Saturday, June 30, 2012

Supreme Court confirms health care law UNCONSTITUTIONAL

“We the People” ask this Court to extend their session, and immediately set a special date within the next thirty-five days for re-argument
How did over twenty Attorneys General overlook this? Judge Roger Vinson, Chief Judge of the District Court for the Northern District of Florida, addressed the legislative history of the Act, HR3590. Both sides of the controversy asked him to. Vinson found that the bill originated in the US Senate. See, Florida v. U.S. Department of Health & Human Service, –F. Supp. 2d—, 2011 WL285683 (ND) Fla. 2011. The House of Representatives were amending a Senate Bill, since it was found to have originated in the Senate. . .
By law, as confirmed by the dissenting Judges [see quote above]. only the House of Representatives may originate a revenue raising “Act.” The House accepted the Senate bill unlawfully, for expediency, independent of any written House Bill.

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