Friday, October 05, 2012

Shale shafts 'Vlad the Impaler': If the price of oil drops, Russia is wiped out

Sweet...oh, SO SWEET!!

Thanks to Daniel Greenfield over at Sultan Knish:
...if conservatives win in America and elsewhere, domestic drilling will go into high gear and the price of oil will drop. If the price of oil drops, Russia is wiped out.
Why Putin Cannot Afford an Obama Defeat.

And, if you're really into energy 'inside baseball' (as many fancy themselves to be):
...if anything, highlights the gas giant’s core problem: Gazprom has gone beyond the point of any commercial return to play the role that Russia wants, due to shale developments elsewhere [Emphasis mine.]. Unless Putin backs up his words with credible actions, not just fobbing off the EU, but putting more ‘state’ and cash back into Gazprom to progress its global ambitions, it’s going to suffer a slow and painful market death. That’s not exactly good news for Mr. Putin either. Back to Soviet economics 101.
Do any of you realize how f*cking amazing life is that this ex-KGB self-worshipping tough guy Vladimir Putin's entire f*cking future rests with our real-life version of Maxwell Smart's re-election? (Forget Chauncey Gardiner!)


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