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An important message from Orly Taitz

No more red ink campaign by WND. Will it work?

Posted by Orly Taitz on April 16, 2012
WND unveiled a new campaign, plan B to save the country. What is it? For everyone to send to WND $29.99, so that WND will send 241 red letters from every person, who paid $29.99 to Republican members of the House of Representatives telling them: no more red ink, balance the budget.

First, I noticed that WND no longer mentions Obama eligibility. It appears that the only way they feel we can fight, is by sending letters to Congress, asking them to cut the budget.

What about Obama? Isn’t removing him from office and criminally prosecuting him represents the number one goal? But let’s go back to the budget.

In general it is always a good idea to balance the budget. We sent them to Congress with this mandate. We elected some 90 new Congressmen running on this very platform. What did they do? Nothing. Why so?

1. They know that the elections are badly rigged and manipulated, so they do not care, what you think or say. They care only what American Oligarchs, American billionaires running the show do or say.

2. American oligarchy on both sides of the isle could not care less about you or this country or deficit. They are pushing for the New World Order. They are making a killing by using slave labor in China and selling here with the maximum profit. Their idea of redistribution of wealth is redistribution from your pockets and from the US treasury into their pockets. They do not care that this country has an enormous debt. They do not care that you lost your jobs and you are unable to pay your mortgage, your children’s education and cover your retirement.

3. The government can balance the debt by cutting the number of federal employees and cutting the spending, however, what do we do next? Today we have some 80 million Americans of working age, who are unemployed, out of work force. 20% of white men and 47% of black man of working age are unemployed. So you can fire several hundred thousand federal employees. You can fire several million federal employees, but what’s next? You will simply increase the number of people on unemployment.

4. All of the scoundrels sitting in Congress, White House and other positions of power know the trick. If you want to cut the Red ink, first and for most you need to cut the leakage or actually the flood of American jobs going to slave labor in Red China and other third World countries. If you go back to sanity of tariffs, of taxes to be paid by corporations importing from those slave labor countries, it would no longer be profitable for them to manufacture there. They will have an incentives to invest here in American workers. When 80 million Americans are back at work and paying taxes to the treasury, our foreign debt will disappear.

Of course there are other issues that need to be addressed, but this is first and foremost.

So if you want to cut the red tape, cut the flood of American jobs leaving this country. Will people sitting in Congress today do it? No, because they are on the take, they are there precisely because they are corrupt, bought and paid for.Why do think we have this impotent cry baby Boehner as a Speaker of the House? Because he is a great leader? Give me a break.

You have to start by cleaning up the elections. After you clean up the elections process, after you go back to paper ballots with voters being present when those ballots are counted, you will be able to clean up the top positions of power, you will be able to throw all the scoundrels out of office and with clean people you would be able to achieve real results.

Do you remember us writing and sending letters and petitions to Congress not to pass the stimulus, not to give billions of dollars to the banks, which ran schemes and caused this recession? Did it work? No, those scoundrels in Congress couldn’t care less. Tea party revolution of 2010 did not change much. At the end we simply replaced a few old scoundrels with a few younger scoundrels and that was it.

Do you remember all of you paying to send multiple petitions to Congress and to the Supreme Court to hear the eligibility, ObamaForgeryGate on the merits? Did it help? No. Neither the Congress nor the Supreme Court cared, what we wrote in our petitions.

So you can send $29.99 to Joseph Farah of WND. But will it work? WND marketing department state that they have 6 million readers. I don’t know, if this is the case, but if it is, and if every reader sends roughly $30 bucks, it is $180 million dollars- a very respectable figure. If only one percent sends 30 bucks each, it is $1.8 million dollars. Still a respectable figure. But will it work in saving the country from corruption and from looting being committed by the same members of Congress on both sides of the isle? What do you think?

PS. If you want to spend $29.99, I would recommend buying and reading Throw Them All Outby Peter Schweizer. It is an amazing book, showing how members of Congress on both sides and Obama and their donors and benefactors are looting this nation. You can see how they were shorting the stocks, using their inside information, when the stock market was crushing and we all were losing our life savings. They were making a killing. You will see that though Obama regime is the most corrupt in the world history, many of the Republicans were not much better then their Democrat counterparts. You will see how John Boehner was shorting the stocks using the inside information. He wasn’t any less corrupt that Nancy Pelosi or Diane Feinstein. If we do not throw them out by cleaning the elections, sooner or later people will revolt and will throw this whole establishment out. I hope it will come through the peaceful means, but most people I talk to no longer trust the system, no longer trust the courts and believe that most judges are as corrupt as most congressmen. I wish it would be different…

Well, so what do you think? Will the new plan B by Joseph Farah of WND work?

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