Monday, April 29, 2013

A dirty little secret

From a friend who has government and middle eastern connections:
Aside from being the conspiracy cult's wet dream, this story has two very important related stories that have gone unreported:
  1. The dirty little secret of the CIA is that many CIA analysts and even agents are married to foreign nationals. In fact the current long term CIA head of counterterrorism is a Muslim convert married to a Muslim woman. He prays five times a day on the prayer rug he keeps in his office at CIA headquarters. Am I the only one who finds that disconcerting?

  2. Remember the Uncle who was so vocal in the early days of the bombing? He's the ex father-in law of the CIA agent who was Chief of Station in Kabul. With those kind of connections and understanding of counterterrorism why the hell didn't he report the Bomber Brothers years ago when he broke away from that wing of the family because of their mounting radicalism? I'll tell you why. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MODERATE MUSLIM. There are non-violent Muslims like the Uncle, but they are not "moderates." They are complicit in the jihad through their deliberate silence.

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