Sunday, June 24, 2012


WIN a complete 3 Day Training Course at Thunder Ranch!

I'm not going to enter since I've been battling what now appears to be a yearly struggle with something that triggers my asthma every June (second year in a row). It keeps me exhausted and nothing sounds like fun right now. But, this would be a gas for someone who is up for it!

UPDATE: OK, I'm in.

Felt better, and then my husband took me to Macy's and picked out a summer hat for me. He picks almost all of my clothes because, even though I went to fashion design school in the '70's, I have no taste (and the answer, for those who are asking, is "no" :-)

Oh, well, I probably won't get picked anyway.

But, if I do, you know I'll be so 'badass' for the first few days afterwards (hubby's already jealous...)

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