Saturday, April 14, 2012

The three "rights"

Right to Life, the Right to Liberty and the Right to the Pursuit of Happiness
These three Rights, as enumerated in the Declaration of Independence, run through each of our lives and make a tapestry of the lives of the Creator’s children. These Rights are not ours. We do not own them. We merely possess them and are asked to protect them … to cherish them and to base our nation on them, for not only ourselves, but for the generations yet to come. We have an awesome gift from the Creator and we must be faithful stewards of this gift. Generations yet unborn will be affected by what we do (or neglect to do) in regards this gift. Just as we not only labor now for our own sustenance, but also for the generations to come through our estates (small to non-existent though they be). We must be good stewards–to be ever vigilant of our Rights and Obligations. For if we allow the nibbling away of these, there will be nothing to pass to our progeny but enslavement and misery.
Our Endowed Rights Form a Tapestry of Freedom and Mutual Obligation

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