Friday, April 05, 2013

What Maryland just did

My husband just emailed this to friends since we are visiting his old stomping grounds and paying more attention to the goings-on here:
MD legislature just sent a rediculous people control bill to the commie guv O'Malley. It bans at least one hundred different kinds of assault people, restricts all magazines to ten pages, background checks and finger printing.

In reality these other blue states are going to find what we go through in CA.

Here's a couple of Drudge links on the issue:
MILLER: Second Amendment crumbling as gun-control victories spread

Despite gun-control push, more states have cut back on gun regulations since Newtown

Pro-Gun Laws Gain Ground

I never want to take a "red-eye" again!

Who can really sleep when you're tightly packed into a flying sardine can?

I am too old to handle an all-nighter on top of jet lag :-(

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