Monday, July 09, 2007

Al Gore Spins Global Warming

  • The real reason the media is hyping the dangers of global warming.
  • Al Gore's real agenda: 2008.
  • The Aral Sea and Mt. Kilimanjaro issues — two glaring "convenient lies" in Al Gore's film.
  • The myth of a man-caused sea level rise: why Florida and California will remain dry.
  • How modern temperature-measuring techniques could be giving a "false positive" to global warming.
  • Why computer models predicting climate change are necessarily flawed.
  • The former Democratic senator who brazenly says he pushes the global warming theory - "even if it's wrong."
  • What implementation of the Kyoto Protocol would really cost the U.S.
  • The optimistic global temperature rise projection that Gore ignored.
  • How a leading doomsayer admits exaggerating the global warming threat.
  • The increased tornado activity in the U.S. — is it really linked to global warming?
  • An expert's four common-sense "alternative cures" for global warming.
  • Why a prominent MIT professor says global warming is an out-and-out fraud.
  • Time magazine and Newsweek's dire warnings in 1974 — of another ice age!
  • How the global warming scare is cool in Hollywood.
  • What a leading U.S. expert told the Senate about the "science fiction" of a disappearing Arctic.
  • Why we could actually be heading for a cooler, and not warmer, period.
  • Vice President Gore's "reign of terror" against global warming skeptics.
  • Why America's top hurricane expert doubts the hurricane-warming connection.
  • How a clean energy source — which already exists — could eliminate the threat of global warming.
  • And the bottom line for you: How global warming policies will mean more government, higher energy prices, and more costs and taxes to you!
  • And much, much more.
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