their fetuses against their will — even if they were already in labor.

Now he writes on the Institute’s Web site that the same atrocities are being committed in neighboring Guangxi province today, as well as in other provinces across the country: “The one-child terror campaign continues to the present day, violating women and tearing apart families throughout China.

“In fact, the only thing unusual about this latest campaign is how quickly news of these atrocities spread outside China. Guangxi province is not far from Hong Kong. No sooner had the campaign begun in May of this year than word reached the former British colony and from there the outside world.”

The Hong Kong and foreign press also reported that local officials were imposing fines — sometimes equal to several years’ income — on women who had already given birth to a second child.

In response to these tactics, “riots broke out in 28 towns throughout the region,” according to Mosher.

“Thousands went on the rampage, storming government buildings, breaking windows, smashing furniture, and vandalizing vehicles.”

The official Xinhua News Agency claimed there were only 28 arrests stemming from the riots, but Mosher writes that “hundreds of armed police” had to be called in to quell the disturbances.

Mosher concludes: “How many more millions of women will have to suffer forced abortion before China’s leaders realize the bankruptcy of the policy they adopted so long ago?”

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