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You won't believe what happened in Hawaii yesterday

First of all, this is just a tiny sample of what Orly Taitz goes through day in and day out:
This hearing [NH election committee on 11/18] was a marathon. I got a one day notice on Wednesday. I worked with 10 patients on Thursday, then drove home, had dinner with my family, drove to Los Angeles to the airport, flew red eye to Boston/Logan, drove to NH, reviewed the material and docs until 2, then testified to the committee and started on a log trip back: driving to MA, flying to LA, driving to Orange County. It was nearly 48 hour with no rest. On the weekend I was reviewing procedures of the NH Supreme Court and pertinent statutes and precedents. From all the stress and lack of sleep I got a migraine headache that does not go away. I will take it easy today and possibly tomorrow (as much as it is possible with a full schedule of patients).

If Obama goes to jail (as he should for using a fake ss #, fake bc, falsified selective service app, etc.) then it will be because of her. And then, everything he signed will invlid.

She is Joan of Arc.

HAWAII: 11/30/11

Taitz v Fuddy was not dismissed, continued, judge ruled in my favor in regards to media and allowed media in the courtroom to continue recording the proceedings, employees of the court are still looking for the pleadings, that disappeared

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Today we started the hearing with the Deputy Attorney General of Hawaii, Jill Nagamine, bringing an oral motion to forbid cameras in the courtroom and not televise the proceedings.

She stated that I am a leader of birther movement, that birther claims are frivolous, that I should not be encouraged by cameras and there are more important things to do. In short, she was spewing the party line. She also lashed out at the reporter from channel 8, because he issued a statement, that he wants to join the complaint that I filed with the Chief Elections officer of HI.

I opposed her motion and argued that such motions are typically brought in cases of family matters, such as child custody or divorce. This motion should not be granted in the proceeding at hand, as this the matter of public domain and public concern. I pointed out that some citizens of the state of Hawaii, who joined me in the elections complaint, filed yesterday with Scott Nago, Chief Elections officer of Hawaii, were present in the audience and would like the public at large to know, what transpired in this case. I stated, that this is an issue of national importance, that together with 9 state representatives of NH I am filing a similar challenge with the Supreme Court of NH, that I was granted pro hac vice to represent citizens of GA in an election challenge of Obama in GA and similar challenges are brought all over the country.

I demanded to strike from the record demeaning name calling made by the Deputy Attorney General. I continued by stating, that this case is not frivolous, as it deals with the legitimacy of the President of the United States. If the public is not granted transparency here, where and when will it be granted transparency? The judge ruled in my favor and ordered to let the cameras rolling. Nagamine was not a happy camper. This decision can be used in other states to allow media in the courtroom.

Next we got to the case, and it is shocking. Nobody can find the pleadings, that I submitted twice. I presented the judge with two certified mail receipts signed by the clerk of the court. Her name looks like Marlene N. Kazai, she works in the mail, records department, she was nowhere to be found. I submitted my amended complaint on November 15, it was received and signed by this clerk on 21st, but was never docketed and never given to the judge. It was heartbreaking. I spent over a $1,000, flew to HI, spent sleepless nights, but the documents disappeared. The judge offered me to argue based on the original motion or come back next time. I explained that it is hard for me to come back from CA next time. Also, since I drafted the amended motion, I did not remember all the specifics of the original motion. As I tried to bring forward the points, Nagamine kept objecting, that the points weren’t in the original motion, that they were in the amended motion, which the judge did not have in front of her.

I suggested, in light of the circumstances, that I would argue based on the amended motion with leave of court to be given to Nagamine to file her objections later. The judge agreed to do it and asked Nagamine, if she would consent to proceed this way. Nagamine refused. At that point, all we could do, is reschedule.

I stated to the judge, that I filed a complaint with the chief elections officer. According to HI elections statute, he has to hold public hearings. I asked, if it was possible to correlate the two hearings.

I prepared an emergency motion (below) it was filed with the clerk.

After the court hearing together with my supporters and two TV reporters we drove to the elections office. The Chief Elections officer and his attorney were nowhere to be found. It looks like they went underground. I had to rush to the airport. I am flying red eye. My supporter, activist Miki Booth, stayed behind to try to catch the elusive chief elections officer, Scott Nago. I called her from the airport. Nago still did not surface.

The whole thing is a very grueling marathon. Now I am preparing for the trial against Obama in Ga and filing in the Supreme Court in NH. I got word from activists in AL, TN, OK and MO. If you want to file in your state, contact me at It was reported to me, that e-mails bounced. If it happens, try again, send to both and If it is an emergency call at 949-683-5411 . there is still incredible tampering: slander and defamation in Google suggested searches, rigging of stats and ranking of my site. In due time certain people will pay for what they are doing, but first thing is first…

Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ

29839 Santa Margarita ste 100

Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688

Ph 949-683-5411 fax949-766-7603








) CIVIL 11-1-1731-08



) FILED AUGUST 10, 2011






) Emergency motion/request for the court to

) docket “Amended Motion for Rehearing”,


) which was received by the clerk of court on


) 11.21.2011 by certified mail, but never

STATE OF HAWAII ) docketed and never given to the Judge

Plaintiff herein, Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. (“Taitz”) is bringing this emergency motion during November 30,2011 hearing for following reasons. Plaintiff submitted an amended motion for rehearing on November 15, 2011. It was received by the court by certified mail and signed by an employee of the court Lorraine N. Kanzai. In fact Ms. Kanzai received 2 packets with the same pleadings, as the plaintiff noticed that in the first package there was only one copy of the pleadings, so a second package was sent on the same day by Plaintiffs assistant Lila Dubert. Exhibit 1 shows that 2 packages were received by the court. Clerk’s office never docketed those pleadings and never forwarded them to judge Nishimura.

Plaintiff arrived in HI yesterday and found out that another pleading, “Reply to opposition”, submitted by Fed Ex was rejected by the court and never docketed as well. As Plaintiff submitted 2 copies of the “Reply to opposition” , she questioned the clerk of the court and the clerk for judge Nishimura in regards to the amended motion. Nobody could find it. Plaintiff is respectfully asking Judge Nishimura to order the clerk’s office to docket the pleadings that were received and forward it to the judge’s chambers for review. Plaintiff, also, requests the court to use its’ inherent powers to investigate, why above pleadings were not docketed and not provided to the judge. This is particularly important in light of the fact, that Taitz is a political decedent leader, who submitted to court the most explosive evidence, showing that the sitting President is using a Social Security number, which was not assigned to him and an alleged copy of his birth certificate, was shown to be a computer generated forgery. On a number of occasions pleadings submitted by Taitz were not docketed. In a number of cases evidence points to the fact, that the judges did not see the pleadings and the signature of the judge is missing from orders, particularly in cases, submitted to the Justice of the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of CA Ronald M. George. In some instances pages were removed from transcripts.

Taitz has been subjected to harassment, intimidation, slander, defamation, sabotage of her web site and e-mail accounts, threats to her and her family and tampering with her car, when a fumes emissions hose was disconnected and hot combustible fumes went back to the car, whereby the car could catch fire or explode with her, her husband and her three children in the car.

Taitz is forwarding a copy of this emergency motion to the FBI and the Secret Service.

In light of all of the above, she requests the court to give this matter and the underlying case an outmost importance. As long as there is cover up and hiding of the original documents of Mr. Obama, there is an incentive to sabotage a civil rights attorney, seeking to inspect those records.

Respectfully submitted

/s/ Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ

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~~Robert said...

There must be a reason there is such tampering with Taitz's filings. It could be local partisans; but, that would be very serious. It seems more likely that the tampering and sabotage is directed from another source.