Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NPR map: Mexican Drug Cartels In The U.S.

The presence of Mexican drug cartels in U.S. cities is expanding. Mexican cartels have long had links to marijuana-growing farms in California, and are widening their reach into the Pacific Northwest and the Eastern United States. They also are involved in producing methamphetamines in the United States. The FBI has reported that the Mexican cartels deal only in wholesale distribution in the U.S. -- and farm out street sales to various U.S. gangs. This map shows locations of cartel activity in the United States.
Click on the state names in the list below to see which cities and towns have cartel presence.


zeitgeist2012 said...

None of yours or mine share buttons will work on your blog...Is there something you can do to fix this problem?

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lgstarr said...

Thanks for letting me know--I had no idea it wasn't working! The best I can find so far is that a lot of people are having this problem. I just added some share functions through a 3rd party (AddThis) which I hope will help for now.

I'm still playing catchup after having to wipe my drive and I couldn't even check this out until now.