Saturday, October 06, 2012

Introducing THE USA PLAN

The USA Plan is bold and truly revolutionary. It should satisfy both capitalists and collectivists, Republicans and Democrats, Libertarians and Anarchists and everyone in between because it makes the poor, the middle-class and the rich wealthier – in fact it delivers the American Dream to just about everyone.
The USA Plan is designed to increase the wealth of all citizens not just the few. It is triggered by the reduction of taxes imposed on them by government. The Plan is based on the Rise Up Theory of Economics which elevates the financial rights of the individual over those of the state.

The Rise Up Theory does for the poor and middle class what the "Trickle Down" Theory did for the rich - it makes them wealthy. It closes the gap between the rich and the poor and eliminates the cry for social justice. It reduces the income disparity which has become a major political issue for which no party has been proposing a workable solution. The USA Plan is that solution.

It is a simple concept, it redirects the 15.3% presently paid by individuals (and in the case of employees, their employers too) in the form of payroll taxes into a personally-owned investment account ( a “USA” – a Universal Savings Account)) that will grow into millions over the citizen's working life. The funds are invested in safe indexed stock funds that have historically been growing at over a 10% rate for the last 25 years.

At that rate of return a taxpayer or household making an average $50,000 per year would invest 15% per year or $7,500 and generate over a 40-year working life a $4 million nest egg. Go to the website to review the year by year analysis of how the $300,000 ($7,500 x 40 years) accumulates, grows and compounds into a $4 million-dollar nest egg which will throw off a $33,000 a month retirement check.

As it will not require a taxpayer to invest his after-tax dollars into IRA or similar retirement plans it will cost no more than what is presently being taken by government. Americans can then use their after-tax cash to support their chosen lifestyles. The USA Plan will insure them of an affluent retirement and enough monthly income to buy the best medical care on the planet. The Plan eliminates the need to save for retirement.

As we know all private and public pension funds are all heavily invested in the stock market. By creating a vehicle to fund the growth of the private sector the investment of “USA” funds will immediately create millions of new jobs while at the same time guaranteeing the taxpayer a million-dollar nest egg at retirement. It will explode the overall wealth of the nation. The USA Plan is a short- term solution as well as a long-term solution we all are looking for.

Man has been saddled with poverty since the beginning of time. The few who were fortunate enough to be born into wealth or smart enough to accumulate it throughout history have always been a very small number of people. American independence changed all that to enable more 0f the population to become wealthy.

Unfortunately one-hundred years ago that independence permitted the people to give the right to tax incomes to the state which has been perverted into a mechanism to funnel wealth to the very few who know how to legally avoid taxation - Guys like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates whose fortunes have never been taxed because we don’t tax the appreciation in value until the stock is sold.

America has never attempted to solve the riddle of poverty but has left that up to the individual. He or she either sinks or swims AFTER TAXES. And there is the problem. By punitive taxation and suffocating regulation that raise all costs of living most Americans can’t save or work their way out of poverty. The talk of the American Dream of financial independence is just that – talk.

The Rise Up Theory of Economics as incorporated in the USA Plan will solve the riddle of poverty and generate all kinds of peripheral benefits not the least of which will be the elimination of war as soon as the Plan is adopted throughout the world.

War is not waged by people who want to protect their property.

Of course “peace on earth” depends on America leading the way and exercising leadership and resolve not to change or weaken the

USA Plan.

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