Sunday, December 19, 2010

On the road again...

From a recently-retired Philosophy Prof friend of mine:
There is nothing quite as exciting as a long driving trip. Hitting the highway, leaving behind the cares or the life of one place, and driving off into the landscape. This may also be a little stressful, with some fears of breakdowns, bad restaurants or motels, finding gas stations, bad weather, etc. I drove to British Columbia and back with my parents in 1959, and to Yellowstone and back with them a few years earlier. The British Columbia trip I remember rather well, the Yellowstone one dimly. The following maps are the longest trips I've been on as an adult, usually involving moves, principally back and forth to Texas from Los Angeles. By then I had travelled quite a bit by others means, living in New Mexico (back and forth by plane, train, and bus) and Lebanon, seeing a good part of Middle East, with a long trek back to London from Beirut. I've detailed this elsewhere

The original long drive here was moving to Texas in 1975. This was actually all the way from Hawai'i with my first wife, Gaye. . .

I hope I have accomplished or proven whatever it is I wanted to accomplish or prove with these cross country drives. It occurred to me that my parents never drove to the East Coast and never went to a tithe of the places that I have now been. It is a great experience to visit places I have long known, like Austin, or see new things, especially those sights I have long anticipated, from Bryant's Barbeque, to Scotty's Castle, to Devil's Tower, etc. The greatest appeal, however, almost an addiction, is just the sensation of getting away, cutting loose, and flying along the highway. The Interstates are great for that, as State after State passes by. It isn't quite as fast as flying, but it wins hands down for the comfort, thrill, and beauty. And this last trip, I did avoid those 20 hour days.
The Adventures of Kelley L. Ross

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