Sunday, February 19, 2006


"Hrumphhhh!" he growled.

"This isn't supposed to work; you're not supposed to put BBQ sauce on fish!"

"It's not supposed to taste good," he complained as he moved forkful after forkful in ever-faster arcs into his mouth.

I just wanted to use up a couple of packages of BBQ sauce from the Von's Deli where I got a sinfully fattening sandwich the other day. Put one of 'em all over the salmon around 5 minutes before it was finished broiling (and I did choose to put the rack lower and father away from the heat than I usually do so it took longer since it was still slightly frozen and a pretty thick slice).

And, to harmonize the flavors, I heated up a round 7.5 oz microwavable "cup" of Bush's Baked Beans (only takes 45 seconds).

To the culinary infidels in this world, one of whom I live with, you just don't do certain things with food, period (this is because THEY never heard of these things, so therefore they are not allowed and couldn't possibly taste good :)

Like: fish should NEVER be in a taco! Mexican food shouldn't have fish!

Like: have you ever heard of Veracruz?

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