Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ex-Mouseketeer sells S and M

You know the old adage: Sex Sells.

Well, I think it's changing -- as in Culture Warrior -- to Painful Sex Sells!

New Low for Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is following the Madonna formula.

Like the material girl, Aguilera consistently uses shock value to peddle her albums and promote her career.

In her upcoming “Back to Basics Tour,” though, the former Mouseketeer will reportedly push the envelope even further.

Mixed in with Aguilera’s already unseemly lineup will be a sadomasochistic act.

As reported by the TMZ Web site, visual assists will include suggestive clothing, whips, and a burning wheel. A male member of the audience will purportedly participate.

Teens idolize celebrities, and the messages being sent to our young people by stars like Aguilera are growing increasingly perverse.

The Left Coast Report fears that the slippery slope may now lead to a bottomless pit.

Left Coast Report

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