Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Orly Taitz on Marco Rubio

Why I am challenging Obama, but not challenging Marco Rubio
Posted on | April 25, 2012
I was asked repeatedly: why am I challenging Obama, but not challenging Marco Rubio.

Here is my explanation. One cannot fight all the battles in the world, you have to pick your battles. There is a fundamental difference between Rubio and Obama.

Obama’s documents are forged. The man is a criminal. Anyone else would be in prison long time ago and for a long time, if he were to use forged documents.

Forgery and criminality is the number one issue that demands immediate resolution.

Yes, we need a judicial determination of the meaning of the natural born citizen, however this is something that might take a long time and the outcome is uncertain. Even if the question is presented to the Supreme Court and the Supreme court eventually decides to rule on it, they might rule that one born in a country to permanent residents and political refuges, like Rubio’s parents, is considered to be  a natural born citizen, as at the time Rubio was born, his parents were permanent residents, Cuba was under a hostile regime and they could not go back. His parents did not have allegiance to any other country at the time Rubio was born. I do not know, what the Supreme court will decide, if they ever take on this issue.

I do know one thing for certain: no court with any measure of decency can rule that forgery and ID theft is normal, acceptable and lawful.

What Obama is doing is a 100% criminal and not only he needs to be removed from office, he needs to be criminally prosecuted and I will not stop until justice is served and Obama is removed from office and convicted for elections fraud, Social Security fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, uttering of forged documents and ID theft. The longer this criminality goes on,  more people will end up in prison. I hope that cooler heads prevail and the big wigs of the Democratic party will come to Obama with an offer he can’t refuse, just as it was done by the GOP big wigs during Watergate. It is time. It is high time for many…

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