Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The position that Obama's eligibility hinges only upon a geographic natal origin fails foolishly when mortally impaled by two facts

Excerpts from Presidential Illegitimacy: Obama's Perishing Dilemma

Obama, himself, voted to uphold SR 511 which declared his 2008 opponent, John McCain a Natural Born citizen explicitly because McCain was born to two citizen parents.  If the question of natural born citizenship is merely endowed by earth-birth, why did Obama and so many of his esteemed degenerates not disqualify the Panamanian-born McCain?
...the framers of the Constitution explicitly differentiate language for natural-born citizenship from mere common citizenship as an exaction of two absolutes founded in the natural laws of God, not the laws of man.  Having only recently established this new nation, they were at a disadvantage, militarily, to defend it’s borders from invasion, indefinitely.  However, they could defend the sovereignty of their new government and, therefore, the strength of their constitutional resolve by declaring that the President be a natural born citizen in the common sense, by citizenship of their parentage.  For no parents who were citizens of the U.S. in 1787 could conspicuously bear a foreign child to raised among the "brethren" and, later, betray the blood of patriots by becoming a tyrant unopposed.  His parentage was an indicator of his loyalty and intentions.

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old1 said...

Just Google Vattel's Law of Nations, Natural Born.
The British Nationality Act of 1948.
The BNA proves beyond any doubt that BHO was born a full British Subject because of his father who was a Kenyan Brit. This alone prevents BHO Jr. from ever being able to claim "legally" that he is a Natural Born American Citizen.