Sunday, April 14, 2013

There is now a NEW political party for conservatives!!

The New Federalist Party is currently raising funds in order to file with the Federal Elections Committee.

Our Mission

We shall ever seek to provide a deep and profound commitment to the founding principles of The United States of America. We shall commit to uphold and defend the Constitution without regard for any other ideology, premise or belief. We shall commit to the empowerment of each individual State, that they may again have sovereign control to the laws, citizenry and of the land and seas within their borders as is their right under the 10th Amendment.

We shall seek to establish a more efficient, and smaller Federal Government to uphold the Constitution, provide to the states that which is the responsibility of the Federal Government to do so, and protect the citizenry of this nation by use of the armed forces as proper and with complete regard for Posse Comitatus as the definitive answer for military action within the borders of our nation.

We shall seek to repeal and stand against all laws, amendments, and acts that are in conflict with the principles and ideologies of The United States of Americas’ founding; including those principles shown to exist by The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Available for Download.

It  is to the citizenry of this nation to be the change in which they wish to see. For more than three generations the Federal Government has over-stepped its limitations and usurped powers long before so recognized as those reserved to the States and the People. Many cry-out for violent means and methods. We believe that these members of the citizenry are simply overly burdened and frustrated at the failures and usurpations of those rights inalienable to the citizens of this nation.

Many had hoped that certain movements within our nation would begin to change the tide. Those movements unfortunately showed themselves to be just as fruitless and as willing to cherry-pick The Constitution as those we seek to remove from office means of installing our own candidates.

Your donations are precious to us. This is a volunteer organization and not a single individual will receive a single dime. It is time we give this nation and its people a viable third option on the ballot. So we ask that you please donate what you can spare.

Our Website is available at:

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