Sunday, October 07, 2012

What is Islam?

Daniel Greenfield's comments after reading this:
Islam was built on the power to take away religion and freedom, to force people to worship Allah by destroying their religions, their cultures and their freedom to choose.

Islam is an anti-religious religion that purges, persecutes, tortures and intimidates. It is a religion based around the man and the power of his followers to terrorize those who might decide for themselves that an illiterate pedophile mass murderer is not their way to the truth.

Islam is power. There is no love in Islam. Only hate and fear. There is no G-d in Islam, only death.

Infiltration, Treason, Jihad – Welcome to The Project

As I have contended from the very beginning, Obama and his minions are corrupt beyond belief. It is my belief that Obama is actively facilitating the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam in an effort to bring America to her knees and usher in not only Sharia law, but a worldwide caliphate. This week, I am going to summarize for you the content of The Project and what it means to Americans. Time is growing short, we are entering the third and final phase of a very, very evil plan.

In 2001, an Islamic manifesto called The Project was discovered in Switzerland. This document is a plan to carry out a quiet coup within the United States through indoctrination, subversion and infiltration at all levels of our government and through key positions in education and other influential positions such as the media. Fast forward to 2008 and the Holyland Foundation Trial. This showcased the largest terror financing trial in US history. There are 80 boxes of evidence, including The Project, that have been made available by our government to the accused enemies of America, but which, to this day, are being withheld from our leaders and the American people. Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano cite national security, but have given the terrorists a free pass to review the documents. I contend, that if they haven’t already done so, that Obama and his colleagues will destroy those documents because they implicate Obama and his administration in outright treason by aiding and abetting the Muslim Brotherhood. If Obama loses this election, he will most likely do two things: 1) He will release the Blind Sheik and 2) he will have those 80 boxes of documents destroyed if he hasn’t done so already. Obama will remain faithful to his Muslim roots and his anti-colonialist leanings. Remember Obama’s words:

"The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."

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