Friday, November 03, 2006

Another Cover-up in the Clinton Whitehouse

McBride, a former U.S. Air Force radar operator now in his 70s—and sharp as a tack—is a little more eager to talk about specific sightings and cover-ups. His interest in UFOs dates back to 1957, when the El Cajon native was stationed in an aircraft control squadron in Las Cruces, N.M. McBride says his radarscope picked up a craft flying north of Roswell, N.M., at 18,000 mph headed in the direction of San Diego. He says he immediately alerted his supervisor. “Under regulation 200-2, it should have been called in to the control center,” explains McBride. “The chief said ‘Scrap it!’ which bothered me tremendously.”

McBride is certain the government takes the organization’s work seriously enough to monitor it very closely. In 1999, McBride was featured on a Fox 6 evening news program discussing a UFO sighting. After the news aired, McBride says his phone went out for a week. He says he’s been harassed on the phone by people he believes to be government agents, and has had to change his telephone number twice because of it.

UFO Enthusiasts Are Not Fooled by Government Cover-Ups

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