Saturday, December 03, 2011

Carl's Jr: why there'll be fewer restaurants and fewer jobs

Washington Post:
CKE, with more than 3,200 restaurants (Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s), has created 70,000 jobs, 21,000 directly and 49,000 with franchisees. The growth of those numbers will be inhibited by — among many government measures — Obamacare. . .

Puzder [CEO] laughs about the liberal theory that businesses are not investing because they want to “punish Obama.” Rising health-care costs are, he says, just one uncertainty inhibiting expansion. Others are government policies raising fuel costs, which infect everything from air conditioning to the cost (including deliveries) of supplies, and the threat that the National Labor Relations Board will use regulations to impose something like “card check” in place of secret-ballot unionization elections. . .

Time was, American businesses could surmount such regulatory officiousness. But government’s metabolic urge to boss people around has grown exponentially and today CKE’s California restaurants are governed by 57 categories of regulations. One compels employees and even managers to take breaks during the busiest hours, lest one of California’s 200,000 lawyers comes trolling for business at the expense of business.

I always wondered why the statists try to kill their golden geese....but it just now hit me: they know that THEY will always get theirs--the rest of us, not so much. Their genius is the ability to keep on convincing everybody that things will get better if they keep putting them in office, even though things keep getting worse whenever that happens!

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