Thursday, December 22, 2011

Conservative Bloggers - the Chopped Liver of the Right

Conservative Bloggers, despite their massive success at wrecking up the leftist narrative, are the chopped liver, ugly unwanted stepchildren, of the American right. What else could explain the stunning lack of support for the dextrosphere by the very people who directly benefit from the largely thankless work that Conservative Bloggers do every single day?

Datechguy explains that the #occupy mobs raked in tens of thousands of dollars from liberals, just so that they could squat in parks (often enjoying gourmet food, at least in NYC anyway) and publicly defecate while wailing about how unfair their lives are, but Conservative Bloggers (who exposed all the #occupy crimes and depravity that the media tried to bury) can barely pay their bills. Hell, I can't even buy a can of fricken coffee right now and traffic here is at an all time high!

As a blogger, this hit home (also linked in Zilla's post above):
DTguy: this is the actual reason I quit. I worked over ten hours a day, every single damn day, on my blog, which garnered tens of thousands of unique views daily. Everyone praised me and told how great a blog it was, right up to the time I would need money to pay the bills. Then I’d publish a bleg and get more angry comments about “sponging” than I got contributions, like my own time, hundreds of hours per week, was just… worthless.

It’s not just me. For some reason, conservatives think that media sponsorship is beneath them–why else do you think that even worthy organizations like National Review and Patriot Post have to grovel for money all the time? If they’re struggling, what chance do individuals like you (or me, for that matter) stand?

Conservatives are always bleating about the liberal hegemony of the media, but they want their own media to be free–think Rush Limbaugh would be as popular if his radio show was PPV (or in his case, PPL)? Don’t make me laugh. He’d be no different from the rest of us.

Truth be told, conservatives are a bunch of f****** tightwads, which is fine as a lifestyle. But if conservatives want their own media and yet refuse to support it, then they deserve all the CNN, MSNBC and New York Times drivel they get.

Liberals get the point: you need the media to get your message out, and communication costs money. Conservatives seem to think that communication is beneath them. Small wonder that the only time we get any kind of conservative message is through TV ads from wealthy, pablum-spewing candidates like Romney and bi-government types like Gingrich.

The only thing that makes me at all hopeful for the future is that voting is free. If liberals wanted to take over the process, they’d support high poll taxes, then get rich a******* like Soros to subsidize “their” voters. Conservative candidates wouldn’t get 10% of the franchise under those circumstances, because conservatives would be too damn stingy to pay a tax to vote.
I have several businesses that I could spend more time on...that I SHOULD spend more time on. But I keep thinking, I'm a small part of the "resistance" and it's so important. But, just how important is it that I continue blogging? Or that Datechguy or that Zilla of the Resistance keeps blogging?

What do you think?

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