Sunday, October 02, 2011

Virus in the White House

It took a personal computer disaster for me to realize this analogy: President Obama is a virus (or trojan) in the seat of our government with all the corresponding problems, headaches, heartaches and loss that this situation entails.

I've been through these things before off and on, but never to the degree as I have during the last week. Even though I am vigilant about protection, some things slipped through the cracks and I was too busy to acknowledge many of the signs (although with this specific situation, that may not have changed the outcome).

I am going to be dealing with trying to reconstruct some things even though I do have a program that restored a lot (except for the programs). And I was just treading water with my emails which I didn't get to check for most of the week.

Anyway, I can't think of a better explanation of what this country is going through right now. It is just as destructive, time-killing, and so very unnecessary in the sense that all of us would be able to spend our time creating prosperity and building relationships instead of fighting off infection and trying to manage the destruction that follows in the wake of all such disasters.

Obama has infected the White House and will destroy the country if we don't vote him out. If the damage he and his ilk have created has gone too far, we may have to wipe the drive. That is called a crash. And no matter how many ignorant dolts pee in McDonald's so they can camp in New York City and protest in Wall Street, they WILL NOT like the results they are seeking.

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