Sunday, October 16, 2011


After four days, I found that I could not hold back the tears any longer. On a trip to the bank to file a change of address, I burst into tears in front of the teller, crying uncontrollably from the pit of my stomach. I cried for the old farmhouse which had so much potential, was almost finished and which the bank cared nothing about. I cried for the gazebo and barn which would never be fixed and the waste of a beautiful property which had blossomed under our stewardship. I cried for the tens of thousands of dollars which we had lost in this one building alone, and the half-million-d0llar retirement package we had worked so hard to create for ourselves and lost due to the most horrendous financial collapse since 1929. We have no pensions to claim at retirement age, which my husband has already reached. To me, the collapse was engineered by a commandeering and meddling Congress not envisioned by the Founding Fathers as well as complicit bankers looking for easy wealth through schemes and stealth practices.

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