Friday, June 29, 2012

The real reason Chief Justice John Roberts changed his opinion at the last minute

Constitutional attorney/author/talk show host Mark Levin just now stated on his show today that he has "no doubt" that Chief Justice John Roberts changed his opinion at the "11th hour".

He is not the only one who holds this opinion.

Sen. Mike Lee: There are “signals” that Roberts changed his Obamacare vote

But what could possibly have caused a Chief Justice to turn on a dime in such a supremely [pun intended] important decision?

I would expect that an epiphany would be cause for great delight since I personally have always welcomed a sudden rush of insight or inspiration in my life. However,
CNN's top legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin re-emerged from the court with a strange tweet about the state of Chief Justice John Roberts when he read today's ruling in favor of upholding President Barack Obama's signature healthcare legislation:
"Roberts was red-eyed and unhappy as he read."
So he changed his opinion at the last minute and he was unhappy?

Has anyone ever heard of the word "duress"?

I can think of one judge, in recent history, who was under duress:
U.S. marshals put Roll, who was appointed to the federal bench by President George H.W. Bush in 1991, under 24-hour protection for about a month. They guarded his home in a secluded area just outside Tucson, screening his mail and escorting him to court, to the gym and even to Mass.

Roll told the Post in May 2009 that "any judge who goes through this knows it's a stressful situation" and that he and his family were grateful for the protection.

More than a year after the threats against Roll, Arizona passed what is considered the nation's toughest immigration law, triggering a fierce national debate over illegal immigration and a lawsuit against the state by the Justice Department.
Slain federal judge John Roll was at the center of Arizona's immigration debate

But more than that, I can think of MANY people who have possibly suffered duress by having a relationship with Barack Hussein Obama:

"Crossing Obama Can Be Deadly"

This is the source of the previous link, but it now has two new entries: "Dead Pool"

There is big, international (think "George Soros") money behind Obama (or else Hillary would have been president) and so what do we all know about something this big?

That NOTHING will stand in the way, nothing can compete with such power and with that much money.

Yes, we have Biblical examples of truth to power -- David & Goliath for one -- but will WE be able to get back on the right side, on G-d's side in time?

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