Friday, December 02, 2011

Time to Lock Up Uncle Ron in the Basement

Every family has a whackadoo relative – usually an uncle or an aunt of elderly comportment – who is indisputably insane but does exhibit lucidity with sufficient frequency to risk seating next to grandma at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner...
I suppose I can start by declaring that Crazy Uncle Ron is also Utterly Ignorant Uncle Ron, who appears to know next to nothing about Islam and even less about its history since it first appeared in the 7th century – long before the United States was even a glint in the Founders’ eyes.



From Robert Gismondi:
He forgot one thing. When Jefferson's ambassador, 200 years ago, asked the representative of the Barbary state why they attacked and plundered our ships and enslaved the crews, he replied that, "That is what we do."

He said nothing about occupying "their lands," and supporting dictators. They were persuaded to back off by non-Paulian techniques. Google Stephen Decatur. He and his men put "The Shores of Tripoli" into the Marine Hymn.

Similarly, when Muslim hordes thrust into Europe, finally to be stopped by Charles Martel, they were simply killing off Christians and Jews, and conquering the land of western civilization, a century after Mohammed founded the religion of peace.

Spanish queen and king Isabella and Ferdinand finally drove the Muslim hoards from the Iberian peninsula, after 700 years of Christian subjugation by conquering Muslim Moors.

We are presently the vanguard of Western civilization. Israel is the middle eastern redoubt of Judeo-Christian Western civilization. It is surrounded by barbarians.

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