Saturday, February 15, 2020

It's the sun--not CO2--that causes climate change

People have heard that CO2 (carbon dioxide) is a poison which is true as far as it goes. However, "carbon dioxide in the air stimulates the growth of almost all plants on Earth" AND--something few of us have had the opportunity to know--the sun, NOT CO2, causes climate change!
"A new, peer-reviewed professional paper shows our sun, not our carbon dioxide, causes climate change. It also shows atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations are an insignificant player, and possibly a non-player, in climate change.
The authors, Willie Soon, Ronan Connolly, and Michael Connolly received no government, corporate, or any outside funding for their work on their paper.
You can read their whole 49-page paper if you want all the scientific details. The authors have provided their data files.
Here, I will make their conclusions very simple for you to understand.
They used northern hemisphere data from 1880 to 2014. They used data, not theories, to make their case."
Read more at:
by Dr. Ed Berry (Ph.D., Atmospheric Physics)
American Meteorological Society

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